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I'd hoped to get the latest issue of Regression Crisis up, but (as usual) it's turning out to be a bit longer than I'd planned. As some of you know, I've got a minor injury on one of my arms, so my typing speed has been reduced... but I'm still hoping to get it done over the weekend. Look for it by the end of next week at the latest. As always, let me know in the comments if you're enjoying the story.

Since childhood, Nicole Foster was obsessed with babies and breastfeeding, and often had powerful fantasies involving breastfeeding her classmates starting when she was quite young. In particular, she had a powerful fixation on the concept of regressing and breastfeeding, especially of adult women.

In university, she studied biochemistry, dedicating herself to inducing lactation in women who haven’t had children, coming up with an experimental formula she eagerly tested on herself. Not only did it work, she found she could adjust the chemicals in the formula to produce different effects on those who drank it (milks that caused relaxation, milks that eliminate bladder/bowel control etc.) The only side effect was a massive increase in the size of her breasts.

Shunned from the mainstream scientific community, she was picked up and used as an operative by the CIA, seducing her targets, hypnotizing them with her milk, and extracting all their secrets. She tired of the job rather quickly, and soon struck out on her own, hoping to return to her research... only to discover she was still a pariah in the scientific community.

Unable to secure legitimate funding, Nicole began seducing, regressing, and emptying the bank accounts of beautiful, rich young women across the globe, using the funds to continue her research. INTERPOL had almost caught up to her when Wolfe brought her into his fold and put her to work on his big project.

Like The Paddler, The Milk Maid found an outlet for her perversions working with Wolfe, who provided the technology for her to perfect her formulas. She also received upgrades that made her stronger and faster (and, like The Paddler, gives him control over her.) Further, he developed her two Bottle Blasters-- advanced squirt guns in the shape of baby bottles that fire pressurized streams of her special milk.


Much of The Milk Maid’s exploits were conducted at the behest of one intelligence organization or another, which frequently makes obtaining exact details of her activities difficult. We have, however, been able to scrape together some interesting tidbits:

- Foster’s usual MO involves finding a mark (always female, always rich, usually young.) In particular, she looks for aimless, dissatisfied youth with unhappy family lives. The young woman is seduced and quickly falls under the spell of The Milk Maid’s special milk. Once under her control, Foster uses the young woman for her financial gain and sexual satisfaction until it’s time to move on to another victim.

- In 2016, Maj. Sofia Mikhailovna, a rising star in Russian intelligence, disappeared without a trace from a party in Moscow. After a week without contact of any kind, her superiors assumed the worst. They were horrified when Maj. Mikhailovna turned up in an apartment on the outskirts of the city, her mind totally emptied. After only a week of breast milk and brainwashing, the promising young intelligence operative was reduced to the mental level of a two year old, diapers and all (note: it is now believed that this operation utilized prototypes of the equipment being used in Wolfe’s current activities... a dry run, perhaps?)

- Foster was involved in a Brazilian women’s only “spiritual retreat and wellness centre” that was actually a front for a cult and extortion ring. Once the women (mostly executives or the daughters of wealthy families looking to dry out) were settled, a steady diet of her milk and a little old fashioned brainwashing quickly reduced them to a state of helpless, infantile dependency. Some were blackmailed, others fell under Foster’ sway and stayed voluntarily in a state of infantile helplessness-- totally under Nicole’s control.

- The Milk Maid has a preexisting relationship with one Dr. Pamela Isley AKA Poison Ivy. Rumour has it, after deciding they shared certain common interests, they worked very closely, each one contributing to the other’s projects.

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If you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, be sure to click here to vote to help decide the future of the story. This poll is really close, so every vote matters! Even if you're not a patron, I'd still love to know what you thought-- let me know in the comments how you would have voted.

After receiving her confirmation from the boss, The Milk Maid went to work. The first bit was easy... using the device Wolfe had given her, Nicole trained her sights on the annoyingly perfect alien superheroine, her blonde locks flowing in the breeze. On the screen of her laptop, Supergirl appeared... Nicole entered a string of commands into the console, feeding the coordinates into Wolfe’s fiendish weapon... the first part of the trap they had laid for the powerful heroine.

Let’s just hope she’s as dumb as she looks, Nicole thought smugly, hitting enter.

She felt the building rumble a bit beneath her feet, the doors of the warehouse beneath her opening themselves. The machine left the building, streaking into the air and towards it’s target at hyper-velocity. The Milk Maid prayed, not for the first time, that Wolfe’s plan was as smart as he claimed it was... if we can’t neutralize the Kryptonian, this caper could well be over before it starts.

She watched the machine disappear into the sky, then turned and walked towards the door. Time to make sure everything was ready for the coming conflict.


Kara was getting ready to rejoin the group when she heard it-- the sound of something large and metallic hurtle through the air towards her at extremely high velocity. She barely even had time to check over her shoulder before it was on top of her, crashing into her with it’s tough metal body. Jarred but unhurt, Supergirl tried to twist and face her enemy, but a set of steely arms snapped shut around her, pinning her arms at her sides.

