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Published: June 4, 2006
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I have a little photo on top of my toilet that's kinda like this. I cut it out of a Vogue magazine ad a while back. Anyway, I always thought it was a funny little pic, so I decided to make my own. This was also inspired by 's shoe models/renders.
Legs and shoes from Poser, the toilet was modelled in Blender, the rest, in POV-Ray.
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scarysk0olgurlProfessional Artist
what a cute idea! i love the floor tiles, heh. :D
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, the tiles are programmed using POV-Ray... random number generator for the color variance... :)
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scarysk0olgurlProfessional Artist
ohhh neat! :excited:
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You have been nominated towards the 'FAM Master's Award 2006' Event
- 3D Art category at

Feel free to watch if you want to follow the progress


:bulletred: News Article on the event: [link] :bulletred:

:pointr: *mizzdraconia
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks !!! :hug:
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:love: it!!!!!!!! :star: F :star: A :star: V :star: E :star:
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks Danny boy! :hug:
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LeonieZurakowsky Digital Artist
I don't know about fetishes here but this is just a fantastic picture! Love the colours, design, the shoes and all. The contrasting patterns and colours are interesting without clashing. It's the kind of pic that you have to keep looking at. And I guess your commentors are right - it's kinda erotic too! Also like that the toilet is soooo clean looking and not white! :D
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks. Nothing better than a really clean toilet. :D
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rabbitica Digital Artist
I'm not a big fan of poser but I love the tiles. Cool colours and the angle very realistic. Did you have to set them one by one or did you make a grid? Don't tell me poser has tile/decor options for your settings...does it?
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks Rabbie, I just used Poser for the legs and shoes and to get her posed on the toilet correctly. I used POV-Ray for the tiles. It has its own programming language so I uses a nested while loop to place the tiles, also a random number generator to vary the colours.
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golem1Professional Digital Artist
Words fail me, but that happens a lot lately...
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
Hee hee, I didn't really expect a lot of comments on this piece. I mean, what would one say about it? Nothing, that's what. ;)
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I'm flattered!

A very, very nicely realized scene.
The thumbnail looks photographic to me.

;) I see those Penrose tiles on the wall.
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
Well, I'm glad you're flattered rather than mad, considering the subject matter. =P Here's the wall pigment:
#declare Func = function {
cos(x) * cos(z) + cos((sqrt(3)*x-z)/2) *
cos((x+sqrt(3)*z)/2) + cos((sqrt(3)*x+z)/2) *
cos((x-sqrt(3)*z)/2) }
#declare Pig1 = pigment { function { Func(x,y,z) }
color_map {
[ .2*1 color rgb<0.64,0.58,0.77>*1 ]
[ .2*3.5 color rgb<0.64,0.58,0.77>*1.5 ]
[ .2*4 color rgb<1,0,.3>*1 ]
[ .2*4.5 color rgb<0.64,0.58,0.77>*.5 ]
[ 1.0 color rgb<0.64,0.58,0.77>*1 ]
} turbulence .2 }
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I am curious about what the image connotes for you. I have my own thoughts but why is it humorous to you, personally?
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
I guess its just the combination of sexy shoes and legs combined with the mundane act of elimination that strikes me as absurd. How about you?
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Yes, I see,...
The reality behind the pretension
"Is there a sexy way to sit on a toilet?"...
"A lady-like way?"
...or, in a more adolescent vein...
"Do girls really fart?"

One of the things I have noticed on deviantArt
is that the bathroom/toilet setting comes up a lot
among female photographers, particularily among those that do
a lot of self-picturing. It suggests to me that
females have a more intense relationship with
plumbing than do males. Or at least one that they are
more willing to deal with. But I don't understand
what it is. You are the first person I have had the nerve to
ask. It seems, not surprisingly, that it is an "earthy" reference
to you. Not surprising because it is a similar reference
for everyone probably. (Witness that joke system design
diagram involving a toilet that used to circulate in programming

The associations for me are fairly complex.
One is the suggestion of erotic voyeurism, except
that that is not erotic to me, though apparently it is
for some subset of males. (The image is quite persistent
in pornographic imagery.) But since shoes are erotic to
me, it sets up a strange tension. It's a guilty or embarrassing
tension like I am being reminded that my erotic pleasure in
shoes is little removed from another man's pleasure in peeking
at women on the toilet. Another tension is between the
pleasure involved with shoes, and the displeasure of
the reference to bodily function.

Then again, this guilt is assuaged somewhat by the fact that it is
a woman making the image. So there is a way in which the
peek is a peek into the female mind rather than into the
privacy of a mere restroom.

Incidently, a setting that *is* powerfully and irrationally erotic to
me is a library. Encountering a sexy woman, nicely shod, in
the semi-privacy of the stacks of a library plays absolute havoc with my libido.

Hope this wasn't too much candor.
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
So this kind of picture makes you feel a little guilty or tense? It seems an odd reaction to me. Maybe you are, or grew up, Catholic? :lol: Anyway, I don't think a shoe fetish is anywhere close to being as naughty as a toilet type of fetish. Although I could be all wrong. But the whole fetish thing interests me. I don't think I have any fetishes, so maybe I'm just jealous. I like your library description, doesn't seem too irrational to me. Candor?...its utterly boring and dishonest, really. ;) Maybe women use the "toilet sitting" imagery as a way to "get over" or "rebel agaist" their upbringing, being brought up to be lady-like and never mention such things. I'm not sure, personally, I just think its slightly naughty and kind of fun too. Gives me a chance to learn Blender a little more too, toilets are actually kinda fun to model.
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"But the whole fetish thing interests me."
I'd be happy to answer any questions. But maybe in a note.

"Candor?...its utterly boring and dishonest, really"
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
Oh crap, sorry, I meant a lack of candor. My only question regarding any fetish is: Why? What drives it?
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btw, there are some similar shots here
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parrotdolphinProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, crazy stuff there!
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bluesman219Hobbyist Photographer
:rofl: Good one!!! :thumbsup:
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