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28 Stone Materials for Poser

This pack includes:

28 Free Procedural Stone Materials for Poser
1 Python script to scale the textures
The script will scale the following types of nodes:
Image_Map (if not used as the Reflection map)
Cellular Clouds fBm Fractal_Sum
Granite Marble Spots Turbulence
Wave3D Wood
1 Readme File - please read it for helpful info

Works in Poser 6, 7, 8 and Pro
- PLEASE NOTE - this pack is not meant for Daz Studio and
will NOT work in Daz Studio.

Example use here:
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Thank you.

Although not applicable here, must wonder if there's some way to convert MT5 to MTL...
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This is fantastic! I've been looking for some nice stone textures- thanks so much.
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Hope you like them. :) I use them pretty often, on DM stuff mostly.
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Thanks very much for textures!
parrotdolphin's avatar
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:boogie: :dance: will see how I can use them :nod: ;)
:hug:ss Thankies !!!
parrotdolphin's avatar
You gotta get Poser! Get it now! :giggle:
Fiery-Fire's avatar
I probably get poser soon ;) I'm hooked Janet, and you have warned me before ;)
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Thanks for the materials :hug:
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You bet! They were fun to make :)
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Thanks so much, they look awesome!
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Hope you like them :)
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Wow! For FREE?! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
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:giggle: You're welcome.
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Aha, what I've always wanted.
A set of stairs that go nowhere. :spin:

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AND it works in iMac too with the scaling script. I am sooo happy.

I LOVE your Materials!!!
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You are most welcome Janet
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Sweet! Remind me to DL these and play when I get home ;)
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