It would only take her a few moments to free herself-- at least, if her opponent held still for a second. But the metal monstrosity, whatever it was, wasn’t about to rest on it’s laurels. In moments, it was already rocketing back towards it’s point of origin, the Girl Of Steel gripped tightly within it’s powerful limbs.

“Uhhh... let go!” She cried, wriggling and squirming in it’s grip. The machine hurtled through the open loading bay door, which rolled shut behind them, and navigated the hallways at high speed until they reached the center of the complex. Activating her heat vision, Supergirl found she was able to scorch it’s exterior... but before she could do any serious damage, they had already arrived.

“Uuuggghh!” she grunted when the clanking contraption suddenly opened it’s arms, dropping her to the floor where she landed heavily on her rump, legs outstretched in front of her. “Oh, you are so in for it!” Kara said through gritted teeth.

She was on her feet in seconds, and finally she was able to get a good look at her attacker. Robot henchmen were a dime a dozen in her line of work, and although Wolfe’s model looked formidable, she had no reason to believe she wouldn’t have it beet in seconds flat. It surprised her that Wolfe would stoop to something so obvious-- the man seemed so much more clever than that.

But Kara didn’t have much time to puzzle it out... Wolfe’s machine, towering over her, fixed it’s blazing red glare on the heroine and lashed out, it’s heavy iron fist slamming into the floor where she’d stood just moments before.

“Boy, you’re really asking for it!” Supergirl growled. A quick scan with her x-ray vision revealed nothing... whatever this beast was, it was lead lined-- not that that was going to do them any good.

The machine lashed out again, then a third time, Kara dodged the blows with ease, a cocky smirk playing about her lips as she wound up for her Sunday-best punch, unleashing it straight into the contraption’s chest.

CLANK! Of all the things Kara expected, the last one was for the machine to pop open like a child’s toy, but that was precisely what happened: in reaction to her blow, the robot’s chest sprang open like a jack in the box-- but what emerged wasn’t a spring-loaded clown. Instead, the young alien beauty found herself and the room around her bathed in a strangely coloured light... eerie, yet horribly familiar.

Instantly, her strength was drained from her body, her powers fading like the embers of a dying fire before being extinguished. Her mighty strength was gone, her body as soft and frail as any other young woman. Wolfe had set her up but good. She knew what had happened even before she glanced inside the robot’s gaping chest cavity to confirm her fears, the seemingly innocent lump of glowing rock both frightfully familiar and somehow different from any specimen she’d ever seen.

“B-br-br-brown kryptonite...!?!” she uttered, feeling the awful, sickly weakness falling over her, the otherworldly radiation forcing the collected solar energy right out of her cells. And that wasn’t counting any other potential side effects... the various other forms of kryptonite could induce hallucinations, cause mutations, even split a Kryptonian into two totally separate light and dark beings... what effects could this new, previously unseen variation possibly...?

She felt her panties growing warm and wet, a noisy hiss followed by a steady splashing sound from below her. Kara was almost afraid to look, but she forced herself to glance down, making a pitiful little noise when she saw herself pissing her panties uncontrollably, streams of urine trailing down her thighs and soaking her red boots.

“Uugghh!” She cried, disgusted and horrified at her own immaturity. The idea was too silly for her to even contemplate, but there couldn’t be any other explanation... the kryptonite had made her wet herself!

A wave of panic washed over her, and the de-powered heroine was consumed by a desire to escape. She had to get away... now.

Turning on her heel, she tried to run from the room, but she only made it a few steps before her rubbery legs gave out beneath her, sending her crashing to the floor in a heap... a distinctly unfamiliar sensation for the usually graceful heroine. Toppling to the floor with a grunt, she sprawled out in a prone position with the wind knocked out of her.

Slowly, with all of what remained of her might, Kara forced herself up on her hands and knees. The bloomers clung wetly to her tight, round butt, quickly growing cold. Fixated on escape, she search for the door, fighting off delirium.

“I see you found the little present we left for you.”

“Uuhhh?” Kara looked towards the voice. Her eyes were blurring, and she wasn’t sure if what she was seeing was real... The woman came through the door, her dress old fashioned but very revealing... particularly her cleavage, which jutted out proudly in front of her, bouncing in time with her movements as she approached the crawling heroine. A large pink diaper bag was slung over one bare shoulder. Spread out on all fours, back arched, her cute little butt pointing up in the air behind her, Supergirl watched the newcomer approach with growing apprehension, her high heels clacking against the floor ominously.

“Awww... you poor thing,” The Milk Maid cooed, sweetness tinged with sarcasm. She bent down, grinning broadly as she reached out to remove her cape, folding it up and placing it on the floor. Next, she flipped the shivering heroine’s little skirt up onto her back, revealing her thoroughly soaked panties, the sopping wet material clinging to and accentuating the outline of her young butt and pussy. “Seems like you’re having a spot of trouble there, princess.”

