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I'm a graphic artist but I'm currently a NEET. I am unemployed ever since I graduated collage, I tried applying for jobs but unfortunately my antisocial personality made me the least favorite for the position I'm applying with.

I only posted my designs in wordpress but a random user posted a comment in one of my designs asking me if I have a DA account and I said no I didn't, then I never heard anything from him ever again.

The reason why I made a DA account is obviously because I don't have one yet, of course that's not the main reason. It's because I saw one of my designs posted here and some random user claiming it. I use the watermark Hackleberryfinn for most of my designs because I've been using it for a long time already ever since my tumblr days but when I switched to wordpress I used a different username which is Parel but even after that I didn't change my watermark Hackleberryfinn since I fancy it a lot.

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