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Bill Cipher as a human
I noticed I didn't really upload anything for a bit, so I figured I'd share a picture that I drew yesterday. So, here's Bill Cipher as a human. I'm a little disappointed with the fire and some of the shading, but hopefully some of you will like it.
So...hi, everyone. Seeing as how I'm not confident enough to setup a camera and do this on YouTube or even loud to speak up when I talk (also self-conscious about my voice), I figured what better way to do a review than here. So with that being said...*sighs.* I'm reviewing the most disappointing of the Arkham series; Arkham Knight. Now before I begin, I love Batman. He's one of my favorite heroes of all time, next to Superman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and many others. And Rocksteady seems to be a cavalcade of Batman fans as well and their Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games proves that. But unfortunately, while those two games were exciting, suspenseful, creepy, and just downright awesome, Arkham Knight is....not the best. Why do I say that? Well, first off, spoilers warning if you haven't played the game. Second, let's start the review by talking about the good thing about the game.

Now story is everything. It helps start a movie and a game either strongly or weakly. Batman Arkham Knight has a...good story with an interesting idea. Gotham is being invaded by an entire army called the Militia who have studied Batman's techniques and equipment, so they know how to beat him. That's all thanks to a mysterious new villain: the Arkham Knight. They were hired to help the villain Scarecrow break Batman (mentally speaking) and to, you guessed it, take over Gotham.

With the militia in control of Gotham, members of Batman's Rouges Gallery and other petty criminals are running around causing mass chaos and just doing whatever they want. As for Scarecrow, he plans to cover the entire East Coast in a cloud of fear toxin to create his own little Scarecrow paradise. What does the Knight want? Just to kill Batman. Why? We'll get to that soon. So, Batman stops Scarecrow's East Coast fear bomb (just roll with it), but meets up with an old friend, Joker. Not really actually. Joker's dead after ODing on Titan, a new form of Bane's drug, and made Batman destroy his only cure by stabbing him in the arm. I'll do a review on the first two Arkham games some other time. Anyway, what's Joker's plan? To make Batman kill his family and friends and destroy Gotham. So, Batman has to deal with Scarecrow, the Arkham Knight and the militia, his Rouge's Gallery, and his own fear which is the Joker making him kill everyone closet to him? All while gaining so much stress and putting too much strain on his body? That sounds like it would make for a really great game. And to be honest, as far as everything else goes.....the story is the only interesting thing for me. Now on to the bad things.

1. The Rouges Gallery: You'd think that with an arsenal of villains that would gladly see Batman suffer and die, Scarecrow would choose really good choices to go up against the Dark Knight. I mean we got Killer Croc, multiple Clayfaces, Solomon Grundy, Deathstroke, and so many other villains, it's like a kid in a candy store. But nope, we got five of them (not counting DLC) and they're poor choices. Who are they? Two-Face, Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. Wow....that's...that's lame. These aren't bad characters, just not the best choices of people to fight Batman. I mean what does Poison Ivy do? She got captured by Scarecrow because she said no to his offer of joining him in his evil scheme, sent to jail, became an ally for Batman, and spoiler: died. Two-Face? Robbed banks. Penguin? Selling guns. Harley? She took over Batman's base at a movie studios and was beaten very easily. *pinching the bridge of my nose in utter disappointment for 10 seconds.* God, that's lame. There were so many choices of villains and yet....Rocksteady goes for these guys? Yeah, compared to Arkham City, they were bad choices. Especially Riddler. Speaking of which.

2. Riddler: (Warning: might curse a little) Riddler, Riddler, Riddler. God, this guy is annoying in this game. How annoying? Batman and Robin annoying. Yeah, that. Fucking. Bad. It wouldn't be so bad if they made him like how he was in Arkham Asylum where he'd tease you a bit. But no. As soon as he appears and as soon as you get as many trophies as you can, he becomes so goddamn annoying that you want Batman to just snap his fucking neck at the end of his side mission. He went from being egocentric, charming, arrogant, villain to utter crybaby bitch. I thought I was gonna punch my TV, I hated him so much. I know that many people don't like his racing parts of the game, but they're so pointless and tedious that I'm skipping over them. All in all, this Riddler sucks. 

3. Too much of the God-forsaken Batmobile: Look the Batmobile is one of the most iconic cars in history. But in this game, Batman relies on the damn thing way too much. Why? Because not only is it his means of transportation, but it's also...a tank. Look, that's not a bad idea since Batman is going up against, but he has the Batwing. Wouldn't it have been great to fly around in that once in a while? But instead, we get the Bat-Tank. A car that we use too much of and get bored of very quickly. It'd be nice to drive around Gotham with it once in a while in case Batman needed to drive somewhere far away, but instead if you didn't feel like flying, just drive the car. Then there's the tank battles. How many? Too many. This wouldn't be a problem if say there one tank battle then a second one after a few hours then a third at the last few minutes of the game. But nope. After a few minutes of one tank battle (hell, even a few seconds) we get another tank battle. I understand that we asked for the car and everything, but there is such a thing called "a little too much." But we got what we wanted, it's just there was too much of it and we got bored. But there was a very cool scene with the Batmobile. This one.

