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Oxford - Windows 10 Visual Style

6/22/2020 - confirmed working with latest windows update (2004)
6/24/2019 - 1903 Port
12/3/2017 - Ported to update.
4/18/2017 - Ported to Creator Update. Not sure what the issue is, but I've found a weird issue outside of my control where Windows will delete/change some of the theme files when attempt to apply theme. This doesn't happen every time.

Please look over the readme.txt
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Wao !!! I raise my cap for him because the art work is a top notch

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please update for windows 11 :sniff:

this piece of art , good work , without the icon pack it wont worth the time and effort !

how can i download icons ??

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hm, those icons look familiar to me

will this work on 20h2 update?

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can you help me and tell me How to port Windows 10 Visual Style from old version windows to latest update or can you give me any good easy tutorial for doing that I will be appreciated !:)

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I cannot speak for insider/preview builds or other visual styles, but I just tested to confirm this still works on the latest version of Windows 10.

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ok thanks for this great VS hope see more great VS in the future !

este tema dejo mi pc en negro :c auda

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How do you change the font? Mactype is making everything very blurry

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Great theme! I noticed that if I have taskbar icons set to small the taskbar gets thrown out of wack though, any chance of there being a fix?

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How to install this in my pc? I am confused. The ReadMe text isn't helping.

which font are you using in the screenshots above?

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@participant does it work on 1909 ?

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