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Mr. Confidence and Mrs. Deceit

I am working on putting together a book with my skeleton series.

Breakdown of my skeleton series: [link]
Website: [link]
Facebook: [link]

All you writers out there.
I will be featuring poetry and stories in my book.
Feel free to browse my skeleton images and If you get inspired submit a piece to me and If I like it I'll feature it in my book. <3
*the work must reflect one of the "bad habbits/traits" that are seen in the skeleton images, each image is titled after the trait of the skeleton.

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Jul 5, 2011, 10:53:55 PM
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hey ParenthesisX, awesome work! would you be ok with me using this image on my website for my upcoming book series? long story, but a serious antagonist involved looks very close to this gentleman you have here. of course i will list your credits for the image along side. i will alert you as soon as it goes global! 
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How ironic! Mr. Confidence is wearing an Ankh, the symbol for life! Awesome! I love the concept!
ParenthesisX's avatar
HAHAHAHA. Yup. ^____^ <3
Xixius's avatar
I have to know; is the skeletal effect body paint?
Because, if so, it's beautifully done. I can't take my eyes off of the detailing.
ParenthesisX's avatar
It is all body paint. Eyeliner in fact. lol
Xixius's avatar
It's amazing to think that it's eyeliner, considering how easily that can smudge. xD I do love all the detailing, though, especially with the teeth in some of the others in the set. Bravo~
ParenthesisX's avatar
Yeah with this model it was difficult because she kept wanting to itch it, but when she would the makeup would rub off and I would have to re-do it. >.< ~~~~
Xixius's avatar
Ah, I see where that could be a major problem. xD;;
I doubt I'd have the patience to constantly reapply it.
Would it be possible to apply some sort of foundation to help it smudge less?
ParenthesisX's avatar
Kind of, I use liquid set and it keeps for long enough to do the photography, since I have a continuous lighting studio in my home it gets really hot after a while. But when I'm still putting on the makeup I don't use the liquid set, least not till I'm done.
Xixius's avatar
Clever. c;
Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions;
I just find things like this absolutely fascinating.
ParenthesisX's avatar
No problem, I dont mind answering any questions. <3
1800Degrees's avatar
You know what this reminds me of? Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance! :D
ParenthesisX's avatar
Really? I like MCR. ^_^
1800Degrees's avatar
Cool! Have you heard The Black Parade yet?
Yorulla's avatar
so awesome and stunning. :heart: that walking stick is also so full of luv :heart:
this surely deserves a DD, but too bad I don't know how to suggest one.... :(
ParenthesisX's avatar

I think that link helps.
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Love the poses, they work soo well together!Amazing!:clap::wow:
ParenthesisX's avatar
Thank you thank you. <3
Miss-Tbones's avatar
You are most certainly :iconwelcomeplztoo::aww:
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