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I'd write the following things....
I'd been invited to be a Character Design of a Game Development Team. So all free request is temporarily stopped.
After a month with this team, I decided to quit the team.

I'm back to my game projects now and I want to concentrate on it.  So all free requests are still stopped.

I still accept business commission.  Please send me a note for further contacts.

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HI everybody. I take art request now.

Please don't make request on reply. This may be easy for you but difficult to manage for me.


2) Tell the full content of request directly. (For free request)
3) STOP asking "Do you take request?".
4) No foul or offensive language, insult words. I will block user without warning!!

I will IGNORE all notes without full content of request in future.

==What is ORIGINAL==

This is very very simple.
1) Not same to any existed artworks.
2) No matter a part, or you don't know, or you don't like, copy is copy and will not be an original.

Let me share a case here:
I told one that her OC was not original and just same as an Anime Character.
I could reject by other simple reason, but I chose to tell her the truth.
Finally I got an insult word from her.
Many OC is referring to anime character, and this is NOT called original character.
If there are a little parts involved, I will tell and rearrange those parts.

I will choose to tell the truth to everyone politely in future because I think everyone know what is RESPECT.
So I will block and report those impolite people without warning!!!!

I understand everyone want to be the one but I need to tell that .......
I'm not blaming on anyone, but just telling the truth. "Don't know" is not guilty, but "Don't face on the truth" must be guilty.
If you want to be a good professional drawer, don't pretend on it but change yourself to be.

==What is FANART==

When you ......
1) love an original works - anime, comics, anything, and you want to draw it.
2) want to make a new side story on the existing works.
3) draw an existing character.
4) rearrange an existing character.
5) crossover existing characters. (ex. character A cosplay as character B) 

There are too many people pretending to be an original drawer, but their OCs are not an original design but only a fanart.
I received many requests from different social site, ONLY people from pixiv in Japan are honest to say "Fanart Request" to me. They will give me the information of original and tell more details. When I have questions they will answer all. The most important thing is that they keep honesty and courteous. I can see the culture of respect and a good future on art.
I start taking requests here for only few days, I received insult words, arguement. Luckily I still met some good people here.

Fanart is an official classification, same value as original. Please don't misunderstand the value between them.
Be respect to original works (like or dislike), and respect to original and fanart.

==What is OC==

OC=Own Character
This is different from Avatar.
Avatar can be a fanart, or existing character.
OC must be an original character.

I'd been asked many times for drawing OC. However the OC is not an original character but existing character that can be easily searched by google.

I take Fanart Request and Original Request. I take also character design request. But I won't take a Fanart Request said as original.

==For Free Request==

*** Stopped ***
1) Business Commission and Contest Event First Priority.
2) You have right to use my work, but please credit on me.
3) No business use.
4) Don't edit or adjust my works.
5) Please give me a simple Evaluation to the request artwork (not just a word)
6) No anonymous request. I will post finished works with your name.
7) About OC request, please read the above "What is ORIGINAL".
8) About Fanart, please think about my style. Stop asking me about works far away from my style.
9) If you like my works, please make donation on my page.
10) If you want to buy me a coffee or beer, Here is the Paypal link: Buy Now

I post draft on G+ and Facebook only. Finished work will be posed on all my social account.
I will report with all my posts.

Please follow me on G+ or Facebook.  I will post any postpone notice on there only.

==Business Commission==

Please send a note to me for further discussion.