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Open Heart by Paris-the-Platypus Open Heart :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 3 5 Doodle Dump MLP by Paris-the-Platypus Doodle Dump MLP :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 11 14 Epiphany by Paris-the-Platypus Epiphany :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 22 6
Rainbow Dash had frozen to the spot.
“Heh. That’s not funny Soarin.”
Soarin had been smiling shyly at her but when she said that, he lost his smile and looked sideways.
“It’s not supposed to be,” he whispered to the wind.
Rainbow Dash watched his tiny form. Everything he just did, everything he had just said, even how he shrunk into the cloud, all if it, meant he wasn’t lying.
She tried to speak, but when Soarin finally lifted his gaze towards her, it came crashing down on her. So she did what she was best at.
Flew super fast.
Far away.
She was flying in shock and not at all aware of her location. She finally realized she had flown back home to Ponyville when she reached the Everfree Forest. She decided to land and sit, but that did’t really last long. The most dangerous thing for her right now was to sit and overanalyze everything.
Instead, she took off towards the Ponyville Castle.
The girls were sitting in the Castle Library, enj
:iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 4 24
Soarin smiled awkwardly as Rainbow Dash held his shoulders.
“Um, Dash?”
Rainbow Dash stared at him and noticed how uncomfortable he was. She immediately let go of him and scratched the back of her neck.
They laid in comfortable silence. Soarin turned away from her and watched the sky, hoping for an answer on how to start this conversation while Rainbow Dash waited.
Soarin closed his eyes and decided to just… let it out. He turned to her. He watched her lift her head from on top of her forelegs to stare at him, waiting for him to begin. He inhaled and just... began.
“Spitfire was my first everything. She was my first friend. She was my first crush. She was my first girlfriend…. and.. .. my first mare.”
Soarin paused to gather some courage and looked at Dash cautiously.
Rainbow Dash seemed a little surprise but she wasn’t showing any emotions on her face. He decided to continue.
“She was, is, a very special pony to me.
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Baby Girl by Paris-the-Platypus Baby Girl :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 45 46 WIP by Paris-the-Platypus WIP :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 7 39 Invitation of a Lifted Weight by Paris-the-Platypus Invitation of a Lifted Weight :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 38 49
Blast from the Past
Spitfire couldn't believe her ears.
Soarin tucked his head in and pinned his ears. He quickly glanced at Rainbow who stared back at him. He could tell she was searching from an answer. He closed his eyes before they could betray him and followed Spitfire out of pony union.
As soon as both team leaders entered the safety of Spitfires office, she let him have it.
“I’m so sorry Spit! I-”
“I TOLD U TO CONFRONT HER!!!! Not LIE to her!!!!”
“Well, technically… it's not a lie…”
Spitfire turned towards Soaring then.
“Are you using our relationship as an escape from whatever the hell you are with Crash?!”
Soaring winced.
He and Spitfire did indeed have a relationship together. It was a very serious relationship and would have probably succeeded in continuing that way. However, Spitfire was young and very susceptible to the stress
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Neko-Rina's MYO: LOLIMALS by Paris-the-Platypus Neko-Rina's MYO: LOLIMALS :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 11 19 Deeper Deduction by Paris-the-Platypus Deeper Deduction :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 20 40 Buoyant Feelings by Paris-the-Platypus Buoyant Feelings :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 19 2 Denial by Paris-the-Platypus Denial :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 79 60
Past Mistakes
Soarin was beat. He was both physically and emotionally drained no thanks to any other pony than Captain Spitfire herself. Still, he couldn't stop thinking about how his actions were impacting his favorite mare. He wanted to apologize for making her feel so uncomfortable. No. Spitfire said she was worried. How could he explain himself to Rainbow Dash if he couldn't even word how he felt for her with Spitfire?
Before he even noticed, he was in front of his bedroom. However, across his door happened to be hers. He wanted to check on her and see how she was holding up. As he was about to knock, he could hear her snoring and that meant the world no longer existed for her. He smiled a knowing smile before retreating to his own room and let sleep overtake him. He could find a solution to his problem tomorrow, right?
How his body ached.
His wings hurt! He couldn't even move! Everything was sore! Ugh!!! He was going to kill Spitfire.
He tried rolling over into a more comfor
:iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 7 9
Fearless Love by Paris-the-Platypus Fearless Love :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 55 13 First Love by Paris-the-Platypus First Love :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 55 24


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Open Heart
Thunderlane sat comfortably on his couch before getting up to quickly check the dinner on the stove. 

