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Starline - White Day

It's #whiteday and the girls from Starline ( ) already received tons of chocolate 🍫😳

It's a mobile game project I've been part of for a long time, check it out for more~! ♥

starline valentine's color B by Parororo
starline valentine's color C by Parororo
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The Girl On The Left Is Like, "Help Me"

let's just hope it's chocolate

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Looks like they're participating in a proud european tradition:

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is this a bath of chocolate milk.

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Two Girls, One Tub. Only waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more enjoyable

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Chocolate and girls - best combination! ♡

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I really love the the design of the girl on the right. Totally my type.

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Love the drawing! Where can i find Starline? :)
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this is unsanitary but also cute

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they are both adorable, love their faces :meow:

never got the chocolate thing, if anything i feel like bathing in it would be like sitting in tar, bit too sticky

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:lovely: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

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I will never get over how cute your art style is and the coloring.

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Super cute and sweet! Well done!

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Seems like a really interesting project! Hope all goes well to that :3

On another note, now *that* is quite the tub. Tagging it 'fanservice' is definitely one way XD

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