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I really don't have anything to say.
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is MONEY!!! I have none of it.

I'm considering getting a second job, one that either pays more, or actually gives me enough hours, or both. point is, I'm always poor. I'm sorry if your my friend and your gift(s) is/are under $100 in total... or significantly less... or not as thoughtful... or from a coffee shop. eBay shopping is out of the question, it's too late, but I suppose you could all get late gifts, that way I could get everyone good gifts and spend a bit more money on stuff too... yes, that's what will happen. expect nothing this christmas. expect plenty a week after.

Aside from me being a bad friend/poor, i haven't made a new journal in  a really long time :/ whatever. This journal has changed that.

EDIT: I just noticed my subscription ran out so this journal has no skin :(((( Now I remember why I never wanted to write a new journal... I wanted to keep Lady Gaga on my page :(
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There's A Monster In My Bed...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 21, 2010, 1:38 AM
And his name is Bubu... at least 45 pounds of pure gold.

Anyways back to what I was talking about. MONSTERS. Specifically the one who sings of them. Lady Gaga.

Now on to my next subject. I love Lady Gaga.

Next Subject. She has like a new CD out everyday and I NEED to own all of them. specifically these ones:…

including the vinyls of all of them.

Also these:………

This is more or less of a SRTONG hint at what I want for Christmas/Birthday this year. JUST SAYING. Also I'm trying to think of stuff to buy for xmas and birthdays ComatozeAleccaUranianKelissacutepiku

I realize I've missed some birthdays this year Comatozecutepiku But I'll make it up, I just need to save some money first. And I also realize this is super early for xmas but this is honest to god when I xmas shop. I CANNOT shop in november/december I usually buy everything before october starts. SO I need to start saving now.

This journal is SUPER RANDOM. but I felt like it and I was bored.

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fuck apple

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 28, 2010, 4:01 AM
I just wrote a journal that took me 3 hours to write and literally just as I clicked submit Safari crashed. Holy fucking shit. fuck everyone. And fuck Apple for creating the piece of shit browser. FUUUUUUUUCK!!!

Don't call my name...

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 19, 2010, 2:53 PM
Alejandro. I'm waiting for a call from Lady Gaga. She's got a package for me. And it's not her discostick.... I already made one. She owes me one Alejandro Limited Edition Package. ANd it better get here this monday. I want my Lady Gaga prayer candle!

Lol yesterday at work there were so many mosquitos everywhere because of the humidity outside and I just COULD NOT concentrate and anything. I was on like a mosquito hunt for like 2 hours. I probably killed 40 mosquitos. And I was getting really paranoid so I went on the headset and said to the rest of the crew that we should all take a moment to pray to Lady Gaga for all these mosquitos to go away. lol. Someone laughed and I just like continued on and started a group prayer to her. It wasn't very funny, but It did make me feel better and not even like 5 minutes later we didn't see another mosquito in the place. And then someone started using my Lady Gaga prayer for other stuff. But it didn't work. She only answers to ME.

Anyways, I love Nintendo. Here's a list of all the new games coming out:

Zelda: Skyward Sword
Donkey Kong Country Returned
Metroid: Other M
Golden Eye: 007 Wii
Kirby Epic Yarn

Nintendo 3DS
Ocarina OF Time 3D
Kid Icarus: Uprising 3D
Kingdom Hearts 3D

If you didn't watch the Nintendo E3 conference go watch it.
Obviously I'm so excited for all of these game. They mentioned other games but I don't care about them. The 3DS has cool features and amazing looking games and I'm excited for 3D screens without glasses and a Wii quality graphics upgrade  but The system itself looks a little junky. they Didn't mention a release date so maybe the 3DS will get a bit of an upgrade before it comes out. The colours they showed were teal/black red/black and just black and they were all really glossy and the the corners were really round and bulky looking even though it's actually smaller than the DSi. I'd rather buy one in one solid colour like white or blue or something, and look more like the DSi. This one looks like the first DS, it's just kinda disappointing.

Crap, anyways I need to work. I LOVE LADY GAGA!!!

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Im serious

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 12, 2010, 1:51 AM
Guys. I love Gossip Girl. I'm so sorry. It's that show no one should like. I'm gonna stand up for it a bit though because it's 100% NOT the show everyone who doesn't watch it thinks it is. It's not about some catty annoying girl... who gossips. lol. It's not about stupid uneducated valley girls. For starters the main character is a boy. A boy who is very poor and lives with his little sister and Dad. Him and his sister go to an expensive private school in New York where no one notices him. Romance and chaos ensue. But besides the main character and his love interest my FAVOURTE character ever is Blair Waldorf. She is the meanest person not alive. The best parts in the show are when you think someone has taken her down a notch and she secretly plots against EVERYONE and ruins everyone else's lives 100x worse. I think she's supposed to be a sort of villain in the show but almost not really but she's so mean and spiteful... I love her. You can't help but feel good when her vengeful plot plays out. Oh the only reason the show is called gossip girl is because in the show there's a website run by someone unidentified in the show that posts pictures and news about the popular people at the school. all of which is bad news and pictures. Most of the students have text updates from the site, so things spread very fast. That part sounds gey and dumb but for some reason it works and isn't cheesy and unrealistic. It kinda reminds me of that show, Popular, but much better and not on family channel.

