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Hu Tao - Genshin Impact


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Are you rolling for Hu Tao today?~

Hu Tao close up by Parororo

#HuTao #GenshinImpact #原神
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Hu Tao has gotten me hu tao'd

SquidoWasTaken's avatar

WOW this art is amazing

Xaldel's avatar

Absolutely exquisite!

pinkmilkpaww's avatar

Awesome art! :dummy:

She's cool, but not gonna roll, bc I don't like that her hp lowers from her elemental attack :c

ChiwwyDawg's avatar

Eee~ so pretty~! :love:

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XPurplePieX's avatar

ahh!! our pretty queen! <3

the color pallet is so aesthetically pleasing!

I rolled for her and yes, after grinding primogems for several months I got her!

I also got all the other characters from the banner and I love all of them >v<

I had to skip Tartaglia's banner but it was worth it ;3;

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Aumiiku's avatar

What do you use to draw? ;0

Azuhire's avatar

Love her expression. You made a simple shading and it looks so good.

OcGuy1's avatar

her thighs is my demise

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xdarkwingY's avatar

oh my god yes. i rolled the first time.. and today i hit the jacpot! thanks for the awesome art!

Evodolka's avatar

adorably cool character with a great pose :D

Very cool, I like the design.

purplelion12's avatar
Baka-Ranger-Green's avatar

I know I'll be pulling for her and she looks so cute in your style <3

KimikoGlaciem's avatar

Eeeckk love those colours and style, theyre so Hu Tao!

Nope not rolling for her, too glass canon for my style, but I'm going to try for Thoma and then save for Yae again :D

Morlon01's avatar

No, I'm not rolling for Hu Tao today.

... but I'll be rolling for thoma :D.

(and most likely reach pity while trying to do that and pull Hu Tao anyway)

Morlon01's avatar

Update: it happened exactly as I predicted.

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