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The stuff I love and admire! One day, In maybe billions upon billions of years, I can be like these people!



I'm baaaack!
I played soccer once in middles school. It was SOOO much fun!!! I drew this with that adrenaline in mind :D
Thanks for watching! I'm very grateful!
WIP Inktober
Guys, I'm so sorry for not uploading recently. I have so much stuff going on, but I am working!
InkTober Day 4 - Alternate Reality
OoF , I'm sorry for uploading late.
For a picture that was partly inspired by SAO's op, this became kind of deep!
And since I've drawn this, lemme get emotional on y'all.
If anyone knew the disgusting things I that I thought and did I'd probably have no friends and I'd be very doleful, but God loves me despite knowing that and it overwhelms me.
So the girl is kind of Humanity, I guess? We're always searching, but no man can love and understand us the way God does. No one can make us pure and whole again like he can.
Humans will never escape from their sin on earth (I.e, we're always messing up), which is why I outlined the girl in black marker. But where God is holding us, we can be free. I used pen for the areas she's in contact with God but I guess the difference isn't very obvious lol.
I didn't know how to color God, so I made Him purple, like royalty. Also, this is just a metaphor, a symbol for God, he's much more vast than this.
Interpret the background colors as you like, but the white hand with a big "mouth" symbolizes guilt. Boy, do I struggle with that. But guilt has nothing to it, really. Once we ask God to forgive us, he removes all of our sin, adopting us as His own. There is no longer reason for guilt and 'I'm not good enough.' You are. He chose you. Once you've done what you can, you need to let go of guilt instead of letting it weight you down. Honestly, life goes on and God still loves you, so you need to make sure you don't let your guilt destroy you. You are forgivable. The boy is outlined in yellow as a symbol of holiness, but don't forget that you can partake of God's royalty and holiness any time you want to. For now, the space is left white. What will your relationship with Him be? Decide.

If you really want to know every nuance of drawing this picture you can send me a note I guess. Otherwise, have a good one!
My references:……:…

Romans is a good read on the topic of justification, or just,
A lot of Russia-chan by Paru-chinBakauwaaa~! My name in Japanese: パール, 真珠, Gaaaa~n Asian languages are pretty hard~!
I feel sluggish and things have been going badly, but somehow I feel happy~! Reccomend anime and Drawing tools and Characters to Draw, plz~!


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Paaru Yagami


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hello. thank you so much for the watch! Love 
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Thank you for the fave and the watch!
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Happy birthday!!
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Now all that remains: Is For the Current President, Mr. Poroshenko's Impeachment from the presidency!

He's done nothing but do as the previous bureaucratic Failures did before him! Enrich himself through the Taxpayers Dime and through Special Interests, I.E. the oligarch Donors!

He hasn't helped to change or reform the Interior ministry or the Prosecutors Office IN ANY WAY!

With this I agree with Sakaashvili totally! #REMOVEPOROSHENKO
Hettman Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
BIG NEWS! Ukraine Will Finally be getting the Javelin Missiles needed to take down That Moscovite-Manlets Donbass Russian Army Tanks in Ukraine!

President Donald J. Trump Just Signed off on the weapons sale Just Yesterday!
someone1fy Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017
Hello, how have you been?
Hettman Featured By Owner Edited Dec 14, 2016
OMG..... I was watching some of your mainstream media in Ukraine on Youtube and the rest of their stuff on internet based channels just to check what they are broadcasting as news.

Good God..... Your media is as dishonest and full of government shilling shills as my countries media is!

Feygin and all Oligarch owned channel anchors, reporters, so called pseudo-journalists are just full of it! Its all for money, ratings, and for government favours...

Like those in the United states press-core who fraudulently tap into the pay to playpolitical system to get favours from the foundation DNC insiders....

I can actually understand why soo- many people world wide in the West are turning off their T.V. sets and cutting the cabal to the mainstream/Lamestream media in favour of open sourced, internet based, alternative media.

Because all of this stuff is just ridiculous to laughable proportions and vomit worthy. Real issues are being ignored and real achievements in progress played down on-purposely.

It's SICK! Giving me ulcers thinking about it all....

Just one question, Does Poroshenko have any foundations of his own? Or any offshore shell corporations that he owns or leases to use as a way to to stash away millions of public tax payers money?

It wouldn't surprise me now if he does indeed have one somewhere down the money-line.
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