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Obama's drone war

By Party9999999
He may do everything Romney would do but at least he's not Romney.
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If Obama campaigned on that he would have my vote.
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I'd like to thank you for not being a gullible idiot.
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Just tweeted your excellent graphic. Thanks for that.
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New technology does NOT necessarily mean new ways to oppress people, come on... Drones are what they are: machines - and they are simply used to kill off leaders whose agendas are, simply put, slaughter countless innocents and all forms of progress in the name of warped religious doctrine.

However, I DO wish that their controllers would stop being trigger-happy dumbasses by using missiles to simply take out one person. It feels like I'm caught between the Scylla of the greedy and deranged GOP and the Charybdis of those in the Occupy Movement that are convinced that every politician wants to reenact Nineteen-Eight-Four. Come on, people, we need to be REASONABLE here...
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I agree with you that there is nothing wrong with technology.... however, there are drone strikes happening in multiple countries in which there is no declared state of war. Estimates of civilian casualties alone add up to 293 to 471 in Pakistan, and this is a low estimate. There may also be a tendency in the administration to claim that some civilians killed were enemy combatants, if merely to lower the number of civilians counted among the dead. Overall, giving the administration a tool like drones allows the President a certain amount of political leeway for aggressive military action which would be impossible if boots had to hit the ground. The American press may gingerly avoid hard coverage of civilian deaths, but ignoring the loss of American combat personnel is a little more difficult, and troop incursions into otherwise neutral countries would raise many more questions than targeted drone strikes.
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Obama is a nazi-scumbag, hitler wannabe
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Did your mother drop you on your head?
ShitAllOverHumanity's avatar
no but your mother sucked on it
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You're clearly the cream of the intellectual crop...
ShitAllOverHumanity's avatar
im the cream in your mommy's pussy, ok? fuck you american arrogant asshole fuck your mother and your grandmother and everyone in your generation.

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Brilliant deduction. I am anxiously awaiting your opinion as to which other politicians are Nazi-scumbags and Hitler wannabes.
ShitAllOverHumanity's avatar
every american government official
Fatal-Nostalgia's avatar
Wow. What an amazingly specific and well researched opinion that doesn't in any way scream "juvenile leftist who 'knows everything' about politics."
ShitAllOverHumanity's avatar
you want research you government loving scumbag? okay.
Hitler invaded most of europe including france poland russia romania
obama is now responsable for the troops in Iraq, libya, syria, afgahnistan. etc.
Hitler spied on civialians and lied to his people about genocide
obama and the cunt-usa government also spy on civilians and lie about islam

trust me theres so much more so UN-FUCK YOUR OWN ECONOMY OR FUCKING DIE!
america is owned by Israel and it buys everything from china. meaning you are MY bitch. -best regards from Eastern China
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Best regards from Tibet (not really, but I'd avoid human rights as an issue to put the USA down with since China doesn't exactly have the best record)
Fatal-Nostalgia's avatar
There are no US troops in Syria; Obama opposes sending troops there.

China would have a lot tougher time functioning without the US to purchase their products. The relationship between the two countries is therefore fairly equal in a sense; China is just as much of Americas "bitch" as America is to China.

ShitAllOverHumanity's avatar
we have a bigger army then you, a better economy, better allies (Russia, Northkorea, iran, pakistan etc.) your coutry would be shit without us. obama is a cock sucker and always will be. and dont forget to suck your Israeli pimp off relly good before he bangs your ass-red again!
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China seems pretty dependent on America...after all, the political elite invest in American companies and send their kids to American colleges.
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This kind of thinking get China beaten to the ground by 8 superpowers in 1901.
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Bigger Army ≠ Better Army.
And neither China nor America will ever go to war, and God help us if they do. Nuclear winter isn't to be taken lightly.
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Very well put.
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i dont live in the usa you sarcastic shit-head go fuck your sister and scream ''GO USA WOOHOO'' redneck cunt
Fatal-Nostalgia's avatar
I shall do so. Care to join me?
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Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, Paul Ryan.....

What time does Safeway close?
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