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:star: Status: Closed Partially. Sketch and Headshot Commissions are available! :star: (as of September 2018)
(Ahem, but if you happened to want a commission regarding my characters, please let me know♥ I'm open for ideas! or if you think your commission or character are simple, message me anyway too!)

:star: Price list:

Samples and prices are just an estimate! They vary a lot depending on the character or the details about the commission! Also, prices are per character.

:bulletgreen: Sketches - ~$15~20 per character!
Aria and Mimikyu by Parororo Rainy Day by Parororo Cerise Nicholas Love Theme2 by Parororo Aria Hestia 2 by Parororo Naoto Lucina Resize by Parororo More Patreon Sketches by Parororo Patreon Sketches June by Parororo May Patreon Sketch batch by Parororo April Patreon Sketches by Parororo March Sketches from Patreon by Parororo

:bulletgreen: Portrait / Bust shot - $30~40
Alpaca1 by Parororo Klaus Brian Sander1 by Parororo Gerph Skarpne1 by Parororo Amo Espacio by Parororo Paroro Aria1 by Parororo Drunkenfist Logan1 by Parororo Nori1 by Parororo Rodolfo Archer1 by Parororo Felipe Choque1 by Parororo Honey Chan1 by Parororo Chelostracks1 by Parororo Lolouvz Spaicy1 by Parororo Bel Windsmills Mr Bad Luck1 by Parororo

:bulletgreen: Half-body~Waist-up - ~$50~70
Cerebella - Skullgirls by Parororo 2B - Nier Automata by Parororo Misty fanart by Parororo Muffet Pours you a cup of Spiders by Parororo ORAS - May fanart by Parororo Ready for Questing by Parororo Katia and Talia - Commission by Parororo Tohru the maid dragon by Parororo

Mature Content

Pin-up Aria Cat Lingerie by Parororo
Zelda (TLoZ Breath of the Wild) by Parororo

:bulletgreen: Fullbody (or 3/4) - ~$70~90
Futaba Sakura - Persona 5 by Parororo Tsuyu Asui - BNHA by Parororo

Mature Content

Invy Commission by Parororo
Bravely Default - Agnes by Parororo Aria at the Bar by Parororo Commission - Yohan by Parororo Commission - Dia by Parororo Moeshop's Highlight by Parororo Aria and the Ghost commission by Parororo Aria and Gug Summer Time by Parororo Star (VS the forces of  evil) by Parororo Cerise and bugs by Parororo

:bulletgreen: Backgrounds (see some samples above) - Price will vary depending on complexity (range from $10 to $100 or more)

:bulletgreen: If you'd prefer a simpler color style you get a discount! 
  Splatoon fanart by Parororo Jet Set Radio - Mew by Parororo

:bulletgreen: Also you can get a discount if you want to commission a character of mine! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Thank you!! ♥)


Payment method of Preference: Paypal

(Para Chilenos también se acepta transferencia bancaria)

If you have any questions, need to know more, details, just ask !

For contact, send me a Note, or e-mail at maxox (at) msn (dot) com 

:bulletred: Special note:
Commissions get done a lot faster and it's easier for me if you send me a clear description and/or references!
If you have lots of references, please send them in an e-mail or in a pack/rar/zip file with proper filenames (like hairstyle.jpg clothing.jpg pose.jpg etc), that helps a ton! ♥

I usually like challenging commissions! I try not to limit myself to only do what you'd see in my gallery (but obviously, that's what I can do best). The only things I don't really draw are things like.. I dunno, heavy technologic-ish backgrounds?, or super serious-muscular-superheroes? etc (though I can try if you believe in me~!)

Tumblr and things

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 25, 2011, 9:04 PM

Wassup 8D Uhm, sorry but I've fallen under tumblr's claws ->
it's quite interesting sometimes e_e) indeed it is. evenifit'stoomainstream though I'll try to use it mostly to submit wips, and stuff of my own. Hopefully.

Jumpix has one too <w< ->

Who's also eager to be commissioned ;w; cause december is a time of neeeed~~ and money is always hard to earn, so go and give yours to her (?)
Nah but, she's open to many kinds of requests, watercolors, color pencils, digital, naifus/chibis, standard anime commissions, or even stuff done in her "pesadilla style" : B
You can see samples here : D
Commission - Capo OCs by Jumpix En el bosque acecha... by pesadilla-project Chrono Trigger by Jumpix Alice in wondercaca .w. by Jumpix

I shouldn't be doing this when  I'm going through finals in college :iconmingplz:


Anyway I wanted to take this chance to also feature :iconnekoaitorankusu: cause she's both awesome when commissioning people and when taking commissions too, 8D
Here's info and references on what she's doing:

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  • Playing: random PSP games~~

Con Comics :D

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 16, 2011, 8:47 PM

(For Chilean people only ;w; sorry, it's about a Con I'll be attending to here)

Holooo 8D
Como ya había mencionado antes,  este 29, 30 y 31 de Octubre, estaré en la Con Comics participando como el grupo "Melilot" junto a Jumpix y Bremita : D vayan que será totalmente awesomeee, y y sería cool si aparecen y nos saludan o algo *A*)/ !

Anyways, como he hecho en ocasiones anteriores y ha resultado bien, quería intentar nuevamente esto de ofrecer prints a pedido o para "reservar" si es que quieren alguna y la compran allá : D vale decir, que puede ser cualquiera de las de mi galería (salvo alguno que otro regalo o algo que no sea mío) y además cualquiera de estos dibujos que no están en DA :> Sólo dejen un comentario o envíenme una nota para anotarlos.

Muestras prints

(Y aquí hay un compilado de muestras que usé el pasado diciembre, con algunas repetidas por si les interesa… )

Cabe destacar además, que las prints son en papel couché tamaño oficio (o carta dependiendo del dibujo), aunque si quieren en medio-oficio o tabloide, sólo especifíquenlo.

Yyyy aprovecho de pedir disculpas porque la vez pasada me equivoqué con un pedido y vendí de casualidad un par de prints reservadas >_< lo siento, ahora tendré todo archivado con nombre! @_@

Otras cosas que llevaré (y las promociono acá 8D) serán por ejemplo:
Stroll in the cold by Parororo Aria and Kaz by Parororo Kaz by Parororo
Mushroom Fields by Parororo Floating by Parororo
Night sky and the City by Parororo Against the wind by Parororo Scarf please by Parororo

Etc etc 8D

Y con eso concluyo mi extenso journal de esta vez, xD saludos!