As he stirred his food, a knock on his door interrupted his thoughts. His stomach flipped a little as morning events flooded through his mind.

Rainbow Dash turned towards the stallion waving her down. She smiled and flew over.

"Hey, Thor. This place looks great," she awed as she glanced over the restaurant.

"I'll say. I'm surprised at just how much Ponyville is growing."

Rainbow shrugged.

"No pony likes change, but I mean, it's food so..."

Thunderlane quickly glanced her over before picking up his menu. 

To say he was surprised when Rainbow Dash asked if he was busy was just an understatement. He quickly got ready and made reservations at one of the newer more fancier restaurants in Ponyville. Although, technically, this restaurant was not brand, brand new. It changed owners a few months back and went through many renovations. Now, it was fancier, and thus, a little more expensive. Thunderlane didn't mind. 

"Is the lovely couple ready to order?"

Thunderlane couldn't stop the heat rushing to his face.

"Yes. I would love your shrimp pasta with the salad and garlic bread. I would also like the mango strawberry fizz. "

"And for dessert?"

"Your chocolate mousse cake, if I may."

The waiter nodded and smiled, his appreciation for her ordering smoothly. 

He turned towards Thunderlane.

"I would love your tomato soup accompanied by the lasagna along with the mango strawberry fizz as well."

The waiter scribbled away. 

"For desert, if you don't mind, I would really love a slice of your strawberry cheescake."

When the waiter finished writing everything down, he collected their menu's, and bowed. 

As he walked away, Thunderlane looked at Rainbow. She had tied her hair to the side loosely and had applied a very small amount of make up. She also wore a light lip gloss that shimmered when the sun caught her lips. Thunderlane's butterflies flittered harder when her eyes met his.

"You dressed up. It's... nice."

Rainbow Dash looked at him sadly.

"Thor, we need to tal-"

The food was placed in front of them and they thanked their waiter. The ate and talked and simply enjoyed each other's company. When they finished, he payed and they both left a generous tip to their waiter. Once outside, they took to the skies and laid comfortably on a passing cloud.

Rainbow Dash felt his eyes on her and she wished she could do what she needed to do without hurting him. 

Thunderlane walked to his door and collected himself. Maybe she came back to apologize or at least take it all back. 

"Please," he whispered to himself.

When he opened the door, he couldn't even think properrly. Quite frankly, the world decided to crash down on him.

So. It continues. Originally this filly was meant to be adopted by Flutters, but as her color scheme came together, oooh boy the ideas came a-rushing. I mean, we can all tell who the mom is, but the dad was a question mark for me. My first thought was Wind Rider, but after quick research, I discovered that many people thought of him as her family. Personally, I could and can't see this, so as to my opinion on this, I still need to decide. Why Thunderlane, you may ask?

For another time my lovelies. France Laughing - Evil Inverted France Laughing - Evil Inverted France Laughing - Evil Inverted France Laughing - Evil Inverted France Laughing - Evil Inverted 

Anyways, back to life. It's nice to take a break every now and then. XD I'm a little burnt out, so you may see a little more of me after next week. Stil not entirely sure.

I'm not uper proud of the writing this time, (yes, there are mistakes) just because the food. I know their not carnivores, but honestly, IT'S WHAT CAME TO MIND. (I am such a fat a** tear)

I hope I'm not forgetting anything. Have a wonderful week my lovelies, enjoy it all!!!! XD Giant Smooch 

Ponies are not mine.
12 Questions Tag

Tagged by :iconzuzusky21:

You have to post ALL the rules.

Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged.

Choose 12 people.

Actually tag these people.

Can't say you don't do tags. 
Tag backs are allowed.

1) Favorite character from any fandom?

This is hard. I'll make a short list of my all time faves : Winnie the Pooh, Yoshi, and Perry the Platypus. This is obviously not all my list but you can actually see me wear actual merch of these characters. XD

2) Did you have a cartoon crush or do you have one now? 