As if on cue, Kara felt her bowels gurgle to life. The urge to defecate was upon her almost instantly, and before she knew what was happening, she felt her back passage opening, and she was filling her panties with a lumpy mess. The gorgeous blonde cringed when she passed gas noisily, the gooey brown lump in the seat of her pants instantly doubling in size.

“Oh dear!” Nicole said teasingly, grinning broadly and watching the dimple in the heroine’s panties grow into a peek, then a full blown bulge, the sticky mess staining the fabric brown. “That kryptonite eally did a number on you, didn’t it sweetie?”

“Oooohhhh!” The humiliated heroine howled, listening to herself fart and fill her underwear with a big, stinky mess, another gush of urine trickling down her thighs and pooling on the floor beneath her. Her red bloomers were stained, wet, and bulging behind her, the poopy stench really starting to emerge now.

“Phew!” Nicole smirked, crinkling her nose. “PU! Looks like someone wasn’t ready for panties yet, right babykins?”

Supergirl was blushing, but she wasn’t really listening... she was looking over her shoulder, bottom lip quivering, to inspect the humongous load in her pants. The lumpy mess in the seat of her bloomers bulged in every direction and was stained visibly brown in several places.

“I know a messy little superheroine who’s in the market for some fresh underwear,” Nicole said with a smirk, fishing an adult sized pamper from her diaper bag.

“UH-UH!” Supergirl shook her head firmly, staring up at her tormentor defiantly with a bratty pout.

“Oh yes,”Nicole said simply. In moments, a changing mat was spread out on the floor and she was looking the pouting heroine in the eye. “No more fooling around sweetie... you get that spoiled little butt over here and lay still for me to put you in a diaper... or you can just crawl off right now and let everyone see you in your messy little panties for all I care!”

Kara hesitated, fretting... what choice did she have? She was in no condition or state to help herself, and this woman didn’t seem to be out to do her injury... not yet anyway. Reluctantly, vividly aware of the squishing in her panties, Supergirl crawled across the floor, voluntarily spreading herself out on her back. Her lip quivered when she felt the mess mushing up against her butt, filling her butt crack with ooey-gooey poo-poo.

The Milk Maid pealed off her panties, put them in a plastic bag and dropped it to the floor with a heavy thump. Her boots followed, leaving her half naked. The strength drained from her body, all Kara could do was lay helplessly on her back, pouting, watching warily as she pulled out the wipes and powder.

Lifting Kara’s legs, Nicole went to work with the wipes, quickly cleaning the poopy off the heroine’s bum. A fresh wipe was used on her pussy, and the heroine found herself quickly powdered front of back, filling her nostrils with the scent of the nursery.

The diaper was slipped under her bottom before she knew it, and Supergirl quickly found herself taped up tight in an adult sized baby diaper, it’s waistband coming up to her belly button and forcing her thighs apart. Nicole pulled her into a sitting position.

“Arms up,” the villainess commanded. Groggy, her strength almost completely drained, Kara complied as best she could, frowning and scrunching her face adorably when the Milk Maid tugged a cute white t-shirt over her head. Kara noted a design on the front and glanced down, frowning when she saw that it was a sparkly pink version of her trademark S shield emblem.

A matching pink bonnet followed, Nicole quickly tying it in place under the pretty blonde’s chin, laughing when she saw how cute her victim looked. Supergirl scowled up at her, her blue eyes flashing angrily at The Milk Maid from under the bonnet. Had Kara still been in possession of her heat vision, the giggling villainess would have been reduced to a pile of ashes in a matter of seconds... but thanks to the kryptonite, she didn’t even have enough juice left to light a match.

“And now,” Nicole said, reaching up to undo the hidden snaps in the front of her costume, “I think it’s time for the big baby’s lunch.”

She let the front part of her dress flop forward, revealing her gorgeous, melon-like breasts with the full, erect nipple to the gaping Superheroine, who could only blush and stare. The Milk Maid grinned at her seductively, caressing her big beautiful titties invitingly. In just a few minutes, the sexy Kryptonian Adult Baby would be completely under her thrall.

What do you want to see next?

Supergirl breastfed ‘special’ milk

Wonder Woman changes Zatanna’s diaper

Poison Ivy regressed

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Hey everyone,

Here's just a quick profile of our new villainess, Betsy Wetsy. This one is probably overdue... I know I said I was going to try and have something special for this one but it's not ready yet, so rather than wait around, I'll post this now and the surprise when it's finished. Let me know if you enjoy this little bonus, and if you'd like to see a similar profile for the Milk Maid, let me know. Speaking of which, I'm going to try and have the next part of Regression Crisis ready for the end of the week.

Elizabeth Ann Blaese was an infamous rogue treasure hunter, plunderer of rare antiquities, and black sheep of a prominent family... until she ran afoul of the ancient genie Peemepoopyew. A deliberately misinterpreted wish gifted Elizabeth with the power to control the bodily functions of other women... but in a cruelly ironic twist, left her unable to control her own bladder and bowels. Forced to wear diapers, she used the vast fortune she’d accumulated to travel the world seeking a cure for her affliction. Finding no help in either the realm of science or mysticism, Elizabeth became bitter and angry at her fate.