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rambling and some information

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 12:20 PM

It's been a while since I've updated this (and this is the first line of each journal of mine 8D;...) and sometimes I even forget what I can say here; first of all I want to say thank you to all the people that still follow my art after so many years, those who have taken the time to say and mention how they've seen my art change and evolve and they still like it :> thank you. For the comments, watches, favs, etc. I wouldn't be on DA if it weren't for all the awesome feedback I receive :> I've been on DA for over 9 years now and it feels awesome.

Lately I've been working on a tiny project of mine (I made a poll sometime ago asking stuff/preferences about some of my OCs and finally I started working on a story about Nicholas and Merfie) and it'll be a short (hopefully) comic, but it's harrrd 3_3, I feel like my head is stuck on illustration xD; and I've never really done comics before so it's truly a challenge for me. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to publish it in some sort of shonen-jump style magazine project that started here in my city along with some other artists. If not, I'd still love to see it being printed out o_ó)9 grah so I'll definitely do it.

And uhm, what else, I've been drawing as always, I just tend to dissappear from DA once in a while, specially when I have some commissions going on and I feel guilty if I upload drawings when I have work to do 8D;;; ahah...

On other news, talking about commissions, I'll have to put some of my prices here in the meantime cause that little box on my front page dissapeared since my sub died e_e and they're not found anywhere now.
Edit WHOA ; -; Okay so an Anonymous Deviant just gave me a 3-month subscription!! Why would you do that ;A;! I mean, thank youuu! But why the anoni..anonymou...sity.. ano.. yeah that. ?? I'd like to thank whoever that was ;w; !

- Full body (max 2 per page) = $25
- Half body (max 3 per page)= $20
- Chibis = $15
- Backgrounds = from $5 to $20
- Linearts only -> take $5 off the prices above.
- Shipping the original -> $5

And that's it, now for the people of Chile O:! uhm...

Bue, pues 8D ya se ha difundido harto pero si de algo sirve, en Concepción estamos haciendo unas especies de talleres de dibujo/comic/manga los días sábados. Éste sábado 8 de Octubre será el 2do : D para más info ir acá ->… , no solamente para aprender sino que incluso aspirar a trabajar en equipo con otra gente y hacer proyectos o cosas en comun : P

Y lo otro, es que estaré (junto a Jumpix <3 y Bremita) en la ConComics de Valparaíso T vT) esa de los días 29 al 31 de Octubre, que promete ser totalmente osommm, así que hsdjfhsdghsdk eso, creo que luego subiré otro journal dedicado a esa cosa pero, bueno, nos tiene contentos y ojala resulte pulemto : D

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A few features

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 20, 2011, 8:13 PM

It's been a while since I updated my journal entry xD; I even forgot what I was gonna say orz. I wanted to take this chance to do a few features to some nice artists 83

:iconbremita: A friend of mine who draws the HNNNGG Cutest animals ever ;A; she does some impressive works with both traditional and digital media. She does some adorable lolis too <3 She's just started taking commissions 83!
varios poke by Bremita Photobucket muchos dibujos by Bremita BRS by Bremita

:iconpaulamartinez: (Sorry I didn't warn you before 8D; mwahaha) She's awesome at sketching and at giving life to what she draws Dx Some of her friends are her watercolors and her brushes 83 just take a look:
Oveja con piel de lobo by paulamartinez Underwater by paulamartinez Self - centered - portrait by paulamartinez

:iconlunablacktsuki: My forgotten daugher ;A; ok not <3 She's in need of attention too, and she even does copic marker commissions, she has some awesome traditional colouring <3
.Sailor Cebriones. by LunaBlacktsuki

:iconcaipirina: This is a small help/boost to help him get some commissions/attention going < v<, he's saving up for some prismacolor pencil action ;D He has mastered his color pencil skills~
:thumb196848090: :thumb83874326: :thumb169016581:

:iconnabibluliz: Caipirina's girlfriend 83 I personally don't know her too much but she has a great gallery too, and also needs some help getting commissions (taking point commissions too from what I see : P)
:thumb199308762: :thumb199896066: :thumb201366992:

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Otakuton Chile 2010

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 25, 2010, 8:59 PM

Hey 8D this journal will be mostly in spanish, it's about a con I'll assist to, so, it's for Chile anyway xD;.


Eh, bueno! Este 4 de Diciembre, junto a :iconjumpix:, :iconbremita:, :icondasgnomo: y :iconrobotdelespacio: estaremos en la Otakutón que se llevará a cabo 8D;! (info acá -> )

Es la 2da vez que me participo en un evento grande y primera vez en santiago, así que necesito su ayuda! xD..

Me funcionó la primera vez años atrás, y pensaba en intentarlo de nuevo-> Acá abajo les muestro algunos dibujos que no están en DA, algunos viejos, otros más nuevos, pero, si están interesados en tener como print alguno y lo quieren comprar ese día, sólo LLAME YA! (?) o sea, me dicen "yo quiero ese ;w;" y pues, lo mando a imprimir y se lo llevo el día del evento o_o (also igual llevaré stickers y cosas).

O bien, me ayudan a elegir cuáles se podrían vender mejor? xD

Lo otro, obviamente también incluyo los que tengo puestos en DA, cualquiera de mi galería (salvo comisiones/art-trades)->…
: O y de paso me ayudan a elegir también qué podría llevar para vender xD eh hola.

Ok primero:


Y pues, de DA contemplaba en algunos como:
Another ID by Parororo The only awakened flower by Parororo Pairo in Swirlland by Parororo Scarf please by Parororo Night sky and the City by Parororo As a token of friendship by Parororo Denied by Parororo Floating by Parororo Come let's go 2 by Parororo

Obviamente no sacaré prints de TODO XD, sólo más menos de lo que tenga mayores votos (?) así que toda sugerencia es bienvenida!! Gracias!!

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Jumpix en cuenta de Pairo 8D

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 10, 2010, 5:34 PM

la Anime Expo es en Santiago, CHILE ó wo

Hola hola hola * A*!

