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LAB Windows 10 Visual Style

6/22/2020 - confirmed working with latest windows update (2004)
6/24/2019 - 1903 Port

-12/3/2017 - Ported to update. Merry Christmas or whatever gift-centric holiday you celebrate this time of year.
ALSO I just graduated from college and am looking for a real job in case anyone familiar with my work is willing to hire me!

-4/18/2017-Not sure what the issue is, but I've found a weird issue outside of my control where Windows will delete/change some of the theme files when attempt to apply theme. This doesn't happen every time. Ported to Creator Update.

-9/13- will create a readme on next update. the fonts are included. this VS requires everything indicated in my previous visual styles. For now I'd only install this if you know what you are doing since some stuff isn't self explanatory.
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Cojonudo!! gracias


Where can I find install instructions? in my download, there is no readme etc...

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does this work for 1909?

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Did you find the answer? I have the same question *_*

How do I install this theme

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How do we download it?
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wow. FONT name Please..
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works on 1809 for me, thank!
update to 1809 please&thankyou
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does this theme work for version 1803?
how can i aplly this theme?
it Work For Windows 10 Build 10240
Does this work on the April 2018 update?
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updated the zip today. it was just missing a .theme file.

in the future, you can make one yourself by copying aero, opening it in notepad, and changing the paths.
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Sweet thanks 
Thanks for the update, but i think the (.theme) file is missing.
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Yep, no .theme file is included for me as well.
think so too
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