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your love and support comes at a much needed time...

luciana, you're my guardian angel, bless you. :heart:



hi all,

my time on dA has been limited lately... with good reason. there are more important things in my life right now.

i will still stop by to read comments on occasion. if you'd like a crit on a specific piece, then you can drop me a note with a link to it. otherwise, i'm pretty much select-all+removing the stuff in my watch. i simply can't keep up with it all.

for those that need me personally, i'm often available on msn/yahoo messenger.

on a lighter note, it's my b-day tomorrow. :w00t: big shout-out my cancerian bro, Dark-Defiler, whose b-day it will be on thursday. ;)

take care and much love to all...

'enzo :heart:
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Happy belated birthday!
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I have missed your birthday, I'm such a bitch. :tears:
But Why are you leaviiiiiiing? Noooooooooo, don't :cry: Come on.

Happy Birthday, my Angel. I wish you all the best in the world and all the love that exist. :aww: You are a wonderful person and I'm so lucky that I got the chance to meet ya... Even on the Internet. Best wishes and everything. :heart: I'll miss you tones, but I'll see you on MSN... :aww: I hope :paranoid:

Take care and don't forget about us. 'cause we won't. At least, I won't.
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thanks deea - you're the bestestest. est. ={

msn works. :thumbsup: even if i'm not on dA, i'm never far... ;)
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Happy birthday stranger :hug:

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thats such a original gift.... wow.

hope it was a great birthday and nice to speak to u and play cards yesterday! :D
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mhm -- it was good. will do it again soon, i'm sure. :)
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O_o I hope I didnt come across Sarcastic there.... I really wasnt meaning to.... sorry! :)
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aww, no not at all! :hug:
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yay! good! :D
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:hug: happy birthday. i know i'm delayed. but thas jus me =P
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thanks for coming last night cands. meant a lot to have you and your sis there. :heart:
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Sorry it's a day late but Happy Birthday!! :boogie:
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never! it's all-good. thank you so much -- means a lot to me. :hug:
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Happy birthday my love!!!! :blush:
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thank you sweet stuff! :blushes: you're an angel. :floating:
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Many Happy Returns :)
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