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Honey Badger by parteroftheredsea Honey Badger :iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
Spring Bloom
Starting to renew
Life swings into a fresh bloom
As does our young love
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
Fall Romance
The cool wind whispers
Crisp leaves slowly feather down
As our lips touch
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
Together Forever
Beneath the sunset, orange and red
I saw you and instantly love struck said
Hello pretty girl. You’ve stolen my heart
From this moment we'll never be apart
And since that day I followed where you led
Some years later, we lay on our bed
We'll be together, forever I said
And held you, never wanting to depart
Beneath the sunset, orange and red
When the eulogy was finally read
And all loving tears had been shed
The last ceremony began to start
Together, forever, never apart
Buried in the ground, eternally wed
Beneath the sunset, orange and red
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 2
Ode to Battle
Oh how glorious!
Oh how wonderful!
To be part of a battle
There is nothing better
Donning my radiant armor
Oh the excitement!
Tightening the straps of my boots
Icy gauntlets, find my hands
Taking up my shield
It longing to prove its worth
My weapon comfortably, at my side
Sheath holding back its ravishing hunger
Steed whinnying,
Waiting to be mounted.
Taking my place,
In the sea of soldiers.
Among countrymen,
Among friends,
Among brothers.
Alone in front,
Charging toward their ranks,
Like lightning breaking the sky.
I spur on my horse,
Wishing to draw first blood.
Oh the power!
My blade cutting through another.
Being blanketed in blood,
As I dislodge my sword.
The bloodlust ignites,
A blazing inferno,
Urging on my arm.
Oh the sensational frenzy!
With all the death
And suffering around
I feel even more alive
As though the contrast makes life,
Even more resounding.
As though each second
Roars as thunder,
Letting all hear its presence.
My armor fails
Pain piercing my back
The taste of blo
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
At the break of a new day,
On the two sides of an ancient field,
Armies await the upcoming fight.
Knowing that man will rend man,
And each be covered in the other's blood.
While Brothers are slain before their eyes.
No fear is in their eyes,
But adrenaline surges through their blood.
As they look across the blossoming field,
Toward the metal monster glinting in the day.
All are ready for the fight,
Feeling what it is to be a true man.
At the head of the army stands one man,
Tears streaming from his eyes.
For all his men here, are good men this day,
Each loyal to their country's blood.
And soon their own will soak the field.
But he does what he must, and leads them into the fight.
Few have seen such a merciless fight,
As there is this day.
For those here, it will never leave their eyes
As man cuts down man
And is sprayed with warm blood
A battle cry rings out across the field
A deep crimson transforms the field
Shimmering in the last light of day
Speckled with the remains of men
It's si
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
A figure transcended
Untouchable through the ages
Whose name is etched in eternity
His deeds, forever remembered
Champion of the universe
A man of Legend
But I prefer
Someone who is like everyone else
Worn away by the coarse sands of time
His name, never even known by those he helped
Forgotten by all,
Save the few he touched
A man like you or me
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 1 0
By You
My Heart
      Looking, Looking,
                    Through the scum and the sleaze,
                                                           Trying to find that intense passion to hold on to.
      My Soul
           Searching, Searching,
                            Through the many bits and pieces,
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
2 Lovers in Arry
There once were two lovers in Arry,
Who figured it was time to marry,
They had a bad lay,
And the very next day,
She ran off with some guy named Barry.
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
My Heart
My Heart
Looking, Looking,
Has waited forever.
And has finally found true love,
In You.
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 1 1
Too much freetime with snowday by parteroftheredsea Too much freetime with snowday :iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 1
Secret Ninja
This secret ninja
You dont know much about him
'cause hes a secret
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
The Path of the Assassin
"Did you take it?  Where did you put it?!"  shouted an irritated store owner.  "Of course I didn't!" retaliated an equally angered boy.  I smirked to myself at the argument, as I began to eat the lunch I had just stolen.  The lunch was not big, but it would be enough to get me through my mission tonight.  Anyway, I'd have enough money tomorrow to eat like a daimyo for the remainder of the month.  As the shopkeeper began to yell again, I took another bite and thought of my childhood.
I was taken back to the first time I had stolen something.  After my parents were killed and I orphaned on the streets, I was afraid of going hungry.  But the first thing I stole was a knife.  It had just been sitting there, so easy to grab.  That knife I still carried with me today and it had helped me break into and get out of many situations.  Soon after that, I began to steal more and
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
The Way of the Samurai
"Are you sure you can handle this?" asked the elderly samurai, glaring strangely at me.  "Of course I can!" I responded as they walked into the town to eat.  'What is going to happen anyway?' I thought to myself as I headed back into the warmth of the house.  "Nothing ever happens out here." I grumbled to no one in particular as I poured myself some sake.  A few sakes later I began to dream as I fell into a drunken stupor.
I dreamt of my childhood.  When every day was to advance in training and support the clan.  For me to bring honor to my family and when all that mattered was the code of Bushido.  I dreamt of my first teacher, the one who taught me the sword.  "The soul of the samurai rests in his sword."  My teacher had once said.  "That is why all samurai carry swords, even those who use other weapons such as the naginata."  He was my favorite teacher and taught me the weap
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
The Rebel
I awoke abruptly to a cold, dank morning.  Rubbing my eyes, I silently got up to dress.  My wife awoke while I was dressing.  I gave her a brief kiss, before heading out into the waking world.  Reaching down, I grabbed one of the charred fish from the smoldering embers of last night's cooking fire. Today is just another day in the fields.   I thought to myself as I trudged my way through the dew covered grass.
A few hours later, my only son joined me in the fields.  I playfully greeted him with, "So you thought it would be funny if I did all the work, while you slept in!"  He softly replied, "You know I don't mean to father.  But you won't wake me when you awake and mother waits till after the sun has fully risen."  "Don't worry my child.  Enjoy your childhood while you have it.  Soon you will be wishing you had another."  I responded, smiling as I recalled so
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0
The Blood Shines Through
The rain drizzled on, matching the mood of the day.  My master and I silently continued up the mountain towards the small town.  The name of the place had long been worn away from the repeated fighting in the area.  
Upon reaching the mountain top village, my lord headed for the inn.  The heavey-set innkeeper immediately gave us his finest room when he learned who we were.  We laid our belongings in the room and proceeded downstairs to get some food.
After a small, but filling meal, my master dismissed me to do what I wanted.  I headed of to the vendors to try and acquire what we would need to continue on.  When I returned, a little after dark, I saw my master.  It looked as if he had drunk an entire field of rice wine.  He saw me and headed over my way, bumping into me when he reached me.  He excused himself with, "Pardon."  But under his breath he added, "This guy is good.
:iconparteroftheredsea:parteroftheredsea 0 0

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The cross country season started up again.  God my legs are sore :(.  It hurts so bad... *sigh*


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