Soy Jumpix robandole la cuenta a Pairo :iconimhappyplz:
no, en verdad el me dijo que lo suplantara(?) ok, no xD

le robo su llornal para contarles que el Sábado 12 iremos a la Anime Expo 8D
pero lamentablemente no a vender ; o;
Aunque esperamos que en el próximo si tengamos Stand y muchas cositas para vender ù wu.

Pero de todos modos iremos los dos a bailar la macarena : 9
Max andará de Pairo (?) así que será fácilmente reconocible 8D
además de andaré a su lado con mi fucsia cabeshera xD
(aunque probablemente no me distinga entre tanta peluca de kanekalon (?))

Así que si alguno de ustedes, watchers, andan por ahí en la AEX, saluden ps ù wu
y ahí podemos lalear y todo eso * A* <3
no se cohíban ò wo no mordemos (no, de verdad no muerdo ; w; )

y eso po ò vo
no sé qué más decir * A*

ù wu)7
cambio y fuera


:bulletred:Anyways, first : >
:iconjumpix::iconjumpix: <33  started taking commissions recently *A* some of you probably already saw her gallery since we've submitted some collabs recently, so yeah .w. you get an idea of what her drawings look like, aand she has examples and info on her current journal entry~
go go go O_Ó make her work, commission her and make her draw mooore~ <3
Alice in wondercaca .w. by Jumpix Durimu sketch 2 by Jumpix Commission - Captains by Jumpix

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Promoshunz, help crepo, lockerz thanks + stuff

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 24, 2010, 12:09 PM

Hai again : > Just wanting to say a few things...

-First, thanks for all the comments and/or support about the whole earthquake journal/thing. As I said before, we were VERY lucky so me or my family thankfully don't need help, today I even was able to go back to college again so things are going back to normal. But there are still lots.. LOTS of people recovering, people who lost their homes, everything.. But still alive and fighting hard.
Fuck yeah Chile.

But that's just one point for now.

-Second, thanks to everyone who was willing to help with the Lockerz thing <_<U I hate coming to the internet like "oh hey guys can you help me?" but thanks to that, I got some "pointz" now enough to get Pokemon HG/SS 8D... too bad they raised the prices 4X... but oh well. I deleted the poll because many people posted their e-mails there and it's not really a good thing xD but then they weren't able to get my replies back to them.


:bulletred:Anyways, first : >
:iconjumpix::iconjumpix: <33  started taking commissions recently *A* some of you probably already saw her gallery since we've submitted some collabs recently, so yeah .w. you get an idea of what her drawings look like, aand she has examples and info on her current journal entry~
go go go O_Ó make her work, commission her and make her draw mooore~ <3
Alice in wondercaca .w. by Jumpix Durimu sketch 2 by Jumpix Commission - Captains by Jumpix

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Earthquake in Chile, we're surviving

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 2, 2010, 12:39 PM
Little by little, some of us are recovering.

First, I want to thank a lot of people for the help on the internet.
Specially my girlfriend Jumpix , tatouji , Felolira and others (because I haven't checked a lot) who have been spreading information about the people who are doing fine, or alive in the area.

You can check more information in their journals here:………

And there's a DA account created specially for this here: :iconayudachile:

Speaking about my own experience, I'm fine, my family is fine and I've heard many of my friends near here are fine too, thankfully, but we still haven't heard about some of them.

My house is fine, we've been so lucky we didn't suffer major damages. After some days, we finally have water back in the neighborhood, electricity (though I don't know for how long), internet and the phone lines are getting better.

The only way for us to get information about anything was the radio, and I'm glad that finally the military are taking control here. I'll let you know. Worse than the earthquake itself, was the hordes of insane criminal people.

In my area/city, of all the damages so far.... 35% has been done by the earthquake. 65% has been done by the people. Criminals, thieves, pillaging, destroying, burning EVERY grocery store, gas stations, markets, basically ANY building with merchandise, from the very first moment. They've assaulted houses and stolen everything from those people.

They've been called the "2nd Earthquake".

In my area, for the first 3 days we've been so fucking scared that they could ravage our houses too. Some of them we're robbed, but luckily we're fine. The people in the neighborhood have been taking shifts, staying up all night, making barricades and more. The military/army has been taking control because the police couldn't do anything. But the assaults are still going on. Even after the curfew. But luckily they've captured many of them and even killed a few.

I don't know how we'll be able to buy food later. Luckily the help is coming but I just can't believe these people... they're not human, they're not animals, they're demons.

I can only hope for the best now, and hope other people are fine, lots of them lost their homes, here, in santiago, and to the south, and I still can't believe how lucky we've been so far.

Thanks everyone. Wish I could tell you more but I don't have too much info myself. Check the journals I mentioned before.

Random update

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 22, 2009, 9:33 AM
Español 8D

-for english, scroll down-

Okay no había updateado mi journal hace años 8D;; Igual siento que tengo hartas cosas que featurear y poner acá pero cualquier cosa, me lo recuerdan plz que mi memoria suckea en mala.
yyy also, ando jugando pokeymans así que si igual tienen friend-code y eso, mandenme una nota y se los doy y dueleamos y cosas 8D *neeeerd* (también Mario Kart DS)

:bulletred: the-very-team
El team very es un grupo/proyecto/idea donde iremos contando (en forma de cuento contable y continuo) las aventuras aventurosas super aventurables de los personajes Alex, Vega y Max con pequeños comics very cómicos y comestibles llenos de acción accionable activa y explosiones explosivas explicativas exploradoras.

En resumen, algo DURO. Denle watch al gruposo para ir viendo lo que subamos ;D

:bulletred: Condimentos y amigos:

:bulletred::bulletred: Y ahora un tag random robado del chikorito.

:bulletblue:Tiene algo que ver tu nombre de usuario, contigo?
Eh. Me han preguntado que onda pero, sólo fue algo random de cuando tenia 15 que se me ocurrió andar de pyro quemando juguetes y la cosa.

:bulletblue:De qué es tu ícono actual?
Mi version de los pixelfightercosos, edición tentáculo (?)

