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The Defenders

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Rest In Piece, you were all great while you lasted :'(
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How much would something like this cost to commission? :) amazing art btw!
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One of the best Defenders artwork I´ve seen
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Awesome! Do you do requests?
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I don't sorry, but commissions are always open
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Good art. I just watched The Defenders on Netflix. Overall I was very disappointed. The whole plot with The Hand was just ridiculous and convoluted. There were too many unanswered questions and I don't understand why they had to shoehorn Elektra into the plot. Too many characters over clutter the plot and there were too many annoying characters Emote| Rick Rolls his eyes . I think the producers should have gotten better showrunners, because The Defenders had the same showrunners that ruined Daredevil Season 2.
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Well we're all entitled to our opinions
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If only Iron Fist's fist glowed that way in the series... 
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Still wondering when the Iron Fist gets his suit..
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Nice! Great likeness! I wonder if Danny will get his costume for second season of Iron Fist. My favorite parts of the series was Jessica Jones reactions to Matt.
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Was it Marvelous for you too? :)
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Yeah I really liked it
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Me too! The best in the TV series yet!
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