She wandered aimlessly, using her powers both for good and bad. She uses her abilities sparingly, as using it tends to stimulate her own bowels and bladder, but she has excellent control, able to make any woman within her line of sight involuntarily evacuate her bowels or bladder with but a gesture.

Her own continence in general, however, remains incredibly low, ranking below even the toddler lever. Elizabeth’s bladder retention is effectively nil, and she is unable to control her bowels on any level, with gas, liquid and solid mess escaping either before she feels anything or mere moments after getting the first urge.

Lost, frequently drunk, and often using her powers indiscriminately, she quickly fell under the gaze of Wolfe. Elizabeth find’s Wolfe’s vision of the world intriguing. In her mind, it simply levels the playing field by rendering most other women her age as incontinent as she is. Now embracing her abilities as part of who she is, Elizabeth adopts the bratty Betsy Wetsy persona, dressing like a sexy adult baby, her diapers prominently displayed (and frequently soiled) and wreaking havoc both to further her master’s agenda and for her own personal amusement.


- Betsy’s abilities manifest themselves in the form of a psionic bolt that both stimulates the bladder or bowels and paralyzes the sphincters, causing an almost instantaneous accident. Though she can’t make a subject urinate and defecate with a single bolt, she can project two bolts fast enough that both accidents seem to be occurring simultaneously. Blaese can even control the intensity of the beam, thus controlling the severity of the accident. Using these abilities only cause her a minimal amount of fatigue, about the same as doing some light exercise-- however, the use of her powers also seems to exacerbate her own incontinence, often causing her to wet or mess herself as well.

- Attempting to use her abilities on a male subject leads to a feedback loop, causing them to backfire on her, forcing Elizabeth to wet or mess herself at twice the power level she initially put out.

- Little is known about Blaese’s activities before she began using the Betsy Wetsy identity. With the funds accrued during her last big score, she was now independently wealthy, and had technically achieved all her lifelong goals-- yet her new condition brought her only humiliation and isolation. She initially began using her abilities on a small scale, embarrassing anyone who slighted or maligned her. She wreaked havoc on the beaches of south France and the snobby, society parties of New York and Gotham City... even in the corridors of power in Washington.

- Sources indicate that Blaese is in the midst of a torrid romance with Wolfe (who is intoxicated both by her abilities and by her diaper dependency.) Apparently she and Wolfe are effectively living together, and Wolfe has become her primary diaper changer. As a result, Elizabeth is now falling deeper and deeper into the ABDL lifestyle and has taken to using her Betsy Wetsey persona almost 24/7 now. In spite of her subservient role in their relationship, however, Blaese has been assuming a larger and larger role in Wolfe’s organization and is now believed to be second in command of the entire operation.

- Due to the embarrassing nature of her abilities, it’s difficult to verify rumours of her activities, but there is some evidence to confirm some reports. For example- video footage exists of Blaese causing chaos at a Gotham Knights cheerleaders practice, in which 88% of the squad was sent running to the locker room with wet and/or messy panties.

-Still unconfirmed: sources claim that an encounter with Catwoman while on assignment for Wolfe left the feline arch-criminal in the market for a fresh leather catsuit.

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(Shameless plug) Click here to see a quick preview of a forthcoming art project with the amazing RWedgie! (Shameless plug)

As always, if you're a member of the Audience Participation tier on Patreon, click here to be taken to the poll and help determine what happens next in the story. If you're enjoying the story, don't forget to let me know in the comments.


High above the city, Supergirl inspected the streets and buildings, searching for potential routes for the group to travel. Wolfe’sforce field extended over the tops of the tallest buildings... Kara estimated it’s height at somewhere around a thousand feet, and the far side seemed to extend at least partway into the water of Hobbs Bay. Shutting her eyes briefly, she took a moment to simply enjoy the sun on her skin and the wind in her flowing, golden hair. The heat of the suns rays warmed her, and she could feel her cells filling with raw energy, providing the strength she would need when the conflict finally came.

Kara bristled when she scanned the streets, the sight of the female population reduced to snivelling, drooling, diapered idiots both horrifying and angering her. And Wolfe, she thought with a shiver, what a creep! She pictured his smiling face and tried to feel enough hate to want to smash it... she was disturbed to find herself strangely attracted to him instead.

Throwing back her shoulders, she did her best to force it from her mind, using her x-ray vision to finish her job before she reported back toWonder Woman.


Far below, Wolfe’s final henchwoman, Nicole Foster, AKA The Milk Maid, observed her prey through a pair of powerful binoculars, studying Kara’s fresh, sexy body hungrily. Everything was in place now... she needed only activate the weapon. Neutralizing the young Kryptonian had posed quite a challenge, of course, but Wolfe had solved the problem with his usual ingenuity. If things worked out as planned, the beautiful alien demi-goddess would be quite helpless... not to mention in need of a nice, fresh diaper. Nicole smirked, her heart thumping at the thought of wiping the lovely Supergirl’s perky young bottom before slipping the whimpering heroine into a diaper.

