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Class101 Kaz

Need still another push to make my class happen!
Follow this course and you can give us your insight regarding the future content of it and what the course could be about!
Let's gooOOO !
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I'm really hoping the course succeeds! Thank you for doing this :)

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Is that blood/monster goop on her stocking?

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I'm more about physical art when it comes to making art heh. I do hope you find some loyal students though, more art like yours around would be a blessing X3.

I’m always down to learn something new, having a lovely lady teaching us also is very nice 👍🏾

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Ooh, a class! Congrats on making one :D

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what an adorable ad for art classes :meow:

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I would like feedback on my drawings. Ways I can make improvements.

I've been told to "practice" but they never tell me "how to practice". I just want direct feedback on my recent drawings, pros, cons and so on.

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If you want help with something specific, ask for help with that.

Ask for help in general, receive generic advice.

Ask for something more specific

(like hands, or perspective, or how to get tools to work better,)

and people can offer more specific advice.

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But what I want is direct constructive criticism on this specific drawing I did. Here:

Click on it. It's a recent drawing I did. I don't want "views" or praise. I just want to know the pros & cons on this drawing I did and not some generic response "keep practicing proportions & anatomy" because THIS drawing is the result of that.

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It's not bad, but the robe being blank white when every other element is shaded looks a bit strange.

(A really pale light blue is a pretty good choice for shading white, though for this image a more pale beigey color would probably go better.)

Speaking of shading, though the technique is good, the placement is a mite confusing.

Try to keep in mind where the light source is in your image when shading.

The foreshortened sword looks very good, the foreshortened hand, on the other hand, looks off.

It looks more like the sword is shooting out of her hand as opposed to being held by her hand.

Try drawing a hand holding a sword in a less extreme perspective to get a better idea of how it works, and then use that to figure out how it would look in the foreshortened pose.

(Drawing hands in general would probably be good practice anyway.)

I quite like the look of the pencil hatching texture, though I'm not sure what it is exactly.

If they're shadows, same advice as with the shading.

If they're not shadows, I don't know, but they'd make for good shadows.

(Hatching and crosshatching are commonly used for shading).

The lineart is serviceable, but in spots it's quite wobbly.

This is especially noticeable in the upright finger.

You're probably not gonna like hearing this, but practice is really the only way to fix that.

You can try exercises for pen, or just keep outlining things as normal until you get better over time.

It might be worth your time to check out the concept of "varied line weight" as well.

There's also quite a few spots where the lines go over where they shouldn't be- try to be extra careful when inking outlines that will border light colors.

It's much easier to hide inking mistakes in dark areas.

You appear to be using markers for color, so I can't really give you advice there, (I do colored pencil,) but there are definitely tutorials and techniques out there to be perused if you so choose.

On the other hand, if you're looking for good inking pens, (which *could* help with the wobbly lineart), I can.

-Superfine sharpies are better than nothing, though I strongly recommend the silver and black ones- the others will bleed through.

- Sharpie pens and Infinity pens are similar to the above, but don't bleed through.

- Five Below has cheap artist pens sets at around $3-4, with a wide variety of tips and sizes.

They bleed *slightly*, but if you just chuck a spare piece of graph paper or something under the page you're working on you'll be fine.

-Dollar General has a small, medium, and fine tip pen set for $3. They're basically identical to the Five Below pens.

- I personally use Faber Castell pens (though I've been using the cheaper pens for fanart).

They come in multiple sizes, can be bought in sets or individually, don't bleed and they're cheaper than Sakura microns, which in my experience kinda suck.

They also come in colored brush tips, which might be of interest to you.

- Not really for inking, but white gel pens are great for adding highlights to the eyes (especially if you accidentally overworked that part of the paper and gave it a grayish cast...^ ^ ). I recommend Gellyroll.

I quite like how the hat looks- the curved lines help give it more dimension, and the dramatic shadow with the eye poking out is pretty neat, as is the eye itself.

The pose is dramatic and pretty good, though I haven't the slightest idea what the triangular tan thing on her sleeve is.

The little red stitchy lines are very clean and precise.

The colors also look quite nice together.

Overall, it's not half bad.

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That being said, thanks for the feedback. I was hoping you could leave a comment directly on the drawing itself but it's fine.

Ah geez. I guess no one really liked the way I drew her clothes huh? Too bad...I was trying to draw the clothes "moving" in the "wind" sort of way you know. I tried to make the lighting & shading noticeable but I suppose I should've focused more on the folds of the fabric.

Well at least some people liked my sword foreshortening. So that's a good thing yeah? But at the same time I suppose that's my "downfall" overall with this drawing. My attempt at perspective &foreshortening is rather "extreme" and I should've focused on the pose overall. I figure my proportions were off. So yeah my bad.

Yeah I use copic markers I got from my graphic design teacher years ago. I'm shocked at myself they still work. So I made use for them. I should practice how to color but I plan to make a switch to digital art soon. Maybe I'll try doing both.

I have a "habit" of stopping "mid-thighs" but these days I've been practicing full body drawings. I just rarely post on DA these days. But i've been enjoying practicing full body poses lately, trying to develop a "style" without worrying about posting.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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