:bulletblue:Cuantos watchers tienes y cuanta gente watcheas?
... uhm, 56,117 watchers <_< 254 watcheados.

:bulletblue:Tienes más de una cuenta en DA?
Yeah, Pairo-Commissions para las commishions

:bulletblue:Nombra tres de tus artistas favoritos en DA
difíciiiiiiiiiiiiiil.... fffff-

:bulletblue:Admiras a algún usuario a causa de su personalidad?
por personalidad? no creo.

:bulletblue:Cuánta gente aquí conoces en la vida real? pon sus avatares. (Incluyo gente que ALGUNA vez conocí y que quizás poco y nada hablamos xD)


<- Y de seguro me faltan, sorry.

:bulletblue:Comentas, Faveas, o ambos?
Todos, es como lo "normal" siendo un usuario "activo" (>_> ) de DA, no?... Debería comentar más a menudo, pero soy flojo...

:bulletblue:Qué es lo que posteas tipicamente en deviantart?
Suelo intentar evitar comments simples como "oh que lindoo" ya que a mi no me aportan nada cuando me llegan, por lo que usualmente, si es que comento, intento al menos escribir un par de líneas.

:bulletblue:Participas en clubs o concursos en DA?

:bulletblue:Cuál es tu deviation más popular?
Ehh.... A ver....
La más faveada:
Alexandra - art-trade by Parororo

La más comentada:
Collab n.3 by Parororo

:bulletblue:Cuál es tu pieza Favorita de tu galería de favoritos?
FFFF- me da flojera revisar entre mis 961 favoritos xD

:bulletblue:Qué cosas te gustaría dibujar mejor?
Cosas serias en general. Anatomía propiamente tal.

:bulletblue:Eres suscriptor?
Sí, graciassss

:bulletblue:Cuántas horas diarias inviertes en DA?
Diarias? horas? ni 1, me meto, echo un vistazo de 2 minutos y me salgo.

:bulletblue:Tipeas (tecleas) rapido, lento, o medio?
Qué tiene que ver esto con DA <_<

:bulletblue:Qué preguntas son las que más te molestan?
"por qué te llamas pyromaniac?"
"por qué tienes un parche en la frente?"
"por qué eres tan popular?" >_>....

Sin ofensa a los que me han preguntado eso, no me molesta responder, pero uno se aburre de lo mismo.

:bulletblue:Cuál es el comentario que más te molesta?
"omg esa chica de pelo negro y ojos verdes que dibujas se parece mucho a miiii 83/se parece mucho a una amiga miaa"
"omg vi el otro día este dibujo en una tienda emo aquí en méxico *A* me encantaa" <- ojo, no confundir con la gente que me informa sobre robos, agradezco que me los hagan saber.

:bulletblue:Qué te inspira?
Situaciones varias, conversaciones, vida cotidiana, y algunas personas.

:bulletblue:Usas algún medio tradicional?
Seh, principalmente lapices de colores pero de vez en cuando lapices acuarelables y marcadores.

:bulletblue:Asocias a la gente online con sus íconos?
Hahaha, en un principio es inevitable...

:bulletblue:Alguna vez sugeriste un Daily Deviation?
No realmente.

:bulletblue:Has considerado abandonar DA alguna vez? por qué?
Sí, durante alguna weonera o cuando me quería cambiar de nick.

English Version

Okay I hadn't updated my journal in years 8D;; I feel like I got lots of things to put here and features to do but, if there's anything, let me know since my memory sucks really bad.
anndd also I've been playing pokeymans platinum, so if you're playing too, send me a note so we can share Friend-codes and we can battle and things 8D *neeerd* (also Mario Kart DS)

:bulletred: the-very-team <3

The very team is a group/project/idea where we'll be telling (in tellable tale way) the super adventurable adventurous adventures of the characters Alex, Vega and Max, with little very comic and edible comics,( edible suena fome) full of actionable active action, and explosive explicative explorer explosions.

To make it short, something very DURO. (?) go watch the account to check it out ;3

:bulletred: Condiments and friends:

  • Reading: los deviantarts
  • Eating: panqueques con salsablancaconpolloyqueso
  • Drinking: juguito

almost 3 months

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2009, 8:42 PM

It's been almost three months since the last time I updated this journal here xD;..

gah, I've been so lazy. I started college again now in march, and everything's been going well, I'm pleased.

I haven't been drawing much, got a few commissions to do here and there, but it's fine.. I think. I shouldn't be taking them now though, I've been kind of art-blocked.

Also I've been kind of away from DA these last months, as I tend to do from time to time, I sometimes feel like I just don't have anything to share or anything to do here, so I just back away for a little bit. The downside is that then there's lots of notes and comments I forgot to reply or get back to >_>; anyways...

That's pretty much it, I might upload stuff soon, but.. I can't promise anything, been quite busy D:

Anyway, I wanted to take the time to also sponsor/advertise as I usually do, 2 friends of mine who need a bit of support now that they've been doing commissions:

:iconfelolira:, who you might already know,, he's been a friend for a long time now : p you can find all the info on his journal, or just here:…
You again? by Felolira:thumb120048622: Ghostly Opera 'EDIT' by Felolira

And :iconlunablacktsuki: she's my daughter <3 (lol, k now just don't ask xD) who just started doing commissions, but she needs a small push to get things started so that's why I'm here, lol
Happy 2009 by LunaBlacktsuki Valinax Art-Trade by LunaBlacktsuki

Now I'm onto finishing some debts.. xD.. I'm so lazy.



Ya van casi tres meses desde la última vez que actualicé esto xD; agh...

Gah, he sido tan flojo. Especialmente ahora que empezaron las clases en la U en marzo, y todo ha ido bien, me alegra.

No he estado dibujando mucho, tengo un par de commissions aquí y allá, pero está bien. En realidad no debería estar aceptándolas ahora >_>, como que he andado algo bloqueado.

También de DA he estado alejado este tiempo, como suelo hacerlo de tanto en tanto, por lo general me siento como si no tuviera nada que hacer aquí, o nada que aportar, por lo que me distancio un poquito, lo malo es que se acumulan las notas y comentarios y con el tiempo como que no logro responder a todos >_>.. pero bue.

Creo que eso es todo, puede que suba cosas luego, pero no prometo nada, he estado algo ocupado.

