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My Bio
My name is Chasen Grieshop and I was born at Eglin Air Force Base on November the 5th 1982 to Bruce and Nancy Grieshop. Most of my life has been spent in pursuit of creativity in as many of its forms I could get my hands on. When I reached age 16 I took my entrence exam and enrolled in college. At age 17 I decided I would pursue three main professional fields, the first being comic book work, the second being acting, and the third would be filmmaking. Since I was self taught, and my interest in my subjects had already carried me far, I found that I was at a more advanced level than my peers. Even though I felt as though my work was at a different level, I in no way have ever felt as though I am superior to any one in any regaurd. My mom always taught me that God made all of us equal, and I sincerely believe that. A couple years went by in college until I decided my work had reached a semi professional level, at least to the point where I was comfortable showing it to people so I wouldn't be laughed at. It was around this time that a friend in one of my classes introduced me to Deviantart.

I made an account but really didnt get into if for nearly a year or so. I submitted a few pieces here or there but I didn't get any feedback from people and my highest number of comments on my work was 3 comments. I like many other people I suppose gauged my public approval ratings on the amount of interaction I got from the site. But of course back then the idea I would have to get out there and acctually talk to people to let them know about my work was kind of a foreign concept to me. I tried to get people interested in my work, and I soon realized that alot of people dont really get pageviews unless there is color. Of course there are those gems out there that get hundreds of comments and all they show is pencil work, but I was not one of those. I figured I needed work that was colored so it would stand out better. so I looked for people interested in coloring my work. no one was serious about it, so of course the old saying.... if you want something done, do it yourself.

I had a history in graphic design and I knew photoshop well at this point, so I used my knowledge to teach myself to color. I took hours each day looking for the right tutorials to teach myself comic techniques, and when I thought there was a better way to do something I relied upon my own knowledge and not just what some one else was saying is the proper way to do things. I've never been the type to just accept what some one else is saying without a logical explaination as to why.

Eventually through interacting with the community I started to acctually recieve traffic on my DA page, and my highest comment skyrocketed from 3 to 8.... yeah not that big of a jump for most of you, but for me back then I was astounded there were people who were taking note of my work. Now here I am a few years later, Ive had many kind comments by many kind people. I've also had some unkind comments from people who I simply believe to be jealous. Through all of the good and the bad comments I've relied on God to keep my head strait so that I never become like the people who I cant stand. The arrogant people who feel they are better just because God gave them something to work hard for, or the pridefull people who just think they are all that and then some because of who they are. I completely disagree with that mentality and I've faught with people like that my whole life.

When I was learning to draw, back before my college and DA days, few people know this, but I acctually learned the basics from the work of an artist at Archie comics simply named Spaz. He used to draw Sonic the Hedgehog, which in my youth I was completely obsessed with. In my opinion Spaz was the only Archie artist that caught the essence of how to draw Sonic, and like any good artist in training, I began to mimic his work. Of course eventually as I got older I got a little bored with drawing Sonic and his pals and wanted to learn how to draw people. For this I went to my local comic shop and looked for artistic work that inspired me like Spaz's work. I found one comic called Fathom, which was drawn by a man named Michael Turner. I fell in love with the style, because it was like Spaz's style in a more mature manner. I started to learn Turner's technique, and the style came easily because I had learned similar texture techniques because Spaz and Mike seem to have a kindred spirit in drawing. So aside from porportions I already had a style of drawing. Back then my quest was to understand what made people's faces different and I eventually came to the conclusion that it was a combination of alot of things and not just one; however, when I dug a little deeper to discover what I really wanted to know I found it. I really was seeking the technique to depict beauty, in a way I could understand it.

I am still on my journey of discovery, and I don't suppose I will ever find the end to my path, but finding the end is not why Im searching. There are questions that I asked when I was a little boy, but when I found the answers to those, I only asked more questions, and at some point I realized, there will never be an end to questions for one who seeks knowledge and wisdom, only more questions. So why bother to take the journey if it will be unsatisfying? I realized that it is only unsatisfying if you are unsatisfied with the knowledge that you will be forced to ask more questions. And if you can be satisfied with that knowledge, and the knowledge that it will be impossible for you to uncover every secret in the universe, than asking questions becomes like breathing, and you dont really feel bothered by it any more. Years down the road you will look back at how you used to think, and will realize that the limited ammount of information you had based all your opinions on is now obsolete because you didnt have the information you have now, because you bothered to continue to ask questions. I never have all the answers and I know I never will, but I will tell you this and I hope that my life is a testamant to what I believe, and that is that one should never stop asking questions, and thinking about one's own self, and how all aspects of life intertwine and influence other aspects of life.

Well if that all didn't tell you exactly who I am I don't know what would. I hope you enjoyed the read, and I hope that you came away from the experience asking questions. Until next time... thats me...

Chasen Shane Grieshop

Current Residence: Navarre Florida ( its in the panhandle)
Favourite genre of music: Trance, Opera, and soundtracks
Favourite photographer: dont have one
Favourite style of art: minimalistic design work
Operating System: windows XP pro
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp 5
Shell of choice: hey now, I live under a rock not a shell
Wallpaper of choice: ones I make ( thats why I make wallpapers)
Skin of choice: well Im kinda partial to my own
Favourite cartoon character: Strong bad, Kronk, and Stitch
Personal Quote: he who loves his work never works another day in his life.

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the rings
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nickleback, Sarah Brightman, Bear McCreary, E.S. Posthumus
Favourite Writers
JRR Tolkien, and Moses (he wrote 5 very famous books)
Favourite Games
Dr Robotnik\'s Mean Bean Machine
Favourite Gaming Platform
plastation 2
Tools of the Trade
my pencil, click eraser, and photoshop 7.0, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere 2.0
Other Interests
filmmaking, illustration, graphic design, photography, and acting

Something super :)

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Haven't put out anything in a while, and I found something recently I will be positng soon that I think everyone will REALLY enjoy. But until then remember you can keep up with me on facebook if you'd like.
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For whatever reason I never remembered to post that I have a Facebook account haha! So if anyone here on dA who has a Facebook account wants to keep up with me That's honestly the best place to do it. Hope to hear from you guys there.
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So a lot happened in 09 and into this year and I just noticed its been a while since I threw up a journal entry. While there has been too much going on to really talk about in this entry in great detail, here are the cliff notes! So on the personal side of things, Michael Turner's death hit me pretty hard and not so long after that some other life situations hit me as well.  I've been in and out of several small relationships, since my last long term relationship was a major disappointment. So the epic search for the woman I love continues. With a couple VERY nice prospects on the horizon I might add. I've had to fire a few close friends but
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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Chasen!!!
Happy Birthday my true friend! ^_^