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How many fingers am a holding up
If the party says there are four fingers then there are four
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once again fuckin love ya
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Dammit! I've got to read that book! The only dystopia I've read this far is Fahrenheit 451 (which on the other hand is a great book!).

Still, nice work. ^^
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DOUBLEplusgood. LOL XD X3
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Hope you don't mind the proper response to this:

This is doubleplusgood.
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Oh, wow! And the design is cool, too!... :O_o:
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The party don't start till Big Brother walks in.
i remember this, 1984, written by the same guy who wrote Animal Farm i believe. i have seen the movie version of both but am planning on reading the books one day. i just have a stack of novels i bought i need to get through before them lol
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Two plus two doesn't equal four or five.

It equals three.
That's odd. I could have swarn that the villians in this book were communists....Perhaps even based off of the Soviet Union...
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No Eurasia is our ally we have always been at war with Eastasia!
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The most disturbing piece of lit. I've ever read. But cool art.
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1984 is a great book. im sad to say i might not have ever read it if it wasnt on my summer reading list for honors English
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Great book, great poster!
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Very nice. One of my favorite books (and films)

"We are the dead."
"We are the dead."
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"Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past"
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Ha, nice signature. Glad to see someone else noticed all that crap.
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