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Vision vs. Martian spade92 col

So the mysterious colourist:iconspade92: did another amazing job
this time he coloured my picture of Vision fighting Martian Manhunter
the original can be found here[link]

check him out
this is the third picture he's worked on and I'm still really pleased with what he's come up with
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vision cannot best martian might..
gunswordfist's avatar
Vision beats dat ass.
Cryptid-Girl's avatar
YEAH, the untimale battle between to heroes who are extremely similar.
Redlight47's avatar
Not really, Martian Manhunter is a being with complete psychokenetic control over his molecular structure, giving him the ability to have nearly any power he wants by thought.

Where as vision is a robot who can spread his molecules and has a head beam.
Mark-W-Allison's avatar
Here's a fight that's gonna take a while
slim2108's avatar
great matchup
slim2108's avatar
great matchup
ParisAlleyne's avatar
ARH1997's avatar
Androids and Martians, two things that are seldom seen together. But, they work in perfect harmony in this picture.
MARR-PHEOS's avatar
i think both of these characters tend to be under used and some what misused. great looking piece.
ParisAlleyne's avatar
I know what you mean
Vision is seldom seem anymore
but he's such a cool character

and I'm not really a dc man
MARR-PHEOS's avatar
i've got nothing against young avengers, but i feel like the vision is almost being wasted as there as a member.
ParisAlleyne's avatar
I could never get into the young avengers
he seemed like he should have had like ironman adventures

hey that would be a good team-up
HiltonC's avatar
I would love to see these two characters in a serious fight but until then, I'm more than happy to wet my eyes with this super-cool picture.
ParisAlleyne's avatar
I think there was a comic that did match them up against each other
HiltonC's avatar
Yea it was DC vs Marvel but it wasn't a serious book. The fights were pretty lame and there was way too much humor.
ParisAlleyne's avatar
it's sad when they screw up a comic with too much humor
HiltonC's avatar
Yea I agree, maybe one day they will do it the correct way but untill then, pictures like this one will have to do. Once again, great work.
saintvulcan's avatar
"missed me" "no it is you who has missed me"

i know if this ever happened that'd have to be what they'd say lol
dawnbest's avatar
Pretty cool, bro. I like how the movement *flows* that's not something alot of people get, and it's hard to teach.
ParisAlleyne's avatar
thanks for the kind words
whiteknight222's avatar
All colored up I see :) cool looks nice.
ParisAlleyne's avatar
the colourist does some pretty good work:D:D
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