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untitled - gamer girl

By Parororo
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Back to DA! After some time off due to vacation and such uvu)

Anyways, last night's Livestream session drawing uvu), I think I'll post a link or something here too next time I'm on..

And, yeah, I think I'll be adding another OC to my collection :'D
There wasn't much thought behind her design, I think. It started when I made some "gijinkas" (or personifications) to my portable consoles ([link] here) and ended up liking the Gameboy Color design, but she still doesn't have a name yet :c

omg what is it with me and hipster-like characters nowadays :iconminghideplz: can't help it

media: prismacolor pencils (and a little bit of copic markers)
time: about 2-3 hours
art/unnamed character © *Pyromaniac
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© 2012 - 2021 Parororo
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Oh my gosh! She’s so cute ^.^ I love the colours and design. :3
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I like this image and do you take commissions?
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She reminds me of Ed from Cowboy Bebop. These two should get together just to have many wild, nonsensical shenanigans every time Spike and the others embark a bounty without her. XD
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She even has camilla d'errico's mascot in the back ground lol
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I LOVE IT 10/10
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check out my deviant page
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This pic has been found through browsing. When I saw it, I thought "Well then, this fits the image of a Gamer."
And now I found out who created it.
You did a good job capturing the essence of a Gamer.Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up) 
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Oh I can see by your icon, hehe, thanks, I'm really glad you liked it that much and think that! : D
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She represents me well, but I don't look like her at all.
And you're welcome
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Are you allowed to use this?
I saw a friend using it as an icon, and I don't want them using something without consent.
(They tend not to think about it.)
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That happens sometimes, and often they don't even know that I did it. I'm happy if they put my name or link in the description, that's greatly appreciated
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Alright! I just wanted to make sure, because I would want people using my art without consent. 
Thanks for being so cool about it!Hug  
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Yup I know the feeling, but I take it in a laid back way, I don't like getting aggresive unless the other person gets aggresive first! So yup it's cool : D as long as its made with respect and credits, everything is alright
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Oh my god.
You have gained so much respect from me
(+56 Respect)
poodsisprocessingplz cannot compewds
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Hey, I was wondering if it would be okay to put this on my Tumblr blog. I run a small blog about women and girls in the gaming community and industry and I like to showcase artwork done by and featuring girls. Here's the link so you can look around. Keep up the good work and GG! 
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Hey there, sure thing! Even easier then, you can just reblog it from my main art account on tumblr too : > here's the post to this same drawing!…
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Thanks! Just reblogged it!
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