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ANTHEM TWO - Windows 10




6/22/2020 - confirmed working with latest windows update (2004)
5/3/2020 - Long overdue update. Fixed titlebar color issues and other bugs. 

6/24/2019 - 1903 Port
-12/3/2017 - Ported to update. Merry Christmas or whatever gift-centric holiday you celebrate this time of year.
4/18/2017 - Ported to Creator Update. Not sure what the issue is, but I've found a weird issue outside of my control where Windows will delete/change some of the theme files when attempt to apply theme. This doesn't happen every time.
8/26/2016 - Included .theme file and a wallpaper
8/25/2016 - I have ported to the latest Windows Build :)
-2/3- added mui file
-2/9- fixed aerowizard background color
-2/15- fixed rebar background color (was navy in programs like utorrent and winrar)
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