The mere thought of it made her nipples tingle.Nicole set aside the binoculars, yawned and stretched, her almost unnaturally large bosom heaving and thrusting, appealing in her skimpy costume, her cleavage glistening with sweat in the hot sunlight.

Nicole’s costume, a highly sexualized version of the already sexy traditional milk maid’s uniform accentuated her womanly figure... particularly her massive mammaries, which strained the stitches of her outrageously short and tight outfit. She couldn’t resist the urge to reach up and rub them firmly, thinking about the young heroine, robbed of her powers, defenceless and diapered, suckling from her breasts, her special milk leading the hapless heroine deeper and deeper into a second infancy.

She looked over at the remote control... the one that would call their special weapon into action. It was just a matter of waiting for the right moment.


“My my... that is a filthy diaper,” Diana exclaimed with a hearty laugh, enjoying the way Betsy’s face turned red... especially when the growing crowd of spectators began to chuckle. Many of them were victims of Betsy’s errant psionic bolts, their pants wet or messy, and they were eager to see the bratty Betsy get her just desserts.

“Let me go, you bossy bitch!” Betsy squealed, kicking her feet futilely in the air beneath her, poopy diaper squishing against her bum with every little move she made.

“Awww... is baby Betsy fussy?” Wonder Woman teased with a smile. “Huh? Is her pamper all full of poopy? Does she need a change from mommy?

“YOU WOULDN’T DARE!!” Elizabeth growled through gritted teeth. “You don’t scare me, bimbo! I’m a world class escape artist, and when I get this stupid rope off me, you’re going to be in so much trouble!”

Diana smirked... the little brat was certainly a big talker for someone tied up in a poopy diaper! The gorgeous amazon warrior couldn’t resist having a little fun with her Lasso of Truth.

“Oh, come on” Diana prompted, “are you sure you hate diapers all that much?”

“Not really,” the lasso forced Betsy to answer automatically, the words flowing out of her without thought or permission. “They’re so soft and puffy against my butt and pussy... I really love the way they rub up against me when I move.” Elizabeth’s eyes grew round with shock, her cheeks going red with every embarrassing revelation she made. She tried to stop, but she was powerless to prevent herself from blathering her secrets. “There’s just something about the way they feel between my thighs... especially when they’re wet!” she gushed, shuddering, every embarrassing revelation she made bringing her closer to tears. “Honestly, I’d probably wear them even if I wasn’t incontinent!”

By the time she’d finished, the crowd was openly laughing at her... but the worst was yet to come.

“Barbara, spread the changing mat out for me, please,” Diana said, flashing Betsy a smile that made the bratty adult baby gulp. “I think our would-be villainess needs a diaper change!”

The crowd whooped it’s approval, especially when Batgirl complied with a smile, her own thoroughly soiled pampers temporarily forgotten. She reached into the pink diaper bag Mrs. Crenshaw had given her, withdrawing the pink plastic changing mat and spreading it on the ground.

“What?!” Betsy cried, struggling to free her arms. “Hey, c’mon, you can’t do that!”

“Who’s gonna stop me?” Wonder Woman asked, laughing heartily as she deposited Betsy down on her squirming bottom atop the changing mat with a moist squish.

“EEEWWW!” the villainess cried, sitting stiffly in her own muddy mess. Though the sensation of sitting in a wet and messy diaper was hardly unfamiliar at this point, it still made the snooty Elizabeth sick to squish around in a messy diaper. “So GROSS!”

“Get comfy, brat,” Diana said, shoving Betsy down onto her back roughly, the pink mat crinkling noisily beneath her. “Time to change that diaper!”

“Nnnnooooo!” Betsy cried, her protests drown out by the laughter and cheers of the spectators. “C’mon, don’t change me here! It’s so embarrassing!”

“What about all the people you embarrassed with your naughty behaviour?” Wonder Woman asked in a patronizing tone, reaching down to take hold of the first tape of the front of Elizabeth’s diaper and ripping it open with a loud tearing sound. “Hmmm? Do you think they care about your feelings on the matter?” Diana tore open another tape, the noise enough to make Betsy jump a bit.

“Please don’t do this! Please just take me to the changing room!” Betsy whined, begging shamelessly, bristling and blushing when the crowd giggled in response to her whinging.

“Darling, you hush! You’d better settle down for your diaper change,” Diana said, fixing her with a steely glare, “or you’re going to wind up over my knee!”

Betsy gasped and bit her lip, forcing herself to remain still as the powerful superheroine tore open the remaining tabs from the front of her diaper. A nightmarish sense of vertigo rushed over her, an all consuming sense of humiliation as the front of her pampers were slowly pealed down, revealing both her pretty pink pussy, smooth and bare as could be, and the big brown mess inside to the gawking rabble.