I'm still so sorry guys. No one want's to read about gossip girl (except me). Oh well. I had to put some of my thoughts down since no one will listen to me.

But in unrelated news. I love Pokemon. So much that it ruins others enjoyment of it. oops. And I want to play Pokemon Black and White right now. I don't know, the 3D pokemon thing I think is a bit unwanted I think. I don't want Nintendo to ruin Pokemon :/

Also Comatoze I want to not spend money until Anime North... but I want to go shopping like a couple weeks or closer to AN in Toronto. I think If I save my money and not buy my daily buffet at KFC, Subway, Tim Hortons, Mac's and Pharma Plus I'll have more than enough to go shopping once before AN. I don't mind posting semi personal messages in my Journal. I think 10 people read this at max lol. most if not all I know in real life.

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I don't wanna...

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 6, 2010, 2:29 AM any more I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.

But seriously I have over 1000 deviations too look at... and I just don't want to. It might take a few hours... hours which are much better spent playing pokémon or sleeping or spending my money :/ So if anybody submits any art and expects me to look at it, you might need to actually ask me lol.

In other news I'm 60 hours into pokémon gold and I haven't even beaten in elite four... I spent a LOT of time on sidequests and unnecessary extra training.

If you wanna battle or trade here's my friend code:

Heart Gold: Hiro - 1505 8002 1055
Pearl: Gabriel - (I'll insert this code when I feel like getting out of bed lol)

And just to make :iconcomatoze: mad I just watched the first episode of Gossip Girl because of course it was 4 am and I was SO bored. anyways, it was REALLY bad, until you get past these losers being super rich and spoiled, it got better after I did. It's still not that good, but I've watched worse... I can't think of anything worst yet, but I'm sure I have LOL.

But aside from that show I did watch something good FRINGE! which was SO good and made me want to cry. It's still so good this season and I LOVE WALTER. OH And when I was watching American Idol, OLIVIA DUNHAM WAS IN THE AUDIENCE!!! I pointed at the screen and said, "That's Olivia!"... and then I realized I was alone and should act alone and not point and yell at my computer LOL.

Well, my life is still uninteresting so I'm just gonna end this journal. I've already said too much and I'm pissing off Comatoze with every word, so... THE END.

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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 25, 2010, 10:50 PM
...and her name is Lady Gaga.

Yay I submitted something for once. And I used a new program for a change. I just got Cinema 4D so I thought I'd make something cool. I've only ever used it in high school before so I had to re learn how to use it. I think it turned out well, I like the colours and perspective. I'm gunna work on some new stuff with C4D. I'm trying to expand my gallery a little with different programs. So, we'll see how that works out :|

Aside from that, I AM IN LOVE WITH LADY GAGA! As I was forever, but I just hung up her record in my room along with her CD's "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster". I just need to get The Fame Monster record to hang up as well. I'm not sure if it even comes with a cover. I think it's just 1 record with 2 sides that comes in a clear sleeve :. So I'f That's the case I'm gunna print off the cover at a print shop so I can hang it up with the record. I don't like extra work for so little reward... but it's Lady Gaga so it makes up for itself.

Along with my beautiful walls now gleaming in Lady Gaga pride. My wrist will soon gleam as well because I just bought this  T… is the watch LADY GAGA wears in Eh eh and LoveGame. I bought it off amazon. So soon enough I'll be super dumb wearing my girly watch. I don't care. I love it.

If anyone has twitter you should follow Katy Perry. She tweets so often about the funniest crap. and takes pictures of her cat rightly named Kitty Purry. lol. I love it. She's working on her next album. I'm super excited.

Oh yeah I just saw Percy Jackson. It was good. I liked the movie I'm not gunna lie. But the movie is super cheesy sometimes. I know the book is better from what I've read so far anyways. But I guess that's almost the same with all book movies.

I also just finished watching the latest American Idol with the top 12 guys and girls. It was so bad. I think I'm just gunna stop watching it. When I watched until this point with the other seasons I immediately had favourites and kinda knew who was gunna win. But this season is dumb. They should all lose. No one is interesting. So I think I'm over this season. it's dumb.

If your still reading this congratulations, You must must be very bored.

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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 12, 2010, 2:44 AM

Hey. I never write journals. what's new.... oh. I bought an iPhone which is not even billed to my name... for some reason the guy put my last name as my street name... does that mean I don't legally have to pay for it? Point is, I have to take it back to fix it.