Visiten a los Grandiosos Gran Ketchup y la Tsundere Mayo- err Mostaza!

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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 8, 2009, 7:38 PM
<Spam much?>


Okay, so I just got home after being away for a week (family trip, Bariloche, Argentina, pretty nice place :3), and when I finally get home after a 12-hour long car trip, I find TONS of the same kind of spam comments o_o.... At first I thought it was justflyakite's doing 8D but nah. Not this time.

I already browsed a few journals from other fellow deviants to find out what I missed out, and, wow, lots of people fell for it o_o...

Hopefully no one's been harshly affected, right? How's everyone ?
If you clicked on one of the spam links, change your password and run a virus scan through your computer.

Anyway, got lots of stuff to catch up and get up to date now xD commissions, notes, debts, and such.


OH, also, wow. I never expected to get a DD, like.. EVER.. ._., my stuff is too "animeish" for that, and there's other people that need the attention more than me, but thanks a lot, and thanks Korgone for suggesting 'Scarf please'… , seriously, I'm super flattered..!

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Help vote 8D

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2009, 1:33 PM
<Abuse, lol>

Helloo guys, first, I have many comments/notes I haven't replied to yet, I'll get that done soon >_<
Plus I wanted to update soon, submit a drawing or two maybe, but before that, I'll finally get things done with the whole copyrights law and I'll be able to protect my stuff legally. >:U har.

EDIT: Ha, got my stuff copyright-protected. Finally. Gah, I'm like relieved, and it feels awesome.

-Also, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday ;_; it was awesome, got lots of new pencils 8D-

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways, like I tend to do sometimes, I try to help people via journal entries with features and such, I just don't like that it seems/feels like I'm abusing the internet or something....  <:

This time, :iconamberstoneart: is in an online contest this month. It would be nice if you could take a minute vote for her comic here: , just register there and vote.

She's also having a contest if you'd like to participate, the prizes are very nice xD and also I'm doing a free commission for the winner as one of the prizes too. Go check there: :iconamberstoneart:
or her journal with the details->…


Thanks guys D;

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2009 Bandwagon.

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2009, 8:01 AM
2009 - English

I probably should have done this closer to New Years, the 31st, or maybe on Jan 1st. But it's still early.

I feel like I have a lot to say, but I don't know where to start.
I'm just glad that 2008 is over. Very glad. D;

During the course of the year, I met many new friends, the KH group, :iconketchuphouse:, which is actually something very rare.  I tend to have more friends online and just a few IRL, so I'm happy. Thanks guys.

On the other hand, there were many critical and harsh moments... Specially when talking about studies/careers. I feel I let many people down, I feel ashamed. But hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. right?

About drawing and art. It was slow. Laaazy. I feel like I didn't improve just a bit in the whole time. I've tried new things, but nothing has been able to really satisfy me >:U But anyway...

Now this change, just this tiny number. From 8, to 9. Means a lot.
Life takes another course. Which is now unclear, uncertain, but there's the hope that it will be better.


Summer holidays are on. Time to escape from reality and be immersed into whatever I feel like doing.

I hope you had a good time~!

(Now that I'm here talking, I was wondering, any of you guys play Lunia? if so, lemme know : D)


Probabelemente debí haber hecho esto cerca de Año Nuevo, el 31.. o el 1ero.. Pero aún es temprano.
Siento que tengo muchísimo que decir, pero no sé por donde empezar. Sólo estoy feliz de que el 2008 haya terminado. Y bastante. D;

Durante el transcurso del año, conocí nuevos amigos, el grupo de KH, :iconketchuphouse:, lo cual es algo bastante inusual. Tiendo a tener muchos más amigos online que en vida real, así que, me alegro, gracias.

Por otro lado... hubo muchos momentos críticos y duros... Especialmente al hablar de estudios y carreras. Siento que decepcioné mucha gente. Me da vergüenza... Pero hey, lo que no te mata, te hace más fuerte, cierto?

Sobre el dibujo y el arte. Fue leento, flojo. Siento que no mejoré nada en todo el tiempo. He intentado algunas cosas diferentes, pero nada me ha podido satisfacer >:U.. pero en fin...

Ahora, este cambio, este pequeño número, de 8 a 9, significa mucho.
La vida toma otro curso. Que por ahora no está claro, incierto, pero está la esperanza de que será mejor.


Estamos en vacaciones de verano. Tiempo de escapar de la realidad y sumergirse en lo que sea que se me de la gana...

Espero la hayan pasado bien estas fechas~!


Como aviso de utilidad pública, aprovecho de dar el dato de que el próximo sábado 10 de enero habrá una especie de DevMeet acá en Concepción (Chile? lol), la cual se realizará en el Pqe. Ecuador, frente a la Biblioteca Municipal (altura Caupolicán).
Para más información, vea acá:…