“Ewwww!” they cried in unison, the crowd taking a collective step back as the stink wafted over them. Squeezing her eyes shut, Elizabeth blushed and fought back tears, moaning with shame. It looked like a packet of brownie mix had exploded inside her diaper, the seat loaded with thick, brown poop. Her buttocks were also smeared quite thoroughly, and the cleft between them had been filled to the top with the sticky mess.

“Oh dear,” Wonder Woman said, surveying the mess before her. “I can we’ve got our work cut out for us. Pass me the wipes please, Batgirl.”

“With pleasure Wonder Woman,” Barbara chuckled, fishing the wipes out of the bag and handing them over. Diana didn’t hesitate, taking the tearful Betsy’s ankles in one powerful hand and lifting her legs into the air. Elizabeth began to sniffle when her poopy tushy was lifted into the air, exposing it for the entire world to see. Pulling a wipe from the container, Diana went to work, slowly but firmly wiping the squirming villainess’ bottom clean. The Wolfe brand wipes were extra large and thick, designed especially for cleaning off an Adult Baby bum, and they did their job well.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a big, messy baby before,” Diana said teasingly, cleaning off Betsy’s rump with strong, powerful motions. “Phew! What are they feeding you, babykins?”

“Not a baby...” Betsy protested weakly, blushing, near tears as the gathered crowd enjoyed a good laugh at her expense. She was certainly paying an embarrassing price for her attempted villainy!

“Oh, of course not, honey,” Diana said sarcastically, working her way inward with the wet wipe, cleaning off Betsy’s plump cheeks before going to work on the crack, discarding the wipes and drawing new ones as needed. “Grown women get their dirty diapers changed by complete strangers all the time!”

The crowd chuckled appreciatively, and Betsy just blushed brightly, praying for her ordeal to end. Once finished, Diana placed the used wipes in the dirty diaper and rolled it all up into a bundle, which she discarded in a nearby bin. Barbara already had a fresh diaper ready for her, and Diana took Betsy by the ankles and lifted her butt into the air to slip the thick, plastic underpants beneath her.

The powder came next... the Amazon Princess dusted the pink domes of Betsy’s freshly wiped tushy with white powder, then patted it in firmly. Elizabeth gulped and blushed... it was just a little too close to being spanked by the powerful heroine for her comfort!

The process was repeated on her shiny bald pussy, the gathered crowd tittering and chortling at her embarrassment. Betsy almost said a prayer of thanks when the diaper was finally pulled up and sealed closed around her waist.

With the lasso still pinning her arms to her sides, Betsy allowed Diana to help her to her feet. The new diaper was even thicker than the last, pushing her thighs apart and forcing her to waddle. The crowd clapped and whooped, greatly appreciating the little show... Elizabeth wanted to crawl into a hole and die!

Diana looked at the freshly diapered Betsy Wetsy with satisfaction... but her job had just begun. Both Zatanna and Batgirl were in desperate need of their own diaper changes... and Diana knew there was just one Woman for the job!

What should we focus on next?

Wonder Woman changes Zatanna and Batgirl’s diapers

Supergirl VS. The Milk Maid

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It’s the waiting that’s always the hardest part, Elizabeth ‘Betsy Wetsy’ Blaese thought with a sigh. She’d taken up a place on a crowded playground in order to better blend in while she stalked her query and waited for Wolfe’s go ahead. Brilliant plan... but all these drooling Adult Toddlers were starting to get on her nerves. Like real babies, Wolfe’s regressees frequently had a hard time keeping their hands to themselves... a fact she was reminded of when the little blonde terror with the kissable red lips sitting next to her reached over and gave one of Betsy’s pigtails a savage tug.

“Cut it out, you brat!” Betsy growled, shooting an angry look at the chortling 20 year old toddler. Grumbling, she turned her attention back to the trio of superheroines. Betsy grinned as she watched Wonder Woman casually checking big baby Zatanna’s oversized pampers like a pro, hefting her infantilized superfriend against her hip like a real mommy. I wonder if she’ll manage her own diapers quite so well, Blaese thought with a smile. I can’t wait to take that smug bimbo down...

She was distracted by the chiming of her phone. Finally, she thought, reaching into the discrete pocket on the front of her dress and taking out her phone (to the dull curiosity of the baby-women around her, who watched, memories of their own once ubiquitous devices flickering, but ultimately failing to manifest within their diminished minds.)

She grinned when she saw a simple text from Wolfe’s familiar number with one simple word: engage.

How cheesy can you get? she thought with a smile, tucking the phone back into her pocket. Elizabeth was about to rise when she felt another sharp tugging at her pig tail. Furious, she shot an angry look at the stupid, drool coated face of her tormentor, once again chortling mindlessly at her wit, staring into Betsy’s eyes, dumb and challenging, waiting for her to get angry, maybe even lash out at her.