I burned myself at work yesterday. I work in a fast food restaurant as a closer and part of my job is to dump the old oil out at night and the oil spout was stuck so I had to get a better grip on it. The protective gloves were just way too slippery and awkward to wear so I had to take them off to get a better grip on it so someone suggested hitting it down until it unjams itself... well it did. Except my  hand went with it right into the oil... SO now I have a nice burn on my arm. Luckily I got my arm in cold water and ice super fast because now I only have a couple of blisters and some red marks, nothing serious, thank fucking god, the top of my arm actually looks worse, even though it didn't go in the oil. It just got splattered but I didn't really put it in the ice as much so It's REALLY red. LOL the best part was coming home in the morning telling my mom that I may need to go to the hospital because my hand went into boiling hot oil at work today. I didn't even go to the hospital I just used burn cream my mom was nice enough to buy me at 4am. My mom was actually really pissed that my work had me finish closing rather than take me to the hospital and that no one working had their first aid training, not even the manager. Yeah, I work in a crap-hole, my General Manager was more worried about whether or not I was going to the doctors because they report work injuries to WSIB and they charge my work $250 if my work doesn't report my injury within 48 hours. But I'm fine I guess, I went back into work to close the next day even though I said I wasn't going to. They bribed me with not losing that shifts pay, and nothing else. somehow I saw this as generous. At least my manager wasn't yelling at me for not using my protective gloves and threatening to fire me... right?

So the next morning I had planned on going to do some errands but it was already 5am by the time I had the burn cream on and I wasn't able to sleep with it on or else my bed would be covered in burn cream. So I stayed up all night playing Letterblox on OMGPOP which is SO addictive, I think I'm getting better but probably not. By the time it was morning I was SO tired but I got ready and went out to do the following things:

-Fix iPhone situation
-Pick up my credit card from the bank
-Pick up my Lady Gaga Super Deluxe Package from the post office
-Ship out DSi back to Nintendo to get fixed
-Buy rabbit stuff because my bunny is getting mad at me

First I went to Rogers to fix everything, the guy tells me I have to take it back where I got it from, which is in downtown Toronto, which is like 2 hours away driving and about the same by bus.

Next, I go to the bank to get my credit card. I tell them my cellphone that I have listed with them isn't working so I haven't been getting my calls so I'm 90% sure my card came in, it's been a month since they sent it out so I figured it would be here by now. She goes and checks, and there wasn't any card. She's surprised it isn't here yet either. So now she's on the phone with Visa and apparently they sent out the card a looong time ago and should be here by now. So she said it must have gotten lost in the mail. So they order me a new card and cancel that one. It should be here within 3-5 days. OF COURSE, my credit card was lost in the mail it would only happen to me, on this day.

Now I'm at the post office, luckily they're next door, and my package has a 20.59 dollar tax on it, which is GAY. I go to pay and I don't have enough money in my account, this would be a great time to have a credit card >: ( Luckily I'm with my mom so she pays <3 and I have to pay her back </3. I checked my bank account when I got home, I had 20.34 in my account, I was short only like a few cents. HOLY MOLY.

I didn't even bring my DSi with me because I AM ANDREW and I forget everything. So that never happened.

And I didn't think I had any money with me to buy rabbit stuff so I didn't even go.


So I told my mom about my iPhone dilemma, and she said she can take me to Toronto this Friday to get it all fixed! :D So at first I was going to go to Toronto to just change my account and get everything back in order but that's dumb because I'd still have to go to Toronto every time I need anything. So I was instead going to just cancel it and re sign up for the phone in Barrie. BUT my mom convinced me that I should just cancel it and keep it canceled. because: 1. It's not the phone I wanted to begin with. I wanted the iPhone 3Gs in 32GB White, and I got the iPhone 3G 8GB which is black. 2. I'm with Rogers when I wanted to be with Telus because their iPhone plan is like 30 dollars cheaper. 3. Because my mom would still have to pay for my old phone that's on her contract which ends in like 2 years and costs $400 to cancel D: she already tried getting them to lower it to FREE but that didn't fly. AND 4. because she said something very wise: in 2 years when your phone plan is over, Apple will have come out with the coolest newest better iPhone and you would still be stuck with your dumb 32GB white one. although I didn't enjoy her making fun of what Iike (Apple, iPhone, wasting money) she did make a great point.

After when I got home is when my manager called, while I was having a cold shower because anything remotely warm burns my arm. She asked if I can close a different position tonight which is not very hot compared to my previous position. so of course it's already noon and this shift starts at 8pm, I now have been up for a full day and i have to work. SO I took my new very recommended "sleepy time tea" (actual product) and woke up 6 hours later slight refreshed and ready to complain about work.

