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hey friends!  :blowkiss:

how have you all been?

... nothing changed! :O
Dear friends, we are happy to announce (finally!) the release of the book United Against Ebola
We can't wait to share it with you. it's a book of 104 pages, 18 X18 cm, it has 100 of your images in it and it is simply beautiful!  :wow:

You can have a preview of the entire book by clicking on the image and following the link to Blurb. Make sure to watch it in full screen mode.

The link above will take you to the 18X18 cm book. When placing your order, you will get to set your own parameters concerning the cover, soft or hard  and the paper, standard or premium.

We also made a large version of the book, it's 30 X 30 cm and is absolutely gorgeous :love:
For those who would like to contribute more substantially to the good cause, you can command it (and preview it)  here
large format

Don't forget that all the profits of the sale of the book will go to a humanitarian association : Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) who is working on the ground in Africa to help the victims of the Ebola epidemic.

Again, I would like to thank all those who supported us and will support us in making this project happen, it was a great pleasure to work with all of you, and a great happiness to meet so many persons with kind hearts and spirits.

Thank You :hug:


United Against Ebola- news

Mon Nov 24, 2014, 7:01 AM

we're very excited to announce that the book United Against Ebola is almost completed and soon to be released. it has about 100 of your images in it and we proudly can say it looks just beautiful!


here's a sneak peek into the book:


you will be informed as soon as it will be available for sale. 

a big thank you for all who support the project


the team:


OutLined_InnerSelf by deigniscloud engineering 2 : the sky vacuum by Pierre-Lagarde

just in case by m-luciaTransformation by M-0-N-0

**|** by bluePartout2011-054 by rainris

Schism by voogeeYellow Wall by MarcelHieber

birds, songs, broken lines and broken voices.

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 26, 2014, 9:33 AM
Plague by Markus43
sakura by kozmostozu

Opiates by MarmosetsOfDoom__ by doyo

foundations of complexity by davespertine
Hummingbird by Markus43


and broken wings...
hope is just a word

yesterday in my city.…


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Imaginarium: whistleblower

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2014, 3:28 PM

whistleblower Magritte by aerendialMan, oak fence posts by DEREKoverfield

The proud and mournful Buckhongahelas by DEREKoverfield

counting stars II by Ceecore


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 11:55 AM

Disfigured by MarinaCoricPortrait 3 by ebbing-gale

Skin by SimplySilent

If you were a tree... by SplitEnsdsDisintegrated by SHEOG0RATH

Florent by manudufwell then by RichardLeach

We by dozhdi

I put a spell on you by jugadi
Play Responsibly by dick-allowatt
Fungus says. by themadtoy

just bump me off by EintoeRn
Mr The by Ralu77
Nat by mmonart
id by stillhitori
Globalization by Elizamac
Mechanical Excellence by Izaaaaa

Liquid Wrap by djailledie Ephemeral life printed on gelatine by StephanePellennec Liquid Wrap by djailledie
Ephemeral life printed on gelatine by StephanePellennec Prosperous prophecies and reli by protaqonist Ephemeral life printed on gelatine by StephanePellennec
Liquid Wrap by djailledie Ephemeral life printed on gelatine by StephanePellennec Liquid Wrap by djailledie

Walker by crossfading
Fear on the City VI by djailledie

Downloading Girls by sandas04


Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 7:55 AM

Not.Winter 23 by HorstSchmier  Mamoucheka or the long travel by Sei-Zako
Accessoires by ChristianBurtscher

Red Triangle by Poromaa

my friend said he's too lazy to make diptychs,
so i borrowed a few of his images and made some for him


Carthago by undefinedreferenceOn the Backs of Others 2011 by JJURON


Artistic Nude by undefinedreference


The Banality Of Death by undefinedreference
Curse of Eternal Winter by DasGhul


Windows Into The Soul by undefinedreference013 by ojiyh


Irregular Expression by undefinedreference


23476 by undefinedreference Fortune teller by Rhyn-Art


Kensho by aerendialGods mirror VII by mariasvarbova  Jazz People by undefinedreference


Administrative Upload by undefinedreferenceT by dasTOKQuantifier Detail 1 by undefinedreference


Circus Of Sanctity by undefinedreferencesilent dialogues by Greyguardian


but then... he stole one of mine and made his own Di ;)
i love it!

Relaxed Surface Tension - Compressed Liquid Dream by undefinedreference

 Relaxed Surface Tension-Compressed Liquid Dream


spremuta by RedRiBBoNinYouRhAiR
freak by chriseastmidslost highway by RedRiBBoNinYouRhAiR
we are nowhere by carrionshine

of warmer days by davespertineRaven 3 by DVanDyk
Di game with Isabelle :iconizaaaaa: a diptych proposition as a start and replies back and forth between us  OMG MOAR POEMS! 

(the first Di is by Iza)  

Woods by takmajselfportrait by veroklotz


how to disappear sketch2 by bareHaWoods by takmaj

  Oxidised - oil on canvas by SamanthaLihow to disappear sketch2 by bareHa

    ...286... by MozolewskiMichalOxidised - oil on canvas by SamanthaLi  

  1994 by 7markus7...286... by MozolewskiMichal

Abstract Line 1 by scheinbar1994 by 7markus7


or renewing the fix ;)

MUPAPALALALA by Izaaaaa island by RichardLeach MUPAPALALALA by Izaaaaa
island by RichardLeach suprematic II by stillhitori island by RichardLeach
MUPAPALALALA by Izaaaaa island by RichardLeach MUPAPALALALA by Izaaaaa