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blue witch

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May 21, 2010, 8:28:04 PM
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you have four irises in the eyes here , or three and half . Blue / white transparency stands for a spirit form , and form is dividing in to two
in the middle of transformation since double eyes can be barely seen and there aren´t clearly two selves , just some irreregularity of form .
Sometimes it´s practical to assume blue spirit form just to avoid splitting in two in corporeal form . Practical :nod:
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you got me lost in the middle of it! :D :hug:
no but seriously now, you're right, i'm always avoiding to slip in two. my most serious problem :nod:
how are you, Markus?
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:heart: :hug:  sometime ago i started several large canvases at once - now i would need more than one self
to get any of them ready :o 
:) i often see two or more you at once , that´s not a problem :P
how are you dear ?
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that would be practical to clone ourselves :)
i'm fine. things are going on slowly. taking photos and so...
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:) nice to hear you´re shooting again .  Have you shown any new ones on tumblr ? 
   some of the outdoors photos look like they could be new , there´s fresh impressionistic look in them .
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not on tumblr, they are still on my laptop. getting more difficult to share.
there's one : Mama. just in a walk outside with my phone.
there is some old ones that i post, that's all.
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I also feel that new ones are often difficult to share , often they  need some time .
( to figure out titles or if they need some changes or developing )
i Just saw Aftersunset , looks like sea at night with very deep greens  .
Summer night is different color here , when sun doesn´t set , it´s  light blue - violet .

:whisper: Happy birthday , dear Hanan :iconvioletheartplz: 
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thanks, Markus! sweet of you to remember! :hug:

oh those were not its true color neither. cross processed image, in fact.
i imagine violet in sea must be beautiful.
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woww...When I see this pic I feel free....the weather is go0d(cold)....and no one cant
hurt me....:)and I think who I like is watching me ........
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all good feelings then, good you like, Narges, thank you :rose:
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NP my friend:hug:my Pleasure
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Your wonderful work is featured here: [link] :frail:
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beautiful ... blue witch

she walked across the blackened snow
neither tall or strong
as her clothes dragged across the ashes
her clothes dripping wet
from the journey she took
as she wandered over the burnt earth
looking down on us all
why had she never been here before
this earth is burnt no matter where you walk

(i have no idea why your pictures do this to me)
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oh, this poem is just as dark as i saw myself in this portrait.
the others in their comments said no. (they didn't change my mind)
good you saw it too!

maybe they do this because they are felt intensely. and emotive. specially this particular session of self portraits.

anyway i thank you sincerely for your words :hug:
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your work does inspire me in so many ways, i dont know how i connect with you or it on such an emotional scale all the time but i'm glad i do, but its not just this series of pictures is it

i'm an intensly emotion person

Hanan your so very welcome always :hug:
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indeed, blue is! :aww:
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Love the style. Sarah Moon. 1920's. Blue Danube Waltz. Lovely.
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thanks. i sure have a retro style, sometimes :)
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Again, lovely images you have!
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