SO this Friday I'll be in Toronto ridding myself of an $85/month MONEY HOLE. and getting my $130 back :D so I can go buy my bunny some crap. PLUS I get paid :D :D My credit card may very well be in FINALLY :D :D :D I'll hopefully remember to ship out my DSi OR MAYBE DRIVE IT THERE... hmmm I'd have to ship it to Scarborough which is in Toronto and only 20-30 minutes away from downtown if we take the highway... YAYYY

SO In conclusion. I got a Magic mouse!!! It rocksssss except it has no middle click... HOW WILL I OPEN NEW TABS!?? GEY. Spirit Tracks is SOSOSOSOSOSO GOOOOOOD!!! I want to buy more clothes.... I'm very anxious to get Friday over with. I have a new years resolution... well two, so far: to read one book and play one video game(because I never get around to playing any) (at least) per month this year I'm gunna make a list so I don't forget to do it. And to do some sort of exercise so I'm not formless and look better in swim shorts.

Comatoze wanna go to Toronto with me this Friday?


like my new journal layout?

AleccaUranian we need to hang out because you both owe me christmas presents still AND I REALLY WANT THEM, not to sound greedy but they have both been hyped up and I'm very anxious to see what they are!

(sorry for the long update... I warned you.)

k. ttyl.

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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2009, 2:27 PM
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I never write journals do I? meh. What's new.. LADY GAGA! Holy moly Lady Gaga's new CD "The Fame Monster" comes out November 23rd!!! Which is in 8 days! I've tried to find all the leaked songs on the internet but so far I've found 4/8 all of which are amazing. I need to learn the lyrics to all of her new songs because only 5 dyas after her CD is released I'll be seeing her in concert!!!! So far I've got Bad Romance, Alejandro, Dance in The Dark and Telephone. I can't even pick a favourite... they're all SO good.

Aside from Lady Gaga ruling my life. Christmas in almost here!!!! I need to hurry and get everybody they're gifts. I really like buying stuff for people, almost more than I like getting stuff from people. Oh yeah and my birthday is in December and I'm turning nineteeeeeen. I'm thinking the bar or a restaurant maybe both. I may be old enough to drink legally but I'm not a person who drinks so I'll probably only have like 1 very weak drink LOL.

EDIT: HOLY CRAP THE FAME MONSTER WAS JUST LEAKED AND I DOWNLOADED IT AND IT IS SOOOOO GOOOD. friends of mine, don't expect much contact from me for the next couple of days. the album would usually be enough but I also close for the next few days... :( wait I can't end and edit about Lady gaga in a frowny face... :D :D :D :D :D


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2009, 10:09 PM
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Well I'm officially settled into my new account! And I'm celebrating with a Halloween journal... because I want a reason to make a new journal!

Aside from my new account I am SO excited for Halloween! I'm going as Harry Potter!!! I wanted to get a real costume not some nylon, cheap, thin piece of crap. So I went to and literally spent like 150 dollars on stuff! Even though I'm going as Harry Potter, I bought Dumbledore's wand because it was called "The Rune master"!!!!!! :D :D :D My friend from work is going as Hermione!! I got her to buy her costume from the same place, we don't want to look tacky! LOL I'm even making Halloween cookies. Orange shortbread, some dipped in dark or white orange chocolate, and sugar cookies with orange icing! I work on Halloween so I get to wear it to work with my friend and creep out customers because they WILL think they are looking at Daniel Radcliffe! And I get off at 4pm leaving me lots of time to go party Halloween style at my friends house... and by party I of course mean hand out candy to children or sit on her couch and watch TV. I CAN'T WAIT! This Halloween will be the best everrr. The last million Halloweens I either worked all night or everyone else did, so you can see why this one is exciting for once.

I'm also doing so much this winter, I'm seeing Lady Gaga with :iconkelissa::iconcutepiku: and maybe :iconelephant-ears: Ok I have to take a second to say that THIS event will be the best moment of my life. I don't care if I win a million kajillion dollars. This will be better. And I'd spend all of that to see her again at every event she ever attends ever again forever. I'm also now seeing Miley Cyrus in January... so that will be fun... / funny. And I'm going back to Toronto on the 19th. So far this winter sounds awesome, I'm sure it can only get better!

AND LADY GAGA'S NEW CD "THE FAME MONSTER" COMES OUT NOVEMBER 24TH!!!!!!!!!!! I will be buying 3. for no reason at all. And I probably wont. lol Go listen to her leaked new single "Bad Romance". you can find it on youtube or in torrents. DO IT!



Red Rose Vertigo by pupukachoo:thumb64926823: Howl + Calcifer by Ninjatic
CELL by nachomolina Otherworld by Comatoze:thumb121782595:


Journal Entry: Fri Sep 25, 2009, 12:03 PM