*Stolen Tag*

1. [ ] When you doodle, you say it's a simple drawing.
2. [ ] Always provide excuses such as "Still in development"
3. [ ] Can only create an excuse of "I used a mouse, not a tablet" [I never draw on the computer anyway]
4. [ ] You only draw faces.
5. [x] You always draw faces at the same direction.
6. [x] The proportion is awful. [: D I don't mind]
7. [ ] Every character looks the same.
8. [x] Uses different hairstyle to distinguish characters.
9. [ ] Cannot distinguish left and right direction.
10. [ ] "Sketch? Who cares about that?"
11. [ ] You only draw sketches.
12. [x] What's a LAYER???
13. [ ] You always draw one character.
14. [x] You always draw characters in same angle.
15. [x] No matter how you draw, it's the same expression.
16. [x] You couldn't draw characters with movement.
17. [x] You barely draw feet. [I.. I still try!..]
18. [x] You can't draw figures from high or low angles.
19. [ ] You don't even know the definition of high and low angle drawing.
20. [ ] A shitty figure drawing in dynamic pose can be turned into a 4th Dimensional abstract.
21. [xxxx] Same character looks totally different when it is drawn in different angle or direction. [I hate this..]
22. [ ] You can't even draw anything other than characters or draw everything except characters.
23. [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] You can only draw cute characters. [Gosh. xD]
24. [ ] You can only draw handsome characters.
25. [ ] Hands are your nightmare
26. [ ] Your character's hands are always hidden behind.
27. [ ] The idea sketch is professional but the actual quality is shitty.
28. [ ] You try to cover up one of the eyes with hair so that you can draw only one eye
29. [x] Your works are always asymmetrical.
30. [ ] Line art only = Finished piece.
31. [ ] Rough sketch only = Finished piece
32. [ ] You have no anatomical knowledge.
33. [ ] You only draw eyes. [I CAN'T DRAW EYES C8]
34. [x] Character's hand and eyes are huge.
35. [ ] You're poor in drawing the position of boobs.
36. [ ] Your artworks are free from all logic. Awkward anatomy and proportion.
37. [x] You lose confidence when other people's works look great.
38. [ ] You think they are genius when they come up with satisfied quality.
39. [ ] You collect other people's works as practice references but you actually collect them as a collection.
40. [x] While drawing, you easily lose patience and go do something else. [yeah =.=..]
41. [ ] Tablet is your god item.
42. [ ] You regain confidence when other people's works look crappier than yours.
43. [xxxxxxxxx] You are more than willing to draw but you lose the spirit so easily. [THIS. THIS.]
44. [ ] You completely lose the confidence when you see the works of true genius.
45. [ ] You draw once a month or even once a year.
46. [ ] You get mad when your favorite artists are being lazy.
47. [ ] When you draw hentai art, you end up drawing grotesque horror pictures because their proportion is so fucking awful.
48. [ ] You don't even have faith in yourself.
49. [ ] You can't even draw since the beginning.
50. [x] You realized there are problems and know where to fix but you never do. [aaaaaahhhhhhhh]

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Bussiness $_$

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 9:34 PM

O hi deviantart! It's been.. what, months already?

Since I know the next time I'll update my journal will be in... months again xD, I'll take this time to auto-advertise myself with stuff.

I don't like the fact that this could seem like I'm turning my art/stuff into money, but... gee, if I had a dollar for every drawing that they've stolen from me, printed it and sold it on a t-shirt... gee, I'd be rich. GEE, maybe I could even buy a PS3, lawl (nah, old joke already).

But anyway,

DeviantART Prints

First, prints, I've submitted some stuff as prints for now, I'm not familiar with the system here in DA D: so.. well, they're just there~, go take a look : )…

there's only a few right now but if you wanted a specific one that's not there, just let me know ;O; and I'll put it up.


As I mentioned on my previous journal entry, I'm associated to Stickerbooth now too, you can check some stuff like buttons and posters there : )… <-Buttons… <-Posters


I sometimes forget I'm here too but, hey, there's.. uhm, skins (ipods, etc) with my stuff too xD you can check that out here:…


@__@ uhm, and I take commissions too, although right now I'm having a bit of a hard time accepting them so, I'm not quite sure about this yet, although simple drawings are okay with me, just ask if you're interested~
My commissions account is: :iconpairo-commissions:, the prices and stuff are there~

That's all, thanks for the comments and everything guys <3

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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2008, 3:53 PM

Hello people, I'm testing out a new CSS. : P
Anyway, "SB" is for Stickerbooth… , for those who are not familiar with the site : P it's an online shop for buttons, posters, stickers, etc.
Now I'm part of that, so you can find some merchandise by me to buy there : D please do~
For now, it's just posters and buttons.…… <3
I had never done something like this before (aside from once, a deal with ipod skins), but I hope this will work well.


Anyway, as usual, I'll be trying to help a friend out get a small boost with her commissions, since she started not too long ago, and she needs muney ;A; so go there, now, run, run! She can do sum sexy stuffs. And you can check for info in her journal.
acrylic portrait by defective-kittie guess who .2. by defective-kittie

Special thanks

And also, thanks a lot to :iconquinteros-lama: who made this CSS layout for me, gracias logoh ;w;, this stuff is just too complicated.

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dead laptop update + new

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 9:16 AM

Hello people~ (This is just an update regarding my previous journal entry, the laptop issue).

In the end, they said my laptop wouldn't make it ;_; cancer ended up killing it.
But anyway, it's not so bad, because now I have a new one. whoohoo!?.

- A new, (harder), better, faster and stronger computer is always a good thing. ~:music:
- I backed up most of my stuff. So I didn't lose anything.

- I had to help and spend a big part of my savings for this, if not all.
- Windows friggin' Vista.

Anyway, I'll be installing stuff here and there, studying for exams, and I'll probably submit something soon (like I said), so yeah.

Oh btw, RocketDock is love <3

And also, I'll probably feature/support someone next time because I can't remember who I was supposed to support now.

Bye bye:iconcreepyfaceplz:

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FanVina2008 (chile only) +100question Tag

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 26, 2008, 12:09 AM
; A;! <3 Thank you :iconjimmydangerously: for the suscription <3 really, thank you thank you~~!
(Anyway, spanish only, sorry! In a few words, for you english-speakers, I'm going to a big event here in Chile where for the first time I'm going to sell prints and such from some of my drawings.)

Hola qué tal : P Este journal va principalmente para los amiguis de chile que tengan planeado ir a la Fanviña de este fin de semana del 3 y 4 de mayo.

Pues, la idea es que (uf..) por primera vez me mostraré en público (omg saldré de mi madriguera) y err.. me atreveré a vender impresiones de mis dibujos O__O.

Me es extraña la idea pero bue, tengo algunos dibujos que posiblemente sacaré en impresiones de papel couche, tamaño carta (o dos por hoja tambien), y los que estén interesados y vayan a ir a la fanviña, me hagan saber si les gustaría algun dibujo en especial plz (ver links a continuación)!

Los precios aun no los tengo claros, pero me han sugerido que los tamaño carta vayan por ahi alrededor de los $1000-2000? (LOL, son como 2-4.5 dólares, para los no chilenos xD) No es el precio fijo (soy pésimo en estas cosas), pero bueno, creo que es una idea..?

Algunos de los dibujos disponibles serían:…………

(Lamento tener que usar los feos "SAMPLE" encima xD pero estoy CHATO de ver mis dibujos repartidos por fotologs y chapitas)
Si alguno gusta de alguno que esté acá en mi galería de DA y no en las samples, puede sugerirlo también, la cosa es que por favor se comprometan a comprar si es que me hacen el pedido..!

