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Last Years Favourite Artists

Tue Jan 1, 2013, 6:04 PM
So since I'm sure we all love other artists and finding new ones that we may not have known about, I'm gonna share my favorite artists from 2012
This group of individuals have been especially inspirational/influential this year so there's a good chance I actually knew about these artists from before that year

So without further delay, here are my favourite artists from 2012 (in the order of those I know by name w/o dA, those I know by name w/ dA and then those I just know from dA):

Paolo Rivera
Stuart Immonen

Jonathan Glapion :iconjonathanglapion:
Ken Lashley :iconledkilla:
Mark Brooks :icondiablo2003:
James Harren :iconjharren:
Kris Anka :iconanklesnsocks:
John Rauch :iconjohnrauch:
Eddy Swan :iconeddy-swan-colors:
Ryan Ottley :iconryanottley:
Jeff Wamester :iconjeffwamester:
Chris Copeland :iconchriscopeland:
Sanford Greene :icongreenestreet:
Troy Galluzzi :icontroygalluzzi:
Julian Totino Tedesco :iconjuliantotinotedesco:
Robert Porter :iconrobaato:
Matthew Wilson :iconfatheadwilson:
Leinil Yu :iconleinilyu:


So yeah, if you want to just check out these funky fresh artists then I encourage it but these are my faves for the year. I look forward to see who's on the list next year.

Enjoy and I hope you all have a good new year

Am I anyone's favourite artist yet? (haha I doubt it)

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