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Israeli Palestinian Unity Flag

By Party9999999
Flag idea for a Unified Israeli/Palestinian State

Sorry I haven't uploaded anything for a while.
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After seeing you knowing very little about Israel and Palestine and from your gallery and then seeing this.

"There is light at the end of the tunnel."
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May the Almighty G-d bless the Jewish and Muslim people 
I am praying for peace
You're living in Lib Fantasyland if you honestly think this will ever happen.
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I really wish Israel and Palestine would stop all the bloodshed and learn to get along peacefully.
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Like, that's gonna ever happen
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Hey, you never know what's going to happen in the future. Maybe you might be right about Palestine and Israel never going to compromise with each other; or I may be right about them coming to terms with each other in the future and Palestine finally being recognized as a country.
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Well I live in israel and trust me, I would have been happy to have peace rather war but I have checked reality and according to what I've seen and heard for me this is like a really good joke, because this is not going to end untill one of the sides will become instinct or would just give up, I know what I am saying, and still I hope peace will happen here one day...
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Oh yes, I just read about the conflict today and how it's getting worse. It was pretty unsettling for me. But I'm still not going to lose my optimism yet, though, because I've heard that Israel's gradually losing American support, especially among the youth. Plus I've heard about boycotts against Israeli products and companies that support Israel. It's not just happening in the U.S.A., people from countries like Japan and Iceland has also boycotted and protested the Israel's actions against Palestine.
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I can support this.
I used to be pro-Israel, because I was raised and told on every possible occasion, "Israel is a democracy in a land that has none," and "Israel is America's greatest ally," when one day I heard about the resettlements and land seizures in Gaza. I won't support a country that doesn't allow property ownership, especially if it redistributes the property to people based on race.

You're still a dirty commie, though. XD
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free palestine

there is no israel in my maps
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Maybe one day this will hopefully come to pass. The Jewish people need to allow the Palestinians to return and allow them same civil rights the Israeli Govt. gives Jews. While at the same time the Palestinians need to accept the fact that the Jewish people aren't going to leave, and learn to get along with them.
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*responds to old comment* God gave the land which is now Paletine to the chosen people (JEWS!) before Islam emerged from the Arabian Penninsula.
This Jew says god doesn't exist. Stay out of our beef and at the megachurch Christian. Hahahah, no that was so evil of me I'm just having fun with awful humor, I apologize.
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The only way for these two to unite is if they find a common enemy
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The "Islamic Republic" of Iran. They are NOT Islamic nor a Republic. They are DANGEROUS. They threaten their own people and the rest of the world. All it takes is 1 incident involving Iran and the world will be at war.
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The U.S. already has nukes targeting Iran in case that happens
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That I agree with so many of the messages in your artwork is proof of that to me. (though I probably shouldn't generalize)
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:D I searched "zionism." I found this. And who is it made by--but you! I'm a hardcore liberal, and even if I'm not a communist, I think I might be able to get along with them just fine!:D
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הלווואי ..
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Haha! I love it!
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MUCH better than the design I tried a while back. Same idea, same colors, but much, much better implementation. I like it.
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La Paz...

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