Y eso por ahora, pueden comentarlo aquí o enviarme una note, lo que quieran xD;
Nos vemos ;3


AND NOW A TAG. Because you just want to read about me. OF COURSE. not. 8D;

1) full name?
Maximiliano Cabrera Vergara

2) male/female?

3) were you named after anyone?
My father's named "Maximo" (it means "Maximum" lol, but yeah it's a normal name here) but I don't know if I was named Maximiliano because it sounded similar to his, or something~

4) does your name mean anything?
Something related to "great" or "big" or "maximum" xD; ha.

5) nickname(s)?
pairo, paroro, pyromaniac.

6) what do you think you look like?
A serious and skinny dude in black and white who walks quickly, without looking to the sides. Oh you saw him walk by? He's never around. Oh? He already headed home?. Darn.

7) date of birth?
January 10th, 1987

8) place of birth and current location?
Temuco, aaand Concepcion, Chile : P I'm a south person. It's good though, we get cold and rain.

9) nationality?
chilean of course~

10) astrology sign?
capricorn ~fuck yeah excalibur arm!
If you get the reference, then you win 1 internets.

11) chinese astrology sign?
1987 is the year of the rabbit, but I still managed to be tiger (86), a fire tiger. >D

12) religion?
not my thing. I'm supposed to be catholic, but.. I really don't care about religion.

13) what's your favorite smell?
Something like mint chocolate. or Winter night air.

14) political position?
: D yeah that's a sexy one. No, I have no position yet.

15) what do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Sugar loaded hot coffee~

16) hair + eye color?
Black and brown~

17) do you look like anyone famous?
Oh I look like that famous dude, you know, Pairo? yeah, him ;D. xD okay. not that.

18) what do you look like?
Wasn't this question already asked before?

19) any unusual talents?
I can.. uhm... kill flies swiftly and effectively. Flyhunter extraordinarie~:music:

20) righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?

21) gay, straight, bi, or other?
(What could the "other" option be? Like.. "non-sexually oriented"?)

22) what do you do for a living?
I'm going to university right now, still living with my parents, (and no, that's a good thing for me)

23) what do you do for fun?
I go out, party hard, drink till I drop, have sex everyni-
Okay no.
I'm a loser so I stay at home and play my videogames.
so ronery ;w;

24) materials to work with?
Write down this:
1- Paper.
2- Pencils
3- Your hands
4- (Optional) Your head.

25) what kind of materials would you like to work with?
I'm practicing watercolors! One day I'll be able to master them >D

26) have you met your grandparents?
Yup, luckily all 4 of them, but 3 of them are still alive.

27) boyfriend/girlfriend?
:iconsrtaaiko: <3

28) crush?
Crush? Destroy?
Nah, like someone said somewhere "someone who never existed".

29) what celebrity would you date if you could?
I'm sure I could name someone here but.. I can't remember. xD

30) current worries?
Ugh, my main one is failing at class, subjects, exams, etc.

31) favorite online guy/girl(s)?
I'd say my online friends in general.
(you have no friends, enjoy your online)

34) do you burn or tan?
I'll sound like a lot of people here but.. I hate the sun.

35) ever break a bone?
Whew, nope, never. Not like it would be easy to break a bone if you spend all day sitting.

36) what is your favourite cereal?
Right now, the "Milo" cereal, they're small crunchy chocolate balls. I hate fruit-flavored cereal. D:

37) person you cry with?
My dearest friend Laptop-chan. I love you so much <3

38) any sisters?
2 of them, 18 and 16. Just in case you're wondering ;D

39) any brothers?

40) any pets?
A gay, snob cat.
And a stupid, lazy dog.

41) an illness?
Not really. I would seriously consider "extreme procrastination" an illness though. Maybe I'm just lazy.

42) a pager?
Why did I just think of "Hey Arnold's" big Bob?

43) a personal phone line?
Of course, just dial 555-weloveyoupairo.

44) a cell phone?
Yeah but it's almost dead. I never use it.

45) a visible birthmark?
Not really, I do have a scar on my forehead from when I was like 1 or 2 years old though, my babysitter droppped me from the stroller once, I hit my head, and THAT'S why I am how I am 8D.

46) a pool or hot tub?
Hot tub, I hate pools.

47) a car?
I have my license, I've been offered to have my own car, but I don't want one for some reason.

48) personality?
Strangely and EXTREMELY anti-social when it comes to classmates.
I'm a typical loser guy who spends most of the time in front of the computer, or drawing, or playing videogames when I'm not studying.
BUT. I'm not fat. HA. and I don't wear glasses either ..yet.

49) driving?
I'm quite good at it. Average driver.

50) your clothing style?
My base is dark tones + specific color.
I don't wear 100% black. I'm tired of it, you see that EVERYWHERE nowadays. I just dress normally, just using dark tones. Grey or black+something else.

51) room?
Would you believe me if I say that my walls are checkered black and white?
Because they are. It's a small room, but I like it.

52) what's missing?
; A; .. real life friends.

53) school?
Medschool, and stuck in it.

54) bed?
Right here, I should be heading to it very soon. 2am now. Also, it's kind of white-creamish.

55) relationship with your parents?
Pretty average I'd say. No more comments.

56) do you believe in yourself?
Sometimes I don't, I start losing faith on myself when it comes to having the will to do what I have to do in days when I don't want to do what I have to do. lol.

57) do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes and no.
Hmm? No because love at "first sight" would be purely based on appearance.
But yes, in the case you would start feeling something for the person since the first time you made contact with them.

58) consider yourself a good listener?
Yeah, but sometimes I should just shut up and say nothing.

59) have a future dream that you would like to share?
To be able to finish my career, spend a few years, and then work on the illustration part and continue living like that.

60) get along with your parents?
Caiman here, no problems.

61) save your e-mail conversations?
MSN conversations, yeah, they're useful sometimes.

62) pray?

63) believe in reincarnation?

64) brush your teeth twice a day?

65) like to talk on the phone?
I haven't.. spoken over the phone.. like.. in months ; A; ...

66) like to eat?
Durr, who doesn't?

67) like to exercise?
I'm... too lazy for that. I would love to. But I don't have the will.

