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For more information on the contest and prizes, visit…
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For more information on the contest and prizes, visit
  • Reading: The Art of Toy Story 3
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I'm holding a drawing contest on my blog.

------------ Theme ------------

The first challenge will be related to character design. The theme is animal(s) in a competitive sport environment. It can be any animal in any sport.

For example, it can be a rhinoceros extreme skiing down a snow capped mountain, turtles in synchronized swimming, ostriches doing the Tour de France, a snake playing snooker, etc.

It's up to you and what you can imagine. Draw it in your own style, be it realistic, vector, stylised, manga or whatever.

No mutations please. Things like werewolves (man and wolf) is out.

------------ Prizes ------------

There are two sets of prizes.

Set A below will be for the winner chosen by judge(s), who is me and whoever I can find. You'll get to choose one of the three prizes when you win.

    * A Sketchy Past: The Art of Peter de Seve
    * Daily Zoo Year 1 & Year 2 (hardcovers)
    * The Art of Animal Character Design

Set B below will be for the winner with the highest number of votes, the most popular piece that is. You'll get to choose one of the two prizes.

    * The Art of How to Train Your Dragon
    * The Art of Kung Fu Panda

------------ Details ------------

    * Contest name: Animals in Competitive Sports
    * Deadline: 7 May 2010, Friday
    * Image size: 1024 px wide
    * Colour mode: RGB
    * File format: JPEG, maximum quality
    * Each person is limited to three entries (if you're up to it)
    * This giveaway is open to all and where Amazon can ship to.
    * Two winners will be chosen, one by jury and one by voting.
    * Results will be announced one week after the deadline.

In the case that both the winners are the same, I'll give the Set B prize to the second most popular (voted) illustration.

Delivery notes:
You can either send your file as an attachment using email or provide me with an URL to your image file.

Send it to parkablogs at gmail dot com with the subject "Animals in Competitive Sports".

Other information required:

    * Real Name
    * Credit line (if different from real name)
    * Website address (if any)
    * Email

If you have any questions, just let me know via the comments section.

That's all.

Have fun!

-- The main contest page is on my blog at…
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I'm holding a giveaway contest on my blog until 23 Dec 2009. Share with others your favourite art books from 2009 and you can win some great prizes.

Visit… for the contest
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I'm running a giveaway for my blog followers.
Deadline is 8 Nov 2009.
Check out more details at this link below…
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My blog has moved to

If you're a regular reader, do update your bookmarks and RSS feed. Thanks!
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  • Reading: Massive Black Volume 1
Just received two books, The Art of Halo 3… and The Cinematic Art of World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King… .

My reviews for them are up, with pictures and flipping-page video. The books are filled with tons of top quality concept art and paintings.

Check them out!
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I'm having a little contest on my blog.…

To participate, simply reply to the following question in the comments section of my blog:

Question: What's your top 3 favourite art books from 2008?

Some rules
You must list 3 art books and provide a few sentences to explain why you like the art book.
Closing date: 30 Dec 2008
Prize: $20 voucher
There will be one winner chosen randomly.
Results will be announced on 31st Dec 2008.
Do not leave your email in the comments, I'll release the contact details on 31st Dec 2008. So please check back on 31st Dec 2008.

Take this also as an opportunity to share with others your favourite art books, and also find out what others like!
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I've just uploaded the book reviews for two books:

Covers by James Jean —…

Liquid City —…
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Just uploaded some photos from Anime Festival Asia 2008 to Flickr.…
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I've just finished the art book review for Street Fighter Tribute on my blog. There are pictures and video.

Check it out.

It's a very good book!…
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  • Reading: Street Fighter Tribute
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The Singapore F1 night race is finally over. Over the past few days, The New Paper has been publishing some infographics as coverage for the event. Here's a look at the making of one F1 infographics we've published.…
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I've recently added lots of artbook reviews on my blog. They are mostly artbooks related to computer generated movies. E.g. Kung Fu Panda, Hellboy, Monsters Inc, Monster House, Open Season, etc.

Check out the full list at…
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Fellow colleague, aka rocketraygun, posted his web comic Razor Falls. Check it out, it's 6 pages.…
  • Reading: Bruce Lee Still Alive
For a detailed process on creating a newspaper comic strip, I think the one I'm about to recommend is pretty comprehensive. In fact, 42-page comprehensive.

For Better or For Worst, the making…
I've decided to end Val and Jaws and devote my time somewhere else. I'll still draw the comic strip if ever I see anything funny but I won't be doing that on a daily basis as it is now.

Thanks for the comments everyone has given. It was really great and I really appreciate them. I'll definitely compile all the Val and Jaws comic into a pdf book, to be distributed free at the end of the year.

Once again, thanks.
This is a new comic strip I found on the web called What The Duck.
It's about a cute duck who's a photographer and its adventures.


Here's the link
Val and Jaws will be back one week later while I'm burning precious time away at ICT (In Camp Training).

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, you can check out Ann Telnaes' political cartoon website. It's amazingly good.
"If you think back, and replay your year - if it doesn't bring you tears of joy or sadness, consider the year wasted."
- John Cage, Ally Mcbeal

I finished watching Ally Mcbeal season 1 after I managed to get my hands on the DVDs. There comes the quote at the last season that got me, frozen in time, wondering if I can replay all my years, how many of which would bring me tears.

Not a lot, and I don't feel very good saying that.

I'll be clearing some leave days from company, aka, getting a breather from work. I wonder if there are any meaningful things I can do because I just simply can't think of any.
Two blogs thrilled me yesterday.

The first is a fan site called LUXO, a blog featuring Pixar animation studios. It has lots of entries on Pixar related stuff. You have to bookmark it if you're a fan of Pixar.

While on the site, I managed to chance upon an Interview with Ralph Eggleston, the production designer/art director of Pixar. That guy is terrific at using pastels! The interview is like the behind-the-scenes series from all of Pixar's movie DVDs.

Here's the link for the interview in audio.…

If you need some visuals, visit this link below.…

The second site is Spline Doctors.
This blog site is by animators/animation teachers from Pixar! On the right has links to other amazing sites!