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Wallpaper 15

It's my new wallpaper whit elements of space and abstract.
It's something like Space Avalanche whit cosmic power.
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I love the streams of moisture coming from the surface in wisps!
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It's awesome! Love it <3
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Seriously cool stuff.
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This is awesome.
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Great wallpaper - downloaded it to use as my background. The colors are excellent.
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Thank you :slow: I'm glad you like it
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so what did you use to make this?
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Texture, flares, a lot of c4d and some filtrs.
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sounds real complicated well keep at it man ^^
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Oh My God I love this. I have to know how you did your effects. Is there a tut out there I could check out or maybe a place you would recommend for my no0by self.
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I don't have any tutorials for this. But if you want get this effect, you need to practise whit spacearts and focus on details.
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This is mouth-waveringly and -wateringly beautiful... :drool:
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This is a real cool looking pic, very nicely created!
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this is so much amazing awesomeness i even can't tell it in words.
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