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Imperious Magnum by parsonst Imperious Magnum :iconparsonst:parsonst 5 0 Enigma Perilous by parsonst Enigma Perilous :iconparsonst:parsonst 9 2
Transformers Genesis
In the beginning there was two powers in the universe. Primus the embodiment of creation and Unicron the embodiment of destruction. At first the two were caught in a seemingly endless dance. Whatever Primus created Uicron would eventually destroy, keeping the universe in a state of emptiness. Primus sought to end this cycle and confronted Unicron. Thus, the endless war between them began. Primus created the thirteen Primes to deliver a decisive victory over Unicorn. Defeated, Unicron retreat to a reality of the dead and grew stronger there. With dromion over the dead Unicron struck back with a vengeance. Primus knew his thirteen Primes could never stand against Unicron’s new found might alone. To that end, Primus created legions of powerful knights for the Primes to command, and mighty titans to carry them into battle. Through great hardships, losses, and betrayals, Unicron fell dormant. Cast out to the farthest point in the universe. At the end of it all Primus fell silent. Too
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Transformers Prime: Crosscut by parsonst Transformers Prime: Crosscut :iconparsonst:parsonst 46 6
Bonds of Steel Ch.1
Bonds of Steel
I Will Not Abandon You.
      Heroes, always save the world when all hope seems lost. I used to believe in them. That is until the hero I believed in the most abandoned this city only to show up four years later without apologizing for all the lives ruined in the chaos he left behind! I’ve learned from that experience and I’ve become stronger. This city doesn’t need “heroes” like Spider-Man who go and don’t come back when we need them the most. My name is Oliver "Ollie" Osnick, I am the Steel Spider, and I will never abandon this city!
      It’s been five months since the world last saw Spider-Man and I could care less. I only hope he’s watching when I show the world my new identity as the Steel Spider. I really love the feeling of web-swinging: the speed and the sense of weightlessness as I swing through the air. I may not have “amazing” powers, but I have the brains a
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Sea Jay by parsonst Sea Jay :iconparsonst:parsonst 5 0 Nolan McBride by parsonst Nolan McBride :iconparsonst:parsonst 3 0
VideoMan Profile
• Name
Francis Byte
• Aliases
VideoMan, Vide
• Age
• Alignment
• Identity
• Citizenship
• Gender
Caucasian Male
• Eyes
Blue, needs glasses for his poor eyesight
• Hair
Short length, black hair, messy
• Height
Byte: 4 ft. 4 in. VideoMan: Variable, base height 8 ft. 8 in.
• Weight
Byte: 98 lbs. VideoMan: Variable
• Bio.
High school freshmen Francis Byte is your typical nerd. He’s an avid gamer, scientifically gifted in the fields of electronics, communications, wireless networking, programming, and mathematics. Having lived his whole life in foster care, Byte has no family.  His fellow students and foster care residents bully him endlessly, primarily the overly muscular and dimwitted Butch Kasady. Byte’s lack of height earned him the name Itsy-Bitsy-Byte. His only sanctuary is an abandoned bunker built du
:iconparsonst:parsonst 3 14
Movie Magic by parsonst Movie Magic :iconparsonst:parsonst 2 0
Beast Project: Call to Arms 1
The Soldier
Buzz, buzz. "Hello?" asked a girl's voice from a cell phone.
"Hay, Ember.  It's Leo and Killer.  We got the pack freaks that escaped the facility. They were easier to catch than you thought. So what do you want us to do with them?" replied the caller known as Leo.
"I'll send an extraction team to pick you and the targets up, so stay put and don't you dare harm them anymore then you already have. I want the chance to beat the crap out of that damn snow leopard for what she did to my arm," ordered Ember, her voice booming with anticipation for revenge.
"Sure thing.  We'll wait here for pickup," said Leo, ending the call
Leo and Killer walked out of the shadows and into the moonlight to reveal that Leo was, in fact, part lion. The hair on his head was a mated heap of a lion's mane. His nails were sharp claws that looked like they could cleave flesh for bone with one strike. He had emerald green cat eyes that burned through the night. On the o
:iconparsonst:parsonst 2 24
Mature content
Fright Night at Area-51 :iconparsonst:parsonst 5 17
Power-surge 1
Ch. 1
The Legend Begins   
      “HAHAHA!!! At long last, Power-surge, it’s time to end this. And to think my greatest obstacle would be the key to my ultimate victory.” No this can’t be the end? Not after all that’s happened. I still remember how all this began as if it was happening right before my eyes.  It was your average Monday, and I was on my way to work at Stark’s. Yeah, I know I’m 16 and I should by in high school. But my placement tests say that I’m smarter than most of the college professors at Empire State University. Oh, how my parents are so proud.   My name is James T. Silver and don’t get me mixed up with that pegged leg pirate from Treasure Island.   I’m also the guy who lets the people know what the latest in tech is from Stark’s.   Everything from cell phones to cars and for some reason, Stark seems to like having
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Artificial Incident: Pet by Twokinds Artificial Incident: Pet :icontwokinds:Twokinds 963 42 State of Flux - Kickstarter Campaign Announcement! by volkenfox State of Flux - Kickstarter Campaign Announcement! :iconvolkenfox:volkenfox 107 31 Commission: Knight Rider's KITT {TF Version} by LillinApocalypse Commission: Knight Rider's KITT {TF Version} :iconlillinapocalypse:LillinApocalypse 136 28 Warhead (Art for parsonst!) by HMB-BellyBomb Warhead (Art for parsonst!) :iconhmb-bellybomb:HMB-BellyBomb 13 2 Swift Switch (Art for parsonst!) by HMB-BellyBomb Swift Switch (Art for parsonst!) :iconhmb-bellybomb:HMB-BellyBomb 17 3 New TF movie soundwave by GoddessMechanic New TF movie soundwave :icongoddessmechanic:GoddessMechanic 899 66 Ych Commission for Parsonst by SHAKUMl Ych Commission for Parsonst :iconshakuml:SHAKUMl 189 6 Black Cat and Bast by Sakuyamon Black Cat and Bast :iconsakuyamon:Sakuyamon 187 4 bigdemonFINALsmall by arania bigdemonFINALsmall :iconarania:arania 29 1 Armored predator by Savage-Mojo Armored predator :iconsavage-mojo:Savage-Mojo 49 12 Necro T-Rex Adopt Auction  [CLOSED] by Savage-Mojo Necro T-Rex Adopt Auction [CLOSED] :iconsavage-mojo:Savage-Mojo 29 4 Danger Zone v2.0 by MoonLight-tf Danger Zone v2.0 :iconmoonlight-tf:MoonLight-tf 12 0 TF Adopt15 [SOLD] by auto-manic TF Adopt15 [SOLD] :iconauto-manic:auto-manic 47 19 Satyr Girls - $13 - OPEN by Blackberreh-Art Satyr Girls - $13 - OPEN :iconblackberreh-art:Blackberreh-Art 8 7


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