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Darth Vader

So I watched the new ep three trailer, and I'm thinking it may be at least a decent movie, if for no other reason than because Darth Vader occupies at least some portion of the film, even if it is like 5 minutes of footage. Well any ways, I was inspired to do a sketch of The Fallen Anakin Skywalker, in his life support suit, so here it is. I sketched it out pretty quickly, honestly I hate drawing Vader, even when I was a little kid I never could get him right, and then I just played around with the coloring and decided to try some new techniques Ive been meaning to try. At any rate I hope you like it.
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Good highlights! It really give a realistic touch to the piece! Well done! :thumbsup:
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Well I think you him right here - that's awesome! :D
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awesome pic, it makes me wanna draw Darth Vader muself=P
Dark-Lords-of-Sex's avatar
oooooh......thats damn good.
well worthy of being in this clubs faves.^^
PhaseChan's avatar
fuck - thats awesome.....

must see revenge of the sith.......

Cracked-Ice-Concepts's avatar
This is pretty sweet man!
purple-crystal's avatar
I'm not a Star Wars fan, though this is a great sketch! Brill job!
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woah star wars woooooosh!
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This is such an AWESOME picture, i love the lighting, its so dramatic and it illuminates him so perfectly, he'd be hard cuz hes all black and everything. The little bit of light saber acts as a frame almost, all and all very nicely put together, beautiful work!
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Thought the same when I saw the trailer.

..."Rise!" =D

Good drawing as well, but hey, it's from you so I would expect anything else ;)
particle9's avatar
oh wow hey, how have you been! I havent heard from you in a while:)
kenderlein's avatar
Kinda lurking, so I'v been around but not as loudly =)
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I think thats awsome nice lighting
sthrnswetpea444's avatar
haha! so cool! the deatils are impecable!
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Good drawing and good colors very cool Chasen
wandering-nerd's avatar
Great stuff. I think you got him right. He's all glowly ^_^
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