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Haven't put out anything in a while, and I found something recently I will be positng soon that I think everyone will REALLY enjoy. But until then remember you can keep up with me on facebook if you'd like.…
I've been keeping an eye on certain arguements around the internet debating the style in which I have chosen to draw, and how it is a, "bad knock off of Turner's style". I would like to make a public statement about this debate.


  First of all, yes, I enjoy drawing in the style Mark Silvestri and Michael Turner developed , I am truely guilty of this crime, and I have committed this heinous sin, so sue me. Countless artists of any career field have done the same of their mentors, so lets all lynch them too. Out of all the comic art I have ever seen in my life, Silvestri, and Turner's style is the only style that has held any interest for me. I have never stated I created the style, nor do I deny that I have tried to emulate this style. Full credit is given here to the men who invented a style. I enjoy drawing in their style because it appeals to me, and if I choose to develop stories and characters while using that style, it is my perogative, and I will do so, and there is quite frankly no way any one can stop me from doing so. If that draws public scorn than so be it. The style is difficult to draw in, and those who have tried it will know that I speak the truth. Its not that I have desired to be original with the technique I use, those words never came out of my mouth. I have said I want to make original stories. which I still plan to do. but my goal was not to develop a style. I have simply attempted to do something most people seem to believe they are unable to do. Which at the very least should be an inspiration to the aspiring artist. In which case I have done what I set out to do in a public setting.  


  Secondly, I have met Mr. Turner and showed him my work on more than one occassion, in each case my artwork has been met with enthusiasm and awe by him. Don't you know its flattering to have some one running around out there that draws in your style and does a damn good job of it. The way I draw is in honor of something that was started by a great human being, and if I receive ridicule for it then go right ahead and speak your piece, but I probably wont hear it as wise council. Don't you know, acceptance from the one person whom it is saught from is more valuable than all of the inane bable of a thousand nay sayers. Simply put, Mr. Turner even personally told me he liked my work, and wanted me to work with his company, so why not continue to work the way I want?


  Another point I would like to address, is against libelous remarks. Its one thing to express an opinion about dislking a person's work. Its quite another when you start calling a person names because you can't stand their work for whatever personal reason you have. You are entitled to your opinion, and you are entitled to communicate your opinion publicly, but please have the courtesy to express yourself in a diplomatic manner without resorting to name calling. Libelous remarks are dishonorable and will not be condoned by me.  

Recently a question was posed saying, "since you like how Turner draws you like how he draws? Or do you like how p9 draws?" This question validly states an obvious point. Many people like the way I illustrate my work because it has been drawn in honor of the style Silvestri, and Turner have created. A style that is already in public domain, and free for anyone to attempt to draw in.

I will close by saying, the claims of those who would call me a bad knock off, an artist without a soul, a copycat, and all the other names I have been called, will indeed fall silent as those claims are discoverd to be the rambelings of an ingnorant thought process. I have been as upright as I can be with my claims and my abilities. God has granted me many abilities that many do not yet know I posses, and as such I will do the best that I can with those abilities. I will continue to draw and color in a manner that suits me, and I will continue to release my artwork publicly reguardless of public scorn and ridicule.


Chasen S. Grieshop
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I really need a professional colorist. :( (dies)
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I just got all the books back from the printers today. The book is now up for sale at in the site store's book section, so if you feel like getting your hands on a copy  please by all means stop by and make an order.

If you do not have a paypal account we also accept checks and money orders by mail. It's just a little bit longer of a wait.

good hunting, and I can't wait to ship you all out a book.

C.S. Grieshop
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Hey everybody, Candy and I have been getting some Emails with questions as to how you guys can go about getting your mits on a copy, or two or three of "Ecru: the butcher of Balis" now that it is finished.

In an effort to deal with the ammount of people that are Emailing Ive decided to create a new Email account in order to deal with demand for the book.  If you are interested in purchasing an issue of The Butcher of Balis, please send an Email with the mailing address you wish the book to be shipped to,


This will allow us to better keep track of who wants to buy a book so hopefully you won't get lost between Mailing me and Candy. we can both check the fanmail account. As soon as you send us the address, we will put you on a mailing list. and get the book shipped out to you ASAP.

"Ecru: The Butcher of Balis" is a 16 page book with a cover price of $3.99 with a limited first print run of 2000 copies. if you want your book signed it is no extra charge.

Payment info is at the moment that we accept CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS, And PAYPAL. Credit cards are accepted only through paypal. Do not fear, Paypal is free for you to use as long as you have a savings account at a bank, and an Email address. (you do not need a credit card for paypal) Paypal does also have accounts that you would have to pay for if you plan to do business with your account. you will most likely not need one of these types of accounts so dont let that scare you if you've never tried to use paypal before.

shipping information is a little sketchy right now because we still don't have all the international ammounts figured out (Ie: how much it would cost to ship to Finland as opposed to Japan.) As I get more information together I will post it here.

I hope this helps guys and Gals, so if you are interested in snagging a copy let me know and I will get one out to you as soon as I get my books from the printers :)

later every one

C.S. Grieshop
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Ok every body, here it is the BIG news, the book is printed ALLLLLL of them I finally have a full print run of Ecru: the Butcher of Balis books sitting at the press. they still have to be cut, and stitched, and that will happen they said some time right after Thanksgiving. Ive already taken a good look at the print outs and I can say honestly I am happy with the way my first experience with Offset printing has turned out. it doesnt look like an Indi comic it looks...well... professional, and almost seemed like It wasnt mine, like it was a book I bought from the store. Even though I know I did the work for it. It was just so neat to watch the entire process.

The guys at the press let Mr Earl (my writer) and I go back and watch the prints role off the press and I have to tell you it was quite a thing to see. Truely a once in a lifetime experience. See they print every page out on this big sheet, and then send the stack of paper (its a big stack too) over to this cutting machine that is capable of cutting a large stack perfectly with a huge blade. after that they have a machine that will saddle stich the books into an acctual comic book.

To let you know the whole book is in full color throughout the entire book. will cost 4 bucks because Im only ordering 2000 of them (very small print run) so if you are interested in buying one, shoot me an Email and let me know. I hope you guys have an awesome day, I just wanted to let you all know. I'm so excited.
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Hey guys,

recently I went to wizard-World Chicago as Im sure you are aware, and since then have enudred some libelous remarks by beretta which I think has alienated some people. Her remarks since then have been resolved between her and myself. and it was found to be a misunderstanding and some bad communication planted by a thrid party.

So, If any of you are still around who cares to be interested There is a really cool and entertaining audio essay up on about the trip I took to Chicago with my team. Some of the information ( especially the parts about Aspen MLT) is a little vague, so if you ahve any questions just lemme know.
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Well, I don't have alot of time to talk about what all happened at the convention; however, I will say that alot of cool stuff happened. we gained alot of support from people who stopped by. meeting people is always cool, and especially when youve already met them right here on DA. the art prints sold pretty well, and the comic presold exceptionally well, so as soon as I get the book out there, I will be shipping out alot of books haha, which is cool, but I have a deadline. any ways alot of doors opened for the company, and I think we will continue to move forward and gain strength. So thank you who came out for doing so and showing support. :) I hope you had fun too!
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Hey everybody... I hope you are all well, and I hope that if you were like me and were in the war path of Hurricane Dennis (the menace) than I especially hope that all is well with you.  

I just wanted to let you all know that a few of us over at Particle9 Productions( including myself) will be heading up to....


for more info......

I will be signing sketching in Artist Alley in section 9030 A&B from August 4th through the 7th... bassically the whole weekend. In between drawing signing and sketching the plan will be to even give lessons in comic drawing and coloring to any one who wants to learn. So come on out and see us, and ya might lern somthin too ! :)

alright every one... take it easy and I hope to see you
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Ecru wallpapers are now up at   to get to them go to the Cargo page on the Ecru website.

Hope every likes them. there are two sizes available for every one, just right click, save, and enjoy.

Also check out the story and bio page if you have not already, and please let me know your thoughts on every thing. your thoughts are important to me and every one else who works with me.

also check out the updated info page on the main site.

have fun and look around yall
alrighty, so the web site has been down for a while, for that I appologize. The site has been progressing though. Look for the reopening of the web site on May 14th with the all new Ecru attachment site  the attachement site will have wallpapers that have not been seen before, as well as a winamp skin, so stop by the Ecru cargo page. I hope you find it informative, and just all around cool....

  I believe that you all will like what you see. We have been working to try and bring it back up and to work out some bugs that were brought to our attention by some very kind folks.

  There have been set backs that have delayed the progress of the site.  things like the production of a film, and family deaths, but through every thing, the site is still scheduled for its relaunch. So check us out on the 14th, and I hope to hear from you :)

As always, dont forget to write :)
well the graphic Novel came out for Star wars Episode III recently, and of course I bought it. I have to say that the comic rekindles a new hope for this star wars film in my heart being that it acctually has a story worth telling. At this point the only thing that I think can go wrong with it is hayden's acting.... lets hope and pray that he has had acting classes and that his days of whining about how every thing is obi-wan's fault are over.

But I really think at the story's core, are things that this whole trillogy has been promising. my only disappointment, is that I dont get to see Darth Vader weild a red lightsaber in this movie.

but its not going to ruin the movie for me. Ive also heard that there is talk of a star wars live action tv series planned staring one of the jedi from the film. does any one know any thing about this? if so I would love to know what you know.

any ways for all you star wars fans out there Ive also submitted a new deviation featureing Yoda :) enjoy.
howdy all, sorry about my web site being down, the team's been fixing bugs, and working on the technical stuff, and Ive been redesigning some pages, and building an extention to the site. hopefully it will be back up soon so stay tuned.  

Also look forward to the Ecru section to be fully opened when the site comes back online, complete with wallpapers and other goodies to download.

When it gets closer to the rerelease date, I will surely let  you all know. And thank you again for your patience on the matter :)

Hey guys and Gals, we've been working on the web site alot lately here at p9 productions, and the suggestion arose that a Forum might be a possability.
  So I thought to myself why not find out how many people on DA would be interested in a P9 forum at the site... so write in and let me know what you think. The more people who write in the more of a chance that there will be a forum.


ok now on to the product category. what kind of products would you like to see come out of Particle9 productions?

The Butcher of Balis:

That's right the first Ecru comic the Butcher of Balis is in the works right now and I think its looking quite fantastic, so hopefully That will be done and I can take it with me when I go to conventions. So be on the look out for it....


And feel free to pick up an "11x"17 art print at the site store $7.99 not including shipping and tax.

Any ways, don't forget that commissions are open, any thing can be accomplished at a negotiable price so let me know.

and dont forget to drop me a line once in a while at

later guys and take good care :)
hey every one. I've finally gone and done up off my lazy butt that is and made a coloring tutorial haha. well really Ive been wanting to make one for a while, never had the time so I would forget about it, then I would get time and not remmeber. however, I recently got yet another request for a coloring tutorial. so I am working on one right now. It will be loaded up in the scraps gallery shortly so feel free to mozy on over and check it out, It will be a three page tutorial, so check out all three, not the best tutorial Im sure, but hey, if it helps my fellow deviants out, than it was worth it right? any ways I hope it helps, go to my scraps gallery and check it out. :) later
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.....boys and girls of all ages....... just as a reminder, Particle9 productions. is selling prints on the site store for, just $9.99 so slide on over, pick one out, we'll pack it up, and accept paypal :) oh and if you want them signed, we can swing that too, not to mention Im open for original sketches. Its like a comic convention online haha. Take it easy every one hope to hear from you soon :)


