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The Windigo of Love



A collaboration was announced on the MLP Vector Club to commemorate one year of their Discord server. It turned out (after I asked) that while the rules included "pets are allowed", companion-level characters such as my Spindle (the windigo friend of Parcly Taxel since her blank flank days) were allowed too. This vector is not my submission to the collaboration, but merely a part of it; it also doubles as a component vector for the Parcly single reference sheet.

Spindle has only three colours: white for the outline, #7689BB for the main fill and #8F9FC9 for the auxiliary fill on the top of her mane and the latter half of her tail. Because of this, she could be simply added on to Parcly's entry on the MVC colour guide pages, which was done in tandem with a simplification of the additional notes.

SVG | Reference image | Tumblr | Derpibooru | Fur Affinity
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Nice Windigo vector Parcly! :iconparcly-taxel: :iconfluttershyyayplz: