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The History Channel Demotivator

History channel doesn't cover history, must be down to those ancient aliens.
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And worse, people actually take the stuff with the tin foil hatter conspiracy theorists and the herping, derping ancient aliens nonsense seriously.

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Oh, hell yes. I could not agree more!

I remember as a child, watching the History Channel when it was jam packed full of day long marathons about the Roman Empire, Greek city states, ancient Japan, WWII, etc.

Now..The network has been reduced to cheesy 'reality shows' about rednecks, truckers, and tin-foil-hatter conspiracy theories.
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Get over yourself you whiney self entitled History brat!


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Can't read? I said get over yourself, you sniveling, whiney, arrogant, history BRAT!
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What the hell is your problem?
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ok he was just voicing his opinion douchebag. And his opinion might be correct as well.
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Anyone who expects to be edumacated by a talking box is dumber than you.
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Cartoon Network almost became that way, and will probably become that way again
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I think the guy from ancient aliens is an alien. It's the perfect plan. If you say everything has to do with aliens, then people will think aliens are ridiculous, so no one believes he's an alien. I actually think Ancient aliens is racist, because if white Europeans couldn't come up with it, then aliens must be the cause.
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I agree with this completly.
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Its so bad I even miss the stuff about aliens now. All history puts on is shows about truckers, pawn shops and rednecks.
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"Find out what your audience wants, and give it to them."

Apparently audiences want pure gunk.
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No, you're wrong and retarded.  The ratings don't lie.  Get over yourself or kill yourself either way I win.
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How about I blow your brains out with a shot gun ? i think you would like that.
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ROFL I think you need to be twenty one to legally own a firearm kiddo. Try again in ten years
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Im sorry I think i'm a little more mature to be on a computer. So don't be a troll o.k ?
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As soon as you hit puberty
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As soon as you develop a tolerant attitude then maybe we can have a good, logical argument.
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I will pencil you in for feb 5 2044
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