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Yuri (DDLC)

(Doki doki literature club)
Yuri is only trying her best ♥

Done last year,
Hope you like it !
Extra versions because of course:
yuri B by Parororo yuri C by Parororo
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It is very good, I also tried to draw her but I did not like it

I love it, could I use your images for a video?

of course giving you recognition

The video would be music and on youtube on the youtube platform.

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This is so adorable and amazing !!

Could I perhaps make a render out of this ? With full credit ofc ^^

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Awww it’s yuri!! ^^

ChrissaBug's avatar

Ahh! So gorgeous!

shadow071's avatar

Beautiful artwork

0rbitten's avatar

I like Yuri. She's pretty sharp-minded.

X-Trem's avatar

Aww that's adorable!

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Wow, you're line quality is fantastic, really making Yuri look dynamic. Also her expression is absolutely precious! I'm sure nothing bad will happen to her. :happybounce:

sayueproject99's avatar

Looks really cute! I love the extra versions.

Zorbonaut's avatar

Oh so cute and innocent.

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Oh. I chose Yuri route in DDLC. There was a lot of weird stuff... Just as I like it.

crimsongrain's avatar

why'd you make her so cute, now I have to stop her from killing herself.

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i thought this was the metamorphisis girl for a secondhdf but this looks amazing !!

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aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww <3

EvilSandwich's avatar

Yuri: I borrowed your pen. You can have it back.

Me: can keep it...

xHKitsunekunx's avatar

Ah yes, all Doki Doki Literature Club girls are best girl, But Yuri is best girl among the best girls. And I must say I love the yandere vibes, really well done 👍🏾.

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adorable and cool, love how the hair react to the floor :D

FantasyRebirth96's avatar

This drawing of Yuri is great. It's too bad I very dislike the game she's from. I don't like Doki Doki Literature Club at all.

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