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Warrior Princess Aria


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Some adventures of Aria, as usual, resisting the love of tentacley monsters.

Commission done last year, hope you like it!

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Aria warrior princess close up by Parororo
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Gamergirl10272's avatar

TUMMY POOCH- love your art, it is godly~

Zorbonaut's avatar

Ah yes, I bet Gug chose that super-practical armor for her.

Kyouken0w0's avatar
artistadevin's avatar

oooooooh, aria as a warrior! so cool!

Grendelkin's avatar

I think Aria would prefer to have either less tentacles in her life... or more armour. ^^;

Dice-Warwick's avatar

When your culture idolizes the human form, but also likes to decorate themselves with metal. Is it protective, no, will it get her a lot of respect among her people, yes. Also if she lives in a hot area, then she will likely feel more comfortable in that.

purplelion12's avatar

This is somewhat fitting, I could imagine this but seriously Is she into the tentacles I have to know

Madcatmk6's avatar

Holy crap, has Aria been hiding all that under her dress this whole time??? She's thiccer than a Snicker! Onionhead Nosebleed - Onion head

ThepiratefromPlanetO's avatar
EarlMcClaw's avatar

Go for it, Aria. Time to slice-n-dice!

OcGuy1's avatar
ShamelessPride's avatar

An outfit designed to draw the tentacles closer so she can slay them, XD

cue-kalamos's avatar

i like this style

feral-ferns's avatar
crimsongrain's avatar
X-Force02ranger's avatar

sexy and beautiful <3

Evodolka's avatar

nice, here's hoping she manages to up her rank from Warrior Princess to War Queen

also she looks so cute, even in the fashionably questionable armor :aww:

*close up*

adorable :meow:

Gearheadwhat's avatar
Shes been getting bustier in these one shot pieces. Not that I mind, just an observation :P
Morlon01's avatar

Thicc... <3

(But Aria is generally lovely in any way :D)

DeathofInk's avatar

No means no fellas.

dadidou000's avatar

Did you know than is a Fighter Subclass in DnD who is actually call "Eldritch knight" ? That's fit her perfectly I think ^^

rphb's avatar

Okay I actually like boobplate, considering the true story of "the codpiece" female fighters would totally have had that. But chainmail bikini are starting to irritate me.

Unidad26's avatar

ok she into it or...

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