68) like to watch sports?
.... NO. If I ever watch TV... I would watch cartoons.

69) sing in the car?
When I'm driving alone, YES. Very often.

70) what is a dream that you have all the time?
I don't have dreams that repeat themselves, the last one I remember involved lots of rain and a teal umbrella...

71) dream in color?
Yeah, I've actually never had black and white dreams that I remember.

72) do you have nightmares?
Lately.. nope, just sad dreams once in a while, but not really nightmares.
(Except one I had some months ago involving zombies, monsters, "teammates" killing themselves, running away, etc, it was scary as shit)

73) sleep with a stuffed animal?
Awwww. No D:

74) what's right next to you?
A bunch of sketchbooks and pencils.

75) what's on your favorite mug?
I don't have a favorite mug : <

76) what's on your mouse pad?
A very delicous looking green apple.

77) your favorite flavor of gum?
Watermelon O:! Although I haven't had gum in.. years?! omg.

78) your brand of deodorant?

79) your dream honeymoon spot?
Hmm.. I can't really think of a specific place right now..

80) your dream husband/wife?
For some reason I can't imagine myself being an adult and having an adult life and being married and all that crap...

81) what's hiding in your closet?
According to an old joke with a friend, I had a bunch of gay underage kids from a teenage band, all tied up waiting for their turn.
But actually.... Hmm..
OMG, I can't say.

82) under your bed?
A DDR carpet, my scanner.

83) the name of one of your closest/best friends?
It's a se-cret.

84) your bad time of the day?
11am or so.

85) your worst fear(s)?
To fail at life.

86) what's the weather like?
It's nightime so I can't see well. But it seems to be cloudy and all nice : P

87) your favorite time of year?
Fall/winter seasons. If that's the case, winter holidays. (around july/august)

88) your favorite holiday?
No special holiday for me.

89) a material weakness?
I couldn't live without my PS2 right now ; A;.... or my pencils. But other than that. Hmm nah~

90) the weirdest food or drink that you like?
Hmm, interesting question. But a boring answer, I can't remember anything "weird", is it weird that I like eating fresh, smelly raw fish directly from the can?

91) at the top of your "to do list"?
Study, then study some more, then draw. But... it's going the other way around.

92) the hardest thing about growing up?
SIGH. Everything? I would love to remain a kid, or go back a few years (but people would be missed).
The huge responsibilities that fall on your shoulders as you grow up, the weight of having to choose what you'll have to do for the rest of your life at the age of 18.

93) a pet peeve?
... wut?

94) your scariest moment?
When I found out that-... *dun dun dun*...

95) your attitude about love?
I hate it and love it. I have a very passive attitude towards it, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's good, I hate impulsive people that let themselves be driven and blinded by love. Foolish decisions, big mistakes, etc. I usually blame hormones, but to make it sound "prettier", it's love that kills people's braincells sometimes. It's supposed to be good, it's not supposed to ruin your life or deprive you from sleep.

96) the funniest or most desperate thing you've done?
Desperate? Heh heh. Hmmm... I don't think it was "desperate" but I used to seriously stalk a girl I liked back when I was in highschool, I found out where she lived, I would take the same bus as her even if it wouldn't really work for me. I would go out and follow her during breaks, I "accidentally" started talking to her pretending it was some mistake, and more, but no, I'm not dangerous, and I always assumed she was out of my reach -w- it was sane. But it kept me motivated to go to school.

97) the worst feeling in the world?
Hopelesness (sp?), mixed with a little bit of frustration and loneliness all together.

98) the best feeling in the world?

99) who sent this to you?

100) People to send this to?
Uhm.. I think a lot of people has done this tag already, and I don't wanna pressure anyone since long tag is long.

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Future website project - halp! [edit]

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2008, 6:01 PM
Hi guys, sorry for not having replied to your comments yet, I have to thank you all for the support, offers, ideas, and suggestions I've received about the website thing, the bad thing is, that I was caught off-guard by the huge amounts of stuff I have to study and issues I have to take care of these days, I have like 25 notes waiting to be read, but I WILL read and reply to most of them, if not all.
So yeah, I apologize but I will get back to you eventually, thanks!


Also, this time, in my already usual "features" ;D
RunaryKat thinks her stuff is not "good enough" for commissions, I wanted to slap her in the face and tell her the opposite 8D!, she has a kind of sweet pop style, but anyway, see for yourselves O:

P: check her journal or ask her for more details.

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More of the usual stuff + a little rant

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 10, 2007, 7:32 PM
Once again I'll be supporting a few people who are starting commissions or having a tough time getting attention with them~

This time, being Ajedrez who started recently o_o. Hopefully this will help her get one or two extra customers,
See for yourself a few thumbnails:


[Edit] Oh I just remembered! I was supposed to advertise a website.
lololz buy this
It's Ipod skins, I contributed there with part of my works and other known artists are in there too! Go check it out now : P


Also, asking on behalf of a friend...
Does anyone know where to buy "Lobster Clasps" and "Jump Rings" online (to work with figures and clay crafting and stuff) and also, what's the best kind of clay to work with them?


Anyway now for a small rant.
DA has left me a little concerned with its situation these past few months.
I've heard a lot of drama regarding the oh-so-desired-popularity and pageviews, attention whores, fanarts (naruto mostly), front page related stuff, people pretending to be someone else, people copying, art thieves, loss of the "art" value, etc.

I've been a part of DA as an active member for over 5 years o_o and I had never seen such amounts of faggotry. There's that stamp that goes "Less Drama More Art" which I personally love. But I'd like to say "Shit happens. It's the magic of the internet".

As the internet and DA website itself grows larger and larger everyday, this kind of stuff is bound to happen. Deal with it. Every massive website sooner or later will get filled with internet filth, hated noobs, trolls, etc. (i.e. Youtube comments and fights )

Protip: If you want a proper level of art, with professionals and stuff, people can leave DA and attempt to survive in CA (not going to give links).


That was me, reporting.
Also I'm not submitting drawings soon because I'm scared of commercial art-thieves, and because I'm in my finals of the year, wish me luck! lolololz.
I already failed one subject! (pharmacology, I suck).
But hopefully I'll be free before christmas.

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