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The Weather doesn't Matter

Note: In case you clicked on this because you saw it again in your devtwach, I'm just adding a watermark to some of my pictures, to prevent thievery, thanks

yeah she's weird..

oh. and, some people thought the ...character on the top right corner of the group pic i drew was a guy... and ..hey...! it's a girl.. >>; *points at boobs*

for some reason i don't really like the face..
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Love the style
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My friend sent me this picture about 5 years ago and I've loved this picture ever since. Love There's just something about it . .
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Of COURSE it's a girl! >>;*points at belly button*
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are you kidding? she looks awesome.
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Ive been looking for this picture forever. More specifically, for the real artist of this picture. <33
I first found it while looking for pictures of Hanabi Hyuuga, but she obviously isnt so I wanted to find out~
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whoa, awww, really? awesome, I know that feeling xD trying to find the artist of a certain pic for so long.. haha, I'm flattered : > thank you!
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Oddly enough, I think I like these older pictures of her better than the new ones. She's become big-eyed and cartoonish as Aria, I think I prefer the old Midori or Umbrella Girl.
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*late reply*
I can see what you mean, sometimes I've found myself missing some parts of her old self in these old drawings, something changed about her..
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love it~~~
and i like her face very much!! XD and her clothes!!!! XD and just everything~~~<3
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Just thought you should know..

This is the very artwork that inspired me to start drawing as a serious artist in the first place.

I mean it when I say that you've truly inspired me.

Thank you.
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cool and more so:D did you mean to make her look like a character from a book? 'cause in Skulduggery Pleasant there's this girl who looks like this: [link]

ans the way you've done her hair is sort of this girls trademark thing. not really, but she always looks like that...

...great picture!:heart:
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Omg I almost flipped out when I saw this on here. This is my Facebook profile pic
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I like her. Face, weirdness, awsome coat. All of it. Like.
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it is really good. i see that the piece gives you a certain emotion
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why is this in scraps?
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Love this pic,it's awersome! Love the clothes!
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i really like this...what did you use to make it?
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The title made me think of that poem....
'Whether the weather is cold,
Or whether the weather is hot,
We'll be together,
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not'

Try saying that ten times fast.

Anyways, beautiful picture. ♥
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Well..I like it! Nothing wrong w the face! (I think) ;o)
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