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Pd-Soft Leather Daz Studio Shaders for Iray


4 finishes:
* More Shine (shown)
* Less Shine
* More Shine More Grain
* Less Shine More Grain

42 colors for each finish

***** NOTES *****
- These shaders only work with the Iray render engine in Daz Studio 4.8 beta+
- To change the color of the leather, just change the Base Color and the Glossy Color to whatever you want
    - you can get interesting effects by using 2 different colors for the Base and Glossy Colors
- To scale, change the Horizontal Tiles and Vertical Tiles in the Geometry/Tiling section of the shader - bigger numbers = smaller leather grain

Use them for anything you want, except you can't sell them**
** It's OK to use them for texture sets (free or commercial)

These are for DAZ Iray render engine
DAZ 3Delight Version:…
Poser Firefly Version:…
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Wonderful. Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much for this!!!

Thanks so much for this!

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Nice work. Thanks

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Thank you for this! I featured it in a blog post about FREE Iray Shaders for Daz3d :)

Thank you so much!
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looks great, thank you!
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Wonderful. My thanks to you and to :icontawnyt: for sending me here.
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These shaders are amazing ... thank you so much :-)
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Glad you like them :)
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Thank you! I somehow lost my shaders from a while ago, when I updated Daz, recently. This will definitely help. :)
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Thanks so much. I was looking for something to texture a freebie product and this will be perfect for the leather work!
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Glad it worked out :)
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Excellent! Thank you!
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Perfect Shader! Thanks!
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