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Get over it faggot. Also neither side are the "good guys" the kikes have been evil since day one and the muslims hate non-believers anyway so they had it coming
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No, that was public government owned land. Plus the Palestinians were the ones to break the peace treaty in the first place and thus they lost the right to the land. When are you going to stop coddling these terror loving cultists and start standing up for the actual victims?
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"There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population"

~ Moshe Dayan, Israeli military leader and politician.
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...Which had been usurped by them from the indigenous Jewish settlers, usually through murdering the latter in the first place.
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"indigenous Jewish settlers"

That's the funniest thing I've heard in ages... Thanks for the laugh.
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Dude, I'm sorry that you are so ignorant.
But there's school, ya know.
Or were you too afraid of actual humans to attend it?
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"indigenous Jewish settlers" is an oxymoron... ya dimwit.
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For ignorant antisemitic zombies, maybe.
For people who had studied actual history, not at all.
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You're a funny guy... just not 'haha' funny.
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And you are losing a big chunk of life by such choices.
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OddGarfield No you fucking retard, it means remember when the Israelis committed a terrorist attack. 
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You mean to tell me that the State of Israel doesn't have a right to exist?
How did that justify the expulsion?
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You are an internationalist. Since when do you defend
native races on their own land? Are you not the kind
to defend "migrants" to Europe? In the same logic
you should be defending Jewish "migrants" in Palestine.
Or did you understand the importance of blut und boden?
A Communist defending the Palestinians seems just
oxymoronic in essence. Why do you even criticize Jews?
They created your very ideology. I suppose any type of
propaganda to get anyone on your side is good.

Or maybe you are finally realizing the horrors of "immigration".
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Kinda ironic that your supporting a race of blonde Arabs or Indians which some of them have a Islamic background.
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The color of their hair is of no concern in my logic.
I defend the native populations against their invaders.
I know all too well what it is like for a European
being swarmed by foreigners. Did immigration end
in love and brotherhood? I doubt so.
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Well guess what, Europe was already invaded by Muslims before.
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It's called the Ottoman Empire
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