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Sweetie Belle's Cutie Mark

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<path fill="#a02699" d="M-.1 7.4 5.8 11 5 4.3 9.8-.2 3.1-1 .1-11.1-3.4-1-10-.2-5 4.3-6.1 11Z"/>
<path fill="#fd41f8" d="m-.5 5.5c-.025 1.425-2.7 2.9-3.6 2s0-3 3.1-3l.1-7.9C2.2-1.7 3.3 0 2.6 2.5 2.1 1.1 1.1.3-.4-.2Z"/>
Shield code on Apple Bloom's page; to get left-facing (head-tail) version swap bf5d93 and f5415f there instead of flipping the cutie mark

I orient all my cutie marks to be correct if the pony is facing right, rather than left as is usually done in the show, barring a few historical exceptions listed out here. At first I thought the quaver was reversed between Sweetie Belle's flanks, but when this was uploaded to Derpibooru it was pointed out otherwise: the quaver stays in its natural orientation regardless of side (the first example of what I call a Paraguayan cutie mark, different between the left and right sides like Paraguay's flag). Accordingly, the procedure for obtaining the left-oriented version is explained above.

This is the only one of my three CMC cutie mark vectors that uses a coordinate with more than one decimal place (in bold above), because the right edge of the quaver's beam has a smooth node at its bottom and is not perfectly vertical – it goes left 0.1 pixels and down 5.7 pixels, which made me think of the One57 skyscraper in New York City.

SVG (left-facing, head-tail oriented version) | Reference image
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