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So a lot happened in 09 and into this year and I just noticed its been a while since I threw up a journal entry. While there has been too much going on to really talk about in this entry in great detail, here are the cliff notes! So on the personal side of things, Michael Turner's death hit me pretty hard and not so long after that some other life situations hit me as well.  I've been in and out of several small relationships, since my last long term relationship was a major disappointment. So the epic search for the woman I love continues. With a couple VERY nice prospects on the horizon I might add. I've had to fire a few close friends but gained new and even better friends in the process. I finally was able to get that acursed long hair cut off after my role as a pirate wrapped up. So Im back to being good ol short haired me.

On the professional side of things, I became complacent and let control of Particle9 Productions slip for a while, but took it back with force. My site was hacked, whith resulted in a battle with Google over their claim my website was distributing malware, Which ended with the collapse of my vast web empire and temporary closures of other internet accounts. I've since increased security for my server and even changed hosting companies. Currently I'm in hte process of rebuilding everything online from the codes up. P9P will emerge from the ashes better than ever before. At least better designed ;) I've been working on two simultaneous film projects called Scorpéo, and Shear Terror. I have had acting roles in both. I've also been contracted by Dynamite Entertainment. So far I've been doing a some covers and hopefully I'll be doing many more in the near future with the eventual sequential work by me as well :) In fact this upcoming month you should all check out Dynamite's Stargate books. Just an FYI :D

On the philosophical side of things I've learned many negative things come out of passionate emotions. In fact the more passionate a person is about something the more neurotic their behavior can be. For example, You can take solice in the knowledge that a person's disdain for your artistic ability is rooted in their own jealousy, or a scorned woman's hatred is rooted in love. It's counter intuitive to think that a person will act hatefully because they really love you. However, the people who love you most passionately end up hating you most fervently becuase they lack control of their own emotions. So when someone takes a pot shot at you for your abilities, don't be hurt by their words, pitty them for being petty. If they make unfounded accusations to whch you have proof to the contrary, note their ignorance and pray for them.

There really has been a lot that has gone on up until now, But for now I think you're up to speed, so look for Particle9 Productions to be back on track soon. And also look for my work gracing the shelves at your local comic shop on books from Dynamite Entertainment. Until next time I write and Lord only knows when that will be, Take care ya'll.


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Chasen whatsup bro? I have been feeling the same kinda problems man... my bro and I are FINALLY releasing Gateway... I was gonna ask you about your stuff cuz it hasnt been working. you gonna be at WWC this year? maybe we could do some colab stuff :) call me or text me sometime man if you wanna talk 773-316-2285
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Very glad to see things are back up and running for you! Welcome back. :)
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Hey Chasen,
Glad to hear from you. Are you gong to be at the Chicago Comicon this year (Wizard World: Chicago)?
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Well I was thinking about maybe coming up for the C2E2 show.
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Glad to head it, I was wondering what had taken you off the noticeable net
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I was listening to White and Nerdy too ;) and Watching Farscape! YAY! For new journals :) and friends....and beginnings and blah blah blah... :)
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Sounds like you've been through quite a bit, but learned even more from it all. I'm very much looking forward to seeing Particle 9 up and running again and can't wait to see more of your art work. Best of luck, Chasen.
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Good to hear you're getting things back on track; looking forward to see what comes of it!
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take care too and i'll be on the look out.

good luck.
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Noticed things were quiet from P9, look forward to seeing the new setup :)
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