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TopMod StarBall

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I followed a great TopMod tutorial [link] by :iconsjoo: to make this. Thanks sjoo!

(The full view shows the pattern much better)

The Technical Stuff
Shape made using TopMod.
I UV mapped the front sections in Blender. Took forever! I had to re-do it 3 times.
Penrose Tiler and Illustrator were used for the Penrose pattern.
Rendered in POV-Ray.
Gotta love all the free software out there and all the great people that make it. :)

This is based on a design by Bathsheba Grossman. She has amazing sculptures!
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Here it is 2021 and I'd like to render a 4K version of this. But I cannot locate the POV files. Are you in the mood to share a link to the assets? No pressure.

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Tutorial does not exist. I would like to make this, but no.
hi parrotdolphin,

i like you're work. try to find my wy through penrose tiler. could you give a little hint on how to generate these patterns in pen rose.

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I haven't used it in a long time. I made the design in Penrose Tiler and then exported it to Adobe Illustrator to change the line thickness, and then to Photoshop I think.
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This is beautiful!
Thanks for the credit! Much appreciated.
I can see where texture mapping that would be a beast -- never tackled it myself. ;-)

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I know so much more now. I bet I could map it in one try now - maybe. :giggle:
Thanks for the credit, much appreciated!
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teach me oh master, the link doesnt work anymore D:
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Took me a while to find it, but it's here: [link]
Have fun! Save often if you try it.
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Thanks i know how its done now, but my computer cant take it xD i'll give it a shot at my mate's pc, i'll get back at you! ;D
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Ok, but seriously, save really often, that program crashes a lot!
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I have experienced that and well, it cant even handle a second Doo Sabin so yea... i'll just have too wait for my new computer before i can create The epicness
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dont look at this stoned
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I won't. Did you already? :D
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i dont have to be lol
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very interesting flame :clap: wonderful :nod: :iconsomeredhearts:
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Oh, it's a 3D object, not a flame, but thanks anyway. :hug:
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What a magnificent graphic - really enjoy the labyrinthian suggested by the rendering.
Many thanks for sharing this image.
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Great 3D art :) I like it

Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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