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Pokemon SS - 3 Starters Gijinkas

By Parororo
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I'm sure by now you've all heard the news about the new pokemon sword and shield games and how the internet has been crazy when it comes to fanart?
I couldn't resist and just had to try doing some quick gijinkas of the 3 little guys, they have so much personality ♥
I've been posting these earlier on my other social media but here's the 3 of them together, hope you like it!        
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Grooky : the cool kid

scorbunny : the athlete

sobble : the shy nerd

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Very cute designs on these 3.  Great job!
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When I played the game I chose scorbunny. Here I chose grookey

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These look amazing! I really like the music theme you have going with Grookey <3
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They cute, can't wait to see what you do with the evolutions
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I find something likable about each of em,
But methinks Sobble is my favorite!
With Grookey coming in second! ^w^
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Will you do another of them in their final forms once they are revealed?
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The're all so cute! but Sobble is my favorite she looks cute and shy and those glasses are just adorable! 
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fucking adorable
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Fantasticky done. You really put in the effort and it shows. Bravo
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Sobble here really reminds me of the emotion Sadness from Inside Out. I love Sorbunny here the most!
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Glad someone saw the same character as me.
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