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How would you reboot the Marvel Universe?

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 8, 2013, 8:11 AM

Because I am a strong believer that Marvel should cut the crap and just start their universe over (or just give us a new cannon universe). Now the stories are just dull or really over the top stupid (except a few of course). So I'm asking you, given the opportunity, how would you reboot Marvel's Universe?

It can be anything, what would you change? What would you add? Who would you leave out? Where would you start?

Leave a comment below if you have one or just enjoy what others have to say (if anyone says anything at all)

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Skywalker114 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
In my ideal Marvel Universe, Wolverine is NOT attracted to Jean Grey.

A) I'm a Jott shipper.
B) He only likes Jean because she reminds him of Rose.
C) Wolverine would have a lot more chemistry with Storm.
DarkxNight Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Student General Artist
I would give more time between the action to develop characterization, and maybe even get different artists to make short stories into a collection centering on certain characters. I would change the dialogue to be less...uh..bolded every other word. I would give the women more practical costumes in many cases. I guess I would just slow things down and let them just relax and be human sometimes. Y'know, talk with other people, hang out on weekends. Sure, not possible all the time, but I wish they would be more relatable.
teshawndwyer Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Have goku come down from the heavens and do a spirit bomb. Then they can reboot.
ParisAlleyne Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Professional
Man that’s your answer for everything
teshawndwyer Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013
Lol in all seriousness. If they ever do a reboot and I don't know if they do this now cause I haven't read a current Marvel book in a hot minute. Focus on the mutants. Could have a book about kid mutants, mutant teams, old people getting powers..tons of angles to spin it. Also mashing up of genres like some romance. I know they had that Wolverine+Domino book...never read it though.
MercyInk87 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Either use Scarlet Witch or the Watcher against the resurrected Phoenix Force.
MuteAssassin Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
I'm gonna leave a whole summary of what I'd do here. But be warned it is lengthy and I haven't read marvel since early 2000 so some data may have been changed...

I would use a team up of the Avengers: Spider-man (although I have a problem with the Superior), Captain Amercan, Iron man, Scarlet Witch, and Vision.

Anyway something happens way out in the edge of space and the Watcher assembles the Avengers to go deal with it saying they're"The bravest warriors his ever known" or some crap. When they get to the edge of space they find that the universe is warping and twisting around this planet that they know absolutly nothing about. They all agree no one is to leave the ship until they know whats going on, but Parker (being Otto in reality) leaves the ship because he wants to study it. He's out there for sometime before anyone notices his absence. He see's something, goes wide-eyed, whispers, "No." Cut to black.

Back on the ship them team finds his space suit, or whatever it is they use today, missing and they send Vision out to find him. Vision goes down to the planet, keeping radio contact with them the whole time when he finds Spider-man's mask. He looks up from the ground just in time to get slamed in the face by a huge fist. He turns back to the one responsible to hear, "Thanos reigns."

Thanos then rips Vision apart, but being a robot, Vision survives it. Thanos takes his head and begins to explain his plan: He wants to be with death and it has finally come to his mind that he could use the Reality Gem to destroy the universe. That way he and everyone else can go to his Mistress. But to destroy all life in the universe he must use the oldest living creature in the universe and so he's warping reality to bring it to him.

On the ship again everone grabs their gear and goes to fight Thanos. But Thanos is ready for them, patient, and malevolent. He gives them the chance to take the gauntlet from them but they must do so in a one on one fight. Tony being that he's cocky because they've beaten him before quickly agrees. But today Thanos is in full control and smacks each one of them across the room.

Here comes Galactus. Brought by the power of this planet that may finally stop his hunger. If he eats this planet, though, Thanos wins. It would not only kill the oldest living being in the Universe but it would warp reality without fail because the gauntlet would go with it.

Scarlet witch feeling she has one option left places a hex on the gauntlet which shatters. Instead of stopping the reality warping going on around the gauntlet, it speeds up. Thanos is still unhappy that the gauntlet is broke approaches Scarlet witch and grabs her by the neck lifting her up just in time for everything to go white. Have a zoom out, go white thing going on like everything is being erased unilt it gets to Earth. Here the Heroes are gathered to face a foe that they do not understand and are up prepared for. The eraseing white slowly begins to form around the earth destroying S.H.E.I.L.D. helicarriers and the heroes flying to met it.

Franklin Richards, afraid he's going to die, uses his reality warping ablities to hold the white emptiness at bay, but as his powers being to slip it moves ever closer, and closer, and closer. Reed and Sue, seeing that their son can't hold off the emptiness any longer tell him to let go. The whole FF comes to him, its a touching moment, everyone's crying.

He lets go.

The emptiness takes everything, busses, trees, cars, cats, dogs, people, heroes, everything. Everything except Franklin. Sitting in the white emptiness of space and feeling totally alone Franklin starts crying. Then screams and lashes out with all his power as he does so he recreates the universe from the begining.

The only problem is, this is not Franklin's universe. Things are out of place, its the start of a new universe and everything he knows never existed. The earth is still forming beneath his feet. He then beginso feel hungry. A hunger unlike any his ever felt before. He uses his powers to leap through space insearch of somethig to eat. All the while, leaving a trail of power behind.

And from here you start everyone's origins at issue one.
GuineaPigDan Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013   Filmographer
I'd write a story in which Mephisto makes a deal with every superhero that changes all their pasts in some way, causing the timeline to reset. :evillaugh:
Lightdasher360 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I'd make sure that One More Day Never Happened, or at least make sure that Peter never revealed his identity. That single decision out his family's life in danger, made his enemies even more angry with him (especially Otto), and made it practically impossible to solve problems as Peter that he couldn't solve as Spidey. It's as if the writers forgot just how significant his secret identity was and the advantages that it had.
I'd also redo the with the scenario for the ending to The Amazing Spider-Man where Otto and Peter switched bodies. It seems like Pete's just going to slowly gain his body back, and Otto may never return, so, if that does happen, then this entire plot for Superior Spider-Man is pointless. I'm starting to think that the writers are using Superior to reshape Peter's outlook on everything. So far, he's even come to the realization that Otto's better than Pete in the regard that he was able to "get over" MJ.
And the Alpha story had so much potential, but it was rushed out. Ok, Mini-rant over, I can see that this is getting too long. There's plenty more that I'd change, but only for Spidey. After all, you should stick to what you know, right?
DevilishInk Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Professional
start from scratch, make the more unbelievable characters a little more grounded in reality and make the believable ones grittier
ParisAlleyne Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Professional
Do you really think we need a whole line of gritty characters?
DevilishInk Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Professional
no not a whole line, but make them a little more relatable. Captain America, although a great character is not as relatable as say Spiderman. Cap is cool, but is almost a century behind because of his history, in order to make him more relatable, dont replace steve rogers, but update him, his look, and maybe he'll begin to embrace the 2013 counter culture.
agentbeast Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Crisis on Infinite Earths, but for Marvel.
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