Sugarbrain pt.2
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D :

Open to interpretation.


media: lots of different inking pens, ballpoint pens, black colored pencils, and other black stuff xD
time: i don't remember o_o
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Maethendias|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
umph, very melanmcholy [):p
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no-day-but-2day|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i'm always up for carnivorous creatures smaller that you that attack in fleets
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MisoSquid|Hobbyist Digital Artist

"Oh god."
o n o
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poppers484|Student Traditional Artist
Brr! Just Got The Chills While Looking At This, Great Job! ^^
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UnnamedShinigami|Hobbyist General Artist
Creative. :blackrose:
I like how dark this drawing is.
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BeBlackwood|Student General Artist
This is slightly creepy . . . especially since I just finished watching the Angry Beavers
daddy longlegs episode. Not that that was scary.
I just mentioned it because I could.
Great picture!
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Mangavampiria|Hobbyist General Artist
Funny but at the same time cute^^
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man that is awsome
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I love that because I hate ant ^^ and it's so funny
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DarkSweetVoice|Hobbyist General Artist
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ajajajajaja! xD eso apsa por darse sorbedosis de azucar para seguir vivo y pintando de noche.
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Oh my goodness, love
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nikkaroo|Student General Artist
i see you've been thinking sweet thoughts again. :D
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DeBratski's avatar
totally ALSOME!
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It appears your brain is full of sugar, which ants LOVE.
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hehehehe this is really AWESOME XDD woow
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why isn't there any ant's going in from the mouth?
its bigger thought lol
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this is like my biggest fear......

but yeah i screamed when i saw it.....

but i love your other stuff

not that i dont ..lo-lo.lov...-love
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nice expression!
;p :D

"...if we've poured our soul into it, the result is bound to be a masterpiece. "

pLeAse sMiLe foR mE
visit my other DA: twistedlittledoll [link]
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robotic-cupcake|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh dear

The ants are taking over that child's brain 0_o

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I realy love it
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I can't get over how much i love this picture
The character.. Is just all..
"Aaahh. Auuughhh. Aaarrhghghh. Saavve meee"

xD I LOVE it
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joannime07elric|Hobbyist General Artist
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