But Elizabeth didn’t get angry, didn’t raise her voice or react with violence. Instead, she simply smiled coldly into the round and ignorant face of the blonde bully, and winked knowingly.

“Bombs away baby,” she said smoothly, wriggling her fingers in her adversary's direction, projecting her intentions forward like a bolt of pure will.

For Tara Bellding, 20-going-on-2-year-old bully of the playground, the effect was immediate and absolutely without warning. One moment, she was chuckling away at her wit, squirming on her diapered bottom and congratulating herself on another successful practical joke. Seconds later, without any urge or warning of any kind, she felt her back passage open, heard herself farting noisily, grunting ever so slightly when a mushy load of hot brown poopy surged out of her bum and flowed thickly into the seat of her thick, crinkly pampers.

Tara gasped, knowing on some level she should probably try to regain control of herself, but the idea was a bad joke; even if she hadn’t had the required knowledge removed from her mind, she possessed neither the strength or the ability to stop her sphincter from opening, a huge, stinky mudpie thundering noisily into the seat of her pampers. Giggling with self satisfaction, Betsy sat back and watched, highly amused by the little grunts and squeaks Tara was making as she uncontrollably filled her pants.

The noises and smells drew instant stares and giggles from the other regressed women in the area. The regressees possessed an almost universal love of toilet humour, and soon Tara was surrounded by a ring of giggling Adult Babies, pointing and crinkling their noses in her direction.

Finally, the mess blurped to a finish. Tara sat for a moment, cloaked in a cloud of stink, her lips quivering before she burst into tears, getting up on her hands and knees, the seat of her diapers lumpy, bulging, and stained brown behind her. “Mommy! MMMMOOOMMMYYY!” she howled, melodramatic tears rolling down her cheeks, crawling for dear life towards the edge of the playground,poopy diaper wobbling behind her as she went.

Elizabeth gave a sadistic little laugh (ignoring the feeling of her bladder going slack against her will, her diaper going warm and moist beneath her) before rising to her feet and walking towards her targets with a purpose... it was time to go to work.

Wonder Woman bounced Big Baby Zatanna in her arms softly and patted her thick diaper butt soothingly. The beautiful young woman was dozing soundly in Diana’s arms, clinging to her tightly with both her arms and legs. Diana would rather she just kept sleeping, but her pampers were getting awfully soggy-- the last thing she wanted was for her friend to get a diaper rash. Diana was now faced with deciding whether or not she should change her comrade’s pampers.

Nobody said leadership would be easy, Princess, she thought with a sigh, debating the matter in her mind... never suspecting that just a few feet away, Betsy Wetsy was about to make the decision for her.

So many deserving targets, so little time, Betsy thought, getting into a position from which she could strike any of the three heroines (well, two heroines and a drooling diaper babe, she thought with a grin.) She considered starting with Wonder Britches herself-- it would demoralize them as a group, make it easier for her to take control, and besides, who didn’t want to see those tight little bloomers all packed with poop?

Ultimately, however, the image of Zatanna majorly messing her diaper in Wonder Woman’s arms was simply too tempting for her to pass up-- and what better way to announce her presence? Elizabeth was charmed by the idea of having the drop on them-- of the mighty Wonder Woman and Batgirl knowing exactly what was going to happen to them... and there not being a thing they could do about it.

With a naughty thrill, she gestured subtly, aiming a potent psionic bolt right at Zatanna’s bulky, crinkly tushy, watching gleefully, feeling the bolt make contact and...

The effect was almost instantaneous-- without any warning, a load of messy poo-poo suddenly erupted from the still sleeping Zatanna, filling the back of her diaper with a sizable fart.

She awoke in Diana’s arms with a start, emitting a surprised squeak. She was shocked to find she was in the midst of pooping her pampers, her back passage open to it’s absolute limit to accommodate the squelching, crackling mess that came thundering out of her. She gazed up at Diana, her wide eyes already brimming with tears, and tried to explain as best her regressed mind could:

“MMMAAA-MMMAAA!” the ex-sorceress howled, clinging tightly to the powerful superheroine, the stink of her load beginning to emerge. “ME MAKE BOOM-BOOM! WWWAAAAHHAAAA!”

“Oh my!” Diana exclaimed, feeling the load growing through the seat of Zatanna’s pampers. “Darling are you all right?” She asked, ever selfless and concerned, seemingly oblivious of the odour that was enveloping the area.

“Believe it or not, she’s the least of your problems, princess!”

Diana turned towards the mocking voice and was stunned to see her challenger. In her frilly dress with her big (and apparently wet) diaper bulging quite visibly beneath it, she didn’t seem to pose much of a threat to the mighty Wonder Woman or the brilliant Batgirl.

But there was something about the way she carried herself, her swaggering, arrogant manner cut through her ridiculous appearance, that made Diana wary-- Wolfe was a clever man; Diana knew he was sure to surround himself with equally formidable individuals.

“Call me... Betsy Wetsy,” Elizabeth said, her voice rich and sensuous, “and I’m here to mess up your day!”

