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Panda LOVE

I felt like making a new avatar :D
since Im really slightly changing to photography mainly, i did a cute little panda :D I love pandas!!

SAVE THEM!! dont kill them :| or ill come after you! muahaha!

please tell me what you think :)?

Please do not steal my art! I spent a long time on it and do not wish to see it
somewhere else with somebody elses name on it... draw your own!
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May I use this as my avatar?
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:thumb100066294: :thumb100066294: :thumb100066294: :thumb100066294: :thumb100066294: :thumb100066294: :thumb100066294:
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Panda LOVE Panda LOVE Panda LOVE Panda LOVE Panda LOVE Panda LOVE Panda LOVE Panda LOVE Panda LOVE Panda LOVE 
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so sweet and cUte
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Thank you :aww:
hehe that emote is so cute!!

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Wow, i cant believe you made that! It's so kawaii >.< -what program did you use to make it?
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hehe yep i had the urge to change my avatar so i did this :D
It was pixelated in photoshop and then animated in imageready. :D
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Oooh, cool. I have no idea how to do pixelating, but it sounds really impressive ;D
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neither have i!!
i just did a rough blown up panda looking thing and hoped for the best xD
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Really? wow, that's really cool! heh, maybe i should try it one day...if i'm brave enough x3 lol
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yeah you should!! :D thats what i did :D please show me when you do !! :D I would love to see?!
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Yea, sure! I just don't really know where to start though xD maybe once i find some kind of tutorial, and get an idea of what i'm doing....
I'll make sure to show you when i do, though :)
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first think about what you want to pixelate :) an animal? person? food?
and then if you want them cutified and so on :)
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I think is very adorable..
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awww thank you very much! :D and for the fave! :D :hug:
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cute! great pixel works! :D
You might want to check this artist then for more study on cute pixel avatar then: :iconangelishi:
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:D i really just did it because i was bored of my old avatar lol :P
ooh i will do now! Thank you for the link! :D

And fave!! again! :D :hug:
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no problem ^^
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This little guy is adorable...this is such a talented job that is well done!
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:D thank you very much!!
you know apart from china, there are only 12 cities in the world that have giant pandas in their zoos :O

and... that for a zoo to BORROW one from china, it costs $10,000,000!! :O i was in shock!
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I didn't know that...that is astonishing!
My oldest son loves red pandas...they are actually kind of rare too I guess...but wow, giant pandas are expensive to get and probably expensive to maintain too! Thanks for sharing that "little" secret.
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