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Ah, ces mediterraneens, qu'est-ce qu'ils parlent avec les mains! ;)
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haha oui, un peu je vais pas le nier :D
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hi Hanan! how are you? :hug: it's great being able to see your photos again!

sorry I disappeared, I had such a busy time for the last couple of months the time just evaporated somewhere.

:blush: oh, and very belated 50th birthday wishes!! Balloons V4  
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i'm fine dear. like you can see among my images, i am very busy with the revolution. we're at our 37th day now!
other than that all is well.
i'm glad also i'm back to photography again!
no worries about taking our times to reply, we agreed on that a long time ago :D

thanks Zosia!! yeah 50, can you believe it? :D hugs and love to you and Dafydd :blowkiss:
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thank you Hanan! in fact, I just realised I'd meant to say "happy birthday" since August, I'm terrible :blush: remake
it was an overwhelming summer and early autumn is all I can say in my defence!

I'd never have guessed, where did all the time go? I'm turning 36 in February and can hardly believe it either.

I saw media reports and your photographs, although the coverage of any world news is so limited here it's just awful.
all everyone has talked about for the last 3 years is Brexit and successive elections - we have another one coming up - and if you're not careful and look for international news yourself, it's easy not to notice the rest of the world.. just checked and what's happening in Lebanon gets reported on here once every 10 days or so :-/

please make sure you stay safe, I saw the news about the local politician who got shot.. 

hugs from both of us!!

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to the contrary it's very sweet of you :hug: i remember you were complaining about the thirties when we were in Italy. yes... but 50 is objectively scary ;)

i don't think it's reasonable to expect the world to talk about such a small country.
but i am so proud of being a part of this.
take a look at this video (i was there, among the protesters)…  
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Salut Hanan, j'aime beaucoup celle la!!! Je ne vais pas passer 3 heures à t'expliquer pourquoi ou comment ou qu'est ce que tu as voulu dire ou bien demontrer....  ;)  ha ha ha
Mais j'aime bien , c'est tout!!!
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salut Laurent :hug:
pas besoin d'explication, l'appreciation est plus que suffisante pour moi :)  merci!
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On est tout a fait d'accord, c'etait une allusion de notre discussion de l'autre jour!!! ha ha
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It is like a cloud , or smoke , in  between your hands 

Hard to say from black and white , but i would vote for the movement of light in  water 
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maybe the darkness has this thick and dense quality that you find in water.
i'm trying to catch a cloud, maybe :)
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C'est d'Ecosse, c'est fantomatique et habité ! J'adore :clap:
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en vacances?

merci d'aimer, ça me fait plaisir :heart:
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Absolument je suis en promenade :)
Le plaisir est pour moi !! ❤
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amuse-toi bien alors! 
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Très joli ce carré : de la magie ! Même si tu nous as expliqué les ficelles, encore fallait-il le faire et encore plus le réussir ! 
Clap Clap Clap 
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merci ma chère! j'adore la long exposure, comme tout ce qui donne des resultats imprevisibles :heart:
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Splendide ! J'aime l'image de ce mouvement qui semble émerger du néant absolu. Bien vu ! ♥ ♥ ♥
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merci! pull noir, chambre noire, les mains flottent Avatar 25 by smault23
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Certains racontent que le plaisir disparaît lorsque l'on découvre les ficelles qui ont permis l'illusion. En fait, je crois que ça rajoute une couche supplémentaire à l'émotion ! En plus du plaisir, un zeste de magie ! ^^ Chapeau bas (celui des clichés "madame la touriste" ?) !
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