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Businessman silhouette

32 businessman silhouette.

Created in Illustrator saved as an EPS file.

Link back to this page if you do use them.

There's a businesswoman set at

Check out my blog for more goodies. [link]
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May I use this image for our company website?
The name of the company is Intellim. It's Japanese company. 
Hi, This one is a really awesome vector.
Such a great work!

Can I ask for your permission to use it for a company brochure? it's not for public or marketing event.
Just for internal use only. Thank you very much Parka.
You Rock. :D
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Sure. No problem. 
Hi Parka ! I was wandering if i could use this for a little commercial appication on a board made for engineer school ?
Your work is great and the pack is really complete... Anyway, Thx so much for your work

Thank you for doing such great vector work!  I'd like to use two of your graphics (one man, one woman) for commercial use in a training plan infographic.  Would that be all right?  Thanks!
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Sure. No problem
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thanks. great set
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This is an amazing vector pack, great skills!
Can i use this on a PPT for my company Ci?
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good job done...... in :+fav:

.......... [link]

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Great! I am using it for a schoolassignment.
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thanks for the vector!!
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Hi parka,
Nice work. Moreover, I see that your vectors are for free, in this case you could also upload them on, it's a good way to promote and share your work with more people. I also have an account there, check here: [link] Keep up the good work.
it is free to use some of them in commercial site?
Thanks a lot,
great job
Hey Parka,
I would love to use only the upper body of one of your businessman vectors as small part of an infographic (without tie and mobile phone). Please let me know, if this is ok for you and if I have to link back to this page in this case. Thank you very much!
And great praise for your work. Cheers, selina
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Sure. No problem.
Hello, nice silhouettes! Could I use this pack to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a law firm/pharmaceutical company? Thanks!
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Sure. No problem.
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Hey just wondering if I could use this stock as a part of a short intro video im making for a small business im working with, intended for a business expo.
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Sure. No problem.
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