4. The Arkham Knight: Remember how Harley Quinn was created? Remember how we didn't know who she was or how she got mixed up with Joker? Remember how she went from a simple girlfriend from Batman the animated series into an iconic character? Well, Rocksteady could've done that with the Arkham Knight....but failed. Imagine this: a man with military experience comes to Gotham for the sheer purpose of killing Batman.…

No, not him. Here's the catch. He's someone who Batman had an encounter before....…

Let me finish! And used to work with him. Okay, can you guess who it is?…

........Goddamn it, Rocksteady. Yes, unfortunately, the Arkham Knight is Jason Todd. And if you were like me, this was your reaction. 

Oh, boy, where to begin? How about how obvious it is from the start? As soon as the Knight starts talking about how he'll kill you, but either leaves or fails to do so, he whines and complains like a bitch. Who else does that? Well, Damian Wayne, yes. But also Jason. And if you look at his suit, it's basically Batman with guns. And who else was Batman with guns before Damian? Jason Todd. There were so many ways that they could've done this. They could've Damian Wayne the Arkham Knight. At least he has a valid reason to go after Batman. He'd blame him for (spoilers for Arkham City) his mother's and grandfather's supposed deaths. Or if not him, why not a citizen with military experience and connections who blames Batman for the deaths of his family at the hands of the Joker and didn't hear about his death until Batman tells him? Yeah, it's cliched, but still better than Jason saying "Boo-hoo, you didn't look hard enough for me! I trusted you! Wah wah!" But that's not even the bad part. No, the last boss fight you have with him is. What is it? A stealth fight. Yeah, Batman sneaks around while Jason is on a gargoyle with a sniper rifle ready to shoot Batman.


Yep, you don't even get the satisfaction of punching the little twat in the face like you do with Riddler. Just a sniper fight and then Batman doesn't even hit his adopted bastard in the face. You know, as much as I hate Jason Todd, I hate his creator more. Why? Because he thought since he didn't like the idea of Robin, he'd ruin it for us too and make Jason into Bat Jr. But that's beside the point. Rocksteady had a chance to add a new villain to the Rouges Gallery, but instead made another alias for the second worst Robin ever.


5. Joker replaces Scarecrow: Yep. You read that right. Joker takes over the game and Scarecrow is pushed to the side. I guess no one really kills the Bat but Mister J, huh? Anyway, Rocksteady said that Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow would be the main villain of the Arkham Knight, but instead, I guess so many people wanted Joker back and they caved in and gave them what they wanted. And at first, it was awesome. But then as the game progresses, Joker becomes annoying. He's constantly in every part of the game and is always taunting Batman about how he'll take over his mind and make him his puppet. And at first, it seems like a legitimate threat, but then you realize that Joker is similar to that ghostly spirit from Darksiders. Ironically, he was also voiced by Mark Hamill.


Joker really doesn't do anything. He just taunts Batman when he gets the chance. It's a wasted opportunity for Joker to actually try and have Batman kill someone. But that's only a small problem for me. Like the title said, Joker basically takes over the game and makes Scarecrow the secondary antagonist. I don't have a problem with Batman with is worst fears, but isn't his worst fear the very thing he uses to scare criminals? You know, a giant fucking bat? Yeah, why isn't Bruce dealing with that little fear? I mean he is scared of bats and it's ironic that he uses his own fear to make criminals afraid of him. I get it. He's afraid of the Joker coming back and destroying Gotham, but that can't be his worst fear. Anyway, back to the major issue. If you remember the trailers, Scarecrow was built up big time. He was going to be the big baddie, the head hancho, the leading role, the main villain for Batman. And that would've been great. But then they added Joker. You know, if you took him out, the game wouldn't be any different. Don't get me wrong, Joker's funny and the best villain for Batman, but he's pointless in this game. Scarecrow was the one who was built up the most, not Joker. If anything, he should've been the last thing Batman sees before he dies.

And finally 6. Batman should've died at Ace Chemicals: Before you say anything, hear me out. If you make some of the missions at the beginning longer and add more villains, then Batman dying early in the game would be a surprise, but also pave the way for a new Batman, Dick Grayson. The game would be pretty much the same except with better boss fights, points in the game where you'd need to strategize instead of relying on one or more of your gadgets, Scarecrow would be more involved, and etc. I'll do another journal for that some other time. This is just something I think would've been better. After all the motto is "Be the Batman" not "This is how Batsy died in the first few hours of the game." It would put Dick into shape to prepare to go out at night and continue being Batman and would make for a longer and better game. This is just me though. Now this would be the part where I put up a video showing how awesome Dick Grayson Batman would be, but since couldn't find one, here's Nightwing beating the crap out of a few thugs.

So, that's my review of Batman Arkham Knight. And is it disappointing? Yes. Does it have a lot bad moments? Yes. And does it have a few good moments? Actually, yes. Two of the DLC missions involving Ra's Al Ghul and Mr. Freeze are really good, the fighting is great, the voice acting is awesome, the suspense is a lot better than the last games, and the drama will kick you in the heart, especially at one scene involving Barbra Gordon. In the end though, the game could've been done a lot better. It's fun, but also disappointing. It's disappointingly fun. I'd talk some more, but I'd figure that I'd let you guys decide for yourself on whether or not you like Batman Arkham Knight. With that being said, I might do another review some other time. Stay tuned for that and if you want to tell me what DC movie, game, or TV show I should review next, I'll try and do one.


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Started drawing as a little kid, mainly stick figures. (Amatuer mode), but then I started drawing DragonBall Z characters like Goku, Vegeta, ect, then I started making fan characters and finally my own. Ever since, I've been drawing things.


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