Batgirl snorted derisively. “Betsy Wetsy? Boy, these villains are really running out of--”

“Pipe down, Brat-girl,” Betsy commanded, casually aiming a finger in her direction.

With a gasp, Barbara once again felt her bladder loosen against her will, the already soaked and soggy pamper between her legs growing dangerously saturated.

“Batgirl! Are you OK?” Wonder Woman asked, simultaneously bouncing Zatanna in her arms, trying unsuccessfully to calm her down.

“I’d start worrying about myself, if I were you,” Betsy said with a cold smile, watching as Wonder Woman settled Zatanna down on a nearby bench, the adult baby squirming and fussing when the poopy load in her pants squished under her bottom. “You’re going to look so cute with a steaming hot load in your britches!”

“Why are you helping Wolfe?” Diana asked fiercely, determined to face what came with a warriors dignity.

“I’m just levelling the playing field, honey... if I can’t keep my pants clean why should you?” she asked spitefully, pointing her finger at the Amazon Princess and preparing to strike.

“NO!” Barbara cried. She knew instinctively that Diana was a symbol of something much larger than any of them.. she couldn’t allow anything to happen to Wonder Woman... no matter what the cost!

Almost without thinking, Barbara threw herself in front of Diana moments before Elizabeth fired. Batgirl couldn’t feel the impact of the bolt, but she could feel it’s effects almost immediately. For the second time that day, she felt her buttocks parting, felt her sphincter dilate, without her consent, and felt her body forcing out a large poopy load, totally beyond her control.

She gave an anguished cry, collapsing into Diana’s arms, the diaper growing heavy and lumpy behind her. Her eyes locked on Diana’s, who instantly understood her friend’s sacrifice... she didn’t intend to let it go to waste.

After helping Barbara to her feet, Diana began to move, sprinting headlong for a nearby bus shelter. Correctly surmising that Betsy’s powers could only work if she was within the villain's direct line of sight, Diana poured on the speed in a desperate attempt to avoid falling victim the way her comrades had.

“Hold still, damn you!” Betsy roared, throwing her hands out and tossing bolts at random. Wonder Woman gritted her teeth and pumped her legs furiously, narrowly avoiding Betsy’s shots, acutely aware of the screams and curses of the innocent bystanders as Betsy’s bolts slammed into them behind her, the sounds of farty messes filling panties and urine spattering to the ground filling her ears. Behind her, women were screaming and moaning and grunting, Betsy’s errant bolts causing them to spontaneously piss and shit their panties or diapers, filling Diana with fury... this little brat needed to be taught a serious lesson!

Diana ducked behind the bus shelter.. but she didn’t remain hidden for long. Stooping, she scooped up a handful of gravel from the path. Moments later, she was on the move again-- right after hurling the handful of pebbles at Betsy’s face.

“Aaagh!” Elizabeth cried, throwing up her arms just in time to avoid a face-full of rocks. “You bloody bitch! I’m gonna make you shit your brains out!”

But Betsy had lost sight of her opponent for one crucial second... and that was all the Amazonian Princess needed to gain the advantage.

The diapered villainess spun on her heel in desperate search of her foe-- and she was just in time to see Diana tossing her brilliantly glowing lasso in her direction... and there was no way she’d have a chance to dodge.

“No!” Betsy had time to yell, feeling the rope glide over her, then cinch tightly around her waist, pinning her arms at her sides, effectively rendering her powers useless.

She wriggled and squirmed, hopping up and down ridiculously... all for naught. The lasso was pulled tight, and when she saw Wonder Woman smile in her direction, Elizabeth felt her bladder go loose inside her, the pamper between her legs going warm and wet once more.

“YEEE!” she cried sharply when Diana gave the rope a strong pull, sending Betsy hurtling through the air towards her.

Dazed and dizzy, Betsy realized she was literally in the powerful princess’ hands, her feet dangling several inches off the ground.

“You little brat!” Diana growled in her face, baring her teeth. “Your conduct is not only dishonourable... it’s absolutely childish! Someone ought to teach you a good lesson, young lady!”

The mere threat was enough to overwhelm Betsy Wetsy’s delicate bowels; without warning, she started pooping her pants uncontrollably, her diaper going lumpy and brown behind her. Diana was surprised to find herself actually smiling at this turn of events. Listening to Betsy’s diaper filling with a symphony of farts and squishes, she knew the villainess’ comeuppance was only beginning.

What should Betsy’s punishment be?

A spanking on the seat of her dirty diaper

An embarrassing public diaper change

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Parker Longabaugh

This is just going to be a quick poll to see what everyone wants. I'm not sure if these are the best examples, but they should at least give you an idea. If anyone wants to submit pics of your own that you think better represent the look in question, by all means post it in the comments. Click here to take the poll (this one is open to the public.)

1. Pixie cut:

2. Bowl cut:

3. Baby curl:

(see full pics on SpankingToons.)

4. Shaved bald

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