C.S. Grieshop is open every one:) go check it out. YAY!
Howdy every one. Well tomorrow, Particle9 productions's resident writer Earl Newton and I are getting together to finish putting the web site together and hopefully fix any kind of glitches that we may come across. so Im excited to finally get that up and running. I know every one has been really waiting for the web site, and Im sorry its taken so long. the site has gone through quite a few redesigns, and several different people who said they were going to code it and never did, Until Mr. Newton. every one should go visit his site at :)  I designed his web site too

any ways in other news. I am going to be in Orlando for Megacon again this year, ya'll can visit me in artist alley in 2b Orange. the convention goes through the 25th through the 27th. So, if any of y'all live in the area, or are planning to go to Orlando's Megacon this year, I would love to see you out there. take care every one and God bless.


C.S. Grieshop
well, I realize I havent really been entirely too active in the art departement as far as DA is concerned. And there is a prefectly good explanation......Ive had my plate full. and while it may seem like excuses to you allow me to delve deep into what it going on.

As you all know, I've recently graduated from the University of West Florida which obviously frees up some time for me. So what have I been doing with my free time. Simply put, starting my own business and I must say its alot of reading and running back and forth to the tax collectors office to find out what I need. so that is one event going on. I have also been working sleepless nights to build two web sites simultaniously. Of course being the horrible perfectionist that I am, I designed, deleted started from scratch again, and redesigned both web sites for Southern Ronin Productions, and Particle9 Productions. Recently I handed the (Web site in a PSD) for both sites off to the Senior tech Guru of SRP to get the HTML done or however the hech it gets done....hey Im an artist not a coder........ So hopefully the web site for both will be up soon. I will let you all know when the Launch date for both is coming.

Now, you may be thinking ok...but why havent you been submitting wallpapers on a regular basis? quite simple really I need something Ya'll havent seen before to put on my site, otherwise why go there right? SO THATS RIGHT IVE BEEN HOLDIN OUT ON YA! hahaha well I hope you guys like the drawings and the designs.

How the will work:

by typing in the URL you will be taken to a splash page upon entering the site, you will be taken to really what I call a hub site. within the hub site are your standard links such as site store where you can place your print and book orders the information page where you can find submission info, contact etc.... than on the other hand of the site, you have the three property links which at the moment are read pages. They are links to P9's three properties such as Ecru, Menel, and Kana. Each of these three properties will have its own web site devoted to nothing but its own property any thing you would want to know about Ecru would be in the Ecru site so on and so forth. get the idea. I do not expect teh Kana site to be up any time soon since Kana has really only a skeliton story line and virtually no other art other than what is in my DA gallery.  So I hope that when the web site goes up you all like what Ive done with the place hehe. and that is about all there is about the web site.

In other news. I and my G/F. plan to be going to Megacon in Orlando this year from Feb.25th through the 27th so if any one can make it, we look forward to seeing you out there and hopefully you can pick up some signed art :) take care Y'all and God bless.


C.S. Grieshop
well, I hope all of you out there in Deviantart land are having a very happy new year indeed. Ive been working on quite a few things for Particle9 productions since I graduated U.W.F. with my BA degree, so Im hoping to have my company up and running now. currently Im working on getting every thing set up legally so P9 will be a real corporation. of course because of working with all of this it has taken its toll on my art work as I am not putting out as much as I was, haha, not that I was putting out that much since I came back from Comiccon international. But! that is because I have been doing alot of work that is for P9 and thus I cant really put it on DA....otherwise....there would be nothing really new to see over at the P9 site would there ;) Im trying to keep up with the art work I need to do there plus work at getting the company started, so when I open my doors, I can have some stuff to sell to whomever would buy it, and of course advertising. P9 will be starting out small, but that doesnt mean the company isn't open for review for illustrators and colorists. With God's help the company will be a success, and with time and conviction I will have more art work for you guys out there. So as I look at the past and see all that Ive accomplished while getting my degree, I look to the future to see more that I can accomplish at a faster pace in order to TAKE OVER...... SIRLANKA!......well, the world is just too much for me to handle..... just as soon as I get done with this blasted sickness crap haha.........toodles


C.S. Grieshop