Oh man. I think the last one I had was probably Ash? I don't remember. I feel like i've stopped my crushes because I started to ship everyone with everyone. XD And yes, Ash from Pokemon. Or was it Taichi from Digimon???

3) Favorite live action movie?

Oh man. Why all these hard questions? Hmmmmmmmmm. I'm not really sure. Lemme come back to you on this one because although I do watch quite a few, I don't have an all time fave. 

4) What is your favorite snack?

TURBOS! ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Ice cream is a close second. If you don't know what Turbos are, click here (Hopefully it sends you there correctly) -->…:

5) Favorite ship from any fandom?

I mean, one can argue Soarindash, because I draw it the most, but trust, I have equally long and equally deep ships with other characters. To name a few: Phinbella, Helga x Arnold, Hiccstrid, and a few I am not naming here. XD

6) Favorite band?

Oooof. I have no favorite bands bands. Chrisitian R. something, Chayanne, Prince Royce, Elvis Crespo and Johnny Sky are a few people whsoe names I actually know. But like, I have no actual faves because I pretty much love all moving music. You know, the real delicious kind that make you want to move ALL. THE. TIME. XD (K-Paz de la Sierra might be my number one? Also. I must apologize, all these people are Spanish speakers. I do love english speakers. Imagine Dragons, Adele, Bruno Mars, etc etc.)

7) Favorite actor or voice actor?

Hard. Super hard. I'd like to say Winnie he Pooh's because nastalgia? Also Hiccups? So, Jim Cummings and Jay Baruchel? Nothing comes to mind really.

8) Your least favorite character?

Hard one too. I am trying hard not to dislike Flurryheart because they haven't done much with her but I am sure I dislike many others more strongly. Just, none come to mind as of right now.

9) Your least favorite ship or one that you don't really ship?

OOOH. Sora and Matt ticked me off in my childhood, sorry fans, I was young and did not understand. I still don't but that shipping is the one that affected me as a kid. Now though, I am pretty open to it all. As you can tell in my pony faves. XD

10) Favorite character in MLP?

I like all of them a lot really. XD Obviously Rainbow Dash is what started it all, but honest, Sunset, Starlight, Luna, Spike, and so on. X)

11) If you could be in any place in MLP where would it be?

I guess ponyville? I'd like to see the Crystal Empire, mainly because snow. x) But Ponyville has that too so... 

12) Favorite book?

OH MAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!?! ANYTHING MADE BY JAMES PATTERSON AND MARY HIGGINS CLARKE! By title though, I've read too many from these two authors so look up Scorpio Races. I enjoyed this book when I was a kid. XD I probably still would, actually. XD

Zuzu' Questions

1.Who do you look up to in life and why?

I look up to my mom the most because she is everything I wish the rest of the world was. I don't like sharing intimate things about my life but my mom is life changing, quite literally.

2.What is your favorite sport?

I guess swimming because I love the water! I am not a sporty gal, never was, and swimming would generally be something I could be interested in training for. Also Gymnastics but I am too old and too large for that.

3.Where would you love to travel to right now?

Right now, Mexico to visit my aunt, with my mom. For personal reasons we can't right now. But if not Mex, I'd love to go back to Germany some day. Maybe even Scotland, Greece, Rome, ESPAÑA! This list can go on... 

4.Do you have any siblings?

I have one younger brother. X)

5.Fave villain in MLP?

Probably Luna? 

6.Who's your fave artist?

Ooohhh. When I was a kid, my mom, but right now. I have so many. I'm a little lazy to search them up right now though. Maybe some other time.

7.Most painful injury you ever gotten as a child?

When I broke my ankle. (I don't think I broke the actual ankle, probably just my tibula? Im not sure. That was a long night and honestly, I don't remember much.

8.Fave ice-cream flavor?

Strawberry of the main three. Pistachio and Mint-Choco of unconventional. 

9.Fave Disney movie?

Disney movie? Right now, Incredibles 2. It was amazing, and a fellow friend worked on that movie! XD 

10.Fave color?

Blue and Green equally.

11.Fave musical?

I don't really watch musicals so I wouldn't know.

12.Scariest thing you ever done?

I don't tend to do scary things. One specific thing comes to mind but it's not something I am fond of sharing over the internet. But trust. It's not something everyone would consider scary. 

I tag:


My Questions!
1.What do you see yourself doing in the future?
2.What are you interested in career-wise?
3.Are you interested in a family?
4.Is there anything you wish you could have redone if given the chance?
5.Are you being productive?
6.What is your favorite thing to go back to when drawing(comfort zone)?
7.Do you ever jump out of your comfort zones?
8.Are you comfortable having people watch you draw?
9.Are you comfortable drawing in public places (e.i.public transportation, cafes, etc.)?
10.Who is your favorite person to come home too (can be furry fam)?
11.Are you allergic to anything?
12.If you could have any pet, any animal, what would your companion be?

(I would love to see your responses  so if you wouldn't mind, send me a link whenever you get to this tagg. Also, sorry for the philosophical questions. I am in a funny place right now. XD HAVE FUN)


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KAWAT3NGUSAN Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
Thank you for the watch, for the fave and the first comment in my profile, I feel full of honor, you are a fantastic artist, and I'm happy I made a new friend in this website, unfortunately in all my life people stopped me to create art, that's why I'm here, thanks to MLP that woke up the sleeping artist within me, I've written many fanfics about Thunderdash(They're all in Italian, but now I'm translating a few of them in English here on DA, for the moment just the EG versions, because the pony versions are longer) in this way finally I can be myself, but my family doesn't know anything of my artist life, they'll never understand. But I'm happy to speak with artists like you, that can understand me, I hope to see new works of you.
Paris-the-Platypus Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Student Artist
AW! You're totally welcome, love! XD You totally deserve it!!! XD I'm so sorry that people have stopped you from becoming an artist, because I'm positive you're full of talent. I'm fluent in Spanish, but boy do I wish I could be fluent in Italian! XD I can't wait for the translations! XD Be yourself! You are more than worthy to do that! XD You're family may not approve now, but sometime in the future, when you are confident and when you fell your worthy, you'll have the strength to confront them. Perhaps they might not like it, but there will always be someone who supports you. Find that person. I am happy that I could make you happy, it's a very wonderful feeling to be able to talk with you too! You're a very sincere person and I feel like I could trust you with a lot of things. You seem like such a sweetheart, and I really do hope you find your happiness! XD Whatever that may be!!! XD BE THE BEST!!! In Love In Love In Love In Love :love: :love: :love: :love: Love Tards Love Tards Love Tards Love Tards Love Tards In love In love In love In love In love In love love-love-love love-love-love love-love-love love-love-love love-love-love love-love-love love-love-love love avatar love avatar love avatar love avatar love avatar love avatar Love comes and goes Love comes and goes Love comes and goes Love comes and goes Love comes and goes Love comes and goes Love comes and goes Love comes and goes Love comes and goes love of music love of music love of music love of music love of music love of music love of music Love Bounce Love Bounce Share a little love... Share a little love... Share a little love... Share a little love... Share a little love... Spread More Love Emote - PLZ Spread More Love Emote - PLZ Spread More Love Emote - PLZ Spread More Love Emote - PLZ Spread More Love Emote - PLZ Spread More Love Emote - PLZ Emote Cuddle Love Emote Cuddle Love Emote Cuddle Love Emote Cuddle Love Emote Cuddle Love Emote Cuddle Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 
I am hoping to post some writing today, but artwise we might have to wait. I have family coming to visit and its going to be very busy weekend, but so sooon!XD  
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Thank you for the +fav 
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YOU MORE THAN DESERVED IT! WHAT YOU THANKING ME FOR!!! XD Honest though. It is a very beautiful piece! JEEELLLLLYYYYYY! Shake My Head Around 
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here's a petition to bring your favorite characters, like sally acorn and the freedom fighter in the IDW comic series. would you like to put your support on petition, to bring back the freedom fighters into the IDW comic series, by any chance?…
Paris-the-Platypus Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Student Artist
I'm sorry, my good sir/ madam. I may know the series but I never KNEW it. I understand it must be very important for you, but I must decline. I am very, very wary about signing petitions. But not to worry, I'm positive you will find all the support you need from and for your fandom. Best wishes!!! XD Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug 
ZuzuSky21 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Student Writer
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It's yesi_arts! XD Although you may be disappointed since I haven't been active and there's nothing real nice or pretty on there. X?
ZuzuSky21 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Student Writer
Sorry to say but I uninstalled